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Reply: Nail Bed Pain
I sometimes get finger nail bed pains. It gets red and swollen sometimes with a...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Lossing Hair with Lupus?
I have an auto-immune lupus like condition, and one of my first things that I noticed was...More
Posted by SafariMom
I haven't noticed the weather affecting me as much as the sun. Have you been outside more...More
Posted by SafariMom
Non Specific Auto Immune Disease
Has anyone started out with the diagnosis of a Non-Specific Auto Immune Disease and then...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: How do you get diagnosed?
I am going to the doctor next week to test for Lupus myself. I have many of the symptoms...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Weird question
Thanks so much for asking this question, this is very interesting. Most information on...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: New diagnosis??
I would definitely do to a dermatologist. Have you done internet research online to...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: the pain is to much..
Hi Mars45, I am also a nurse, although I haven't been in the field for 6 years. I am...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: No More Clean House!
Sorry to hear that your family "just doesn't get it", and that you are struggling with a...More
Posted by SafariMom
Reply: Vitamin D and Lupus
Wow, your vitamin D level must be pretty low. What are/were you symptoms with a low...More
Posted by SafariMom

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