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Reply: Dexamethasone as standard treatment
I took prednisone for a short period of time to reduce inflammation but I stopped because...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Medical Marijuana for Lupus?
Medical marijuana has been legally approved in the state I live in and I do use it on...More
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Reply: Husband has Discoid Lupus and SLE
Could be a Lupus flare or maybe sensitive skin. I know my skin is very sensitive to...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Blood clot?
Pain is usually a sign that something is wrong. You should see your physician if...More
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Reply: What is happening with my eye and eyelid?
It could be allergies but it could also be an infection. Is your eye red? An ingrown eye...More
Posted by lisatru62
Chills and Flu Like Symptoms
I've been feeling very cold lately. Experiencing chills and flu like symptoms throughout...More
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Reply: Lupus?
It does sound like Reynaud's syndrome and I was diagnosed with that as well as Sjorgren's...More
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Reply: My Lupus Story
Lupus is a tough disease and can make it very hard to continue to work. While I know you...More
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Reply: Do I have Lupus or not
This is a tough one. It is best to talk to your doctor and make sure you disclose all...More
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Reply: Lupus Info
There are many websites available for information on lupus. Just search Google or even...More
Posted by lisatru62