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Reply: Webmd - what's up with the reply buttons not worki...
Thanks Caprice - I seem to be having the issue with my IPAD - which is a new problem, as...More
Posted by lupycakes
Webmd - what's up with the reply buttons not worki...
I'm unable to reply to anyone's posts - only able to start new discussions - please check...More
Posted by lupycakes
Ugh! My joints are driving me crazy!!!
Hey all, Does anyone know of anything I can do for joint stiffness? I don't just have...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: Nail bed pain
No - never did get a clear answer on why I have the nail pain...I heard it might be a...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: lupus and adhd medications
I have no idea but it doesn't sound healthy. I think that is something the patient needs...More
Posted by lupycakes
Horizontal nail ridges
Hey everyone! Does anyone have trouble with horizontal nail bulges/ridges? These go...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: Lossing Hair with Lupus?
Hi, One of my first symptoms was hair loss. Sometimes, with treatment the hair will...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: pluresy
Hey Dozzi, Sorry you are in so much pain! Is it pain on breathing or do you have a lot...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: My cousin is in desperate help...
Hi Margie, Have your cousin contact the Lupus Foundation of America as they have local...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: Friday Check-In and Plans for the Weekend
Plans for the weekend? Why, deliver wedding cakes , of course!! I SO want this wedding...More
Posted by lupycakes

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