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Reply: Misunderstood
Hey Darlene, So so sorry that you don't have the support that you are needing right...More
Posted by SafariMom
Heliocare Pills for Sun Sensitivity
Has anyone tried these Heliocare pills for sun sensitivity? ...More
Posted by SafariMom
I Google Everything, and yes, sometimes it doesn't help, but sometimes it does. I know...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Severe skin tenderness
This product helps me the most with nerve sensitivity. (Fibromyalgia Relief) ...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Cancer
So sorry to read about your situation. My mother in law has recently been dealing with...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Newly Diagnosed Man
My Dr. had me sign a waver stating that I was aware of the risk of Plaquinel and aware...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: I'm 16 and was diagnosed a few months ago and I'm ...
If you need someone to vent to, and talk things out, you can email me at...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: positive Lupus screen (skin and eyes)
Sorry to hear that you are having problems and a doctor that isn't determined to figure...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Hoping someone has answers
Yes those can make you Very sick. I am VERY light sensitive. The lights a Walmart,...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Itching/SLE LUPUS
My skin does funny things with indoor light and sun exposure, make sure you are wearing...More
Posted by SafariMom

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