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Reply: Lossing Hair with Lupus?
I am just now coming out of a Lupus Flare. UGH!! This was the worst one yet! I can...More
Posted by love2lol2
Reply: Itching/SLE LUPUS
I've had Discoid Lupus for over 30 years now. I too have itching both Phantom and like...More
Posted by love2lol2
Reply: Lossing Hair with Lupus?
I was guided to a Selsum Blue shampoo, or the generic form containing Selerium Sulfide....More
Posted by love2lol2
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Reply: butterfly rash...Dr V???????????
There is a site called . It's a support group I ran across while...More
Posted by love2lol2
Reply: Lossing Hair with Lupus?
I have Lupus and yes, I have a spot about the size of a silver dollar that is mostly...More
Posted by love2lol2

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