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Reply: Depression is a symptom of something else?
Yes I agree, even tho for a lot of us the depression was diagnosed first, doesn't mean...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: Sjogrens Syndrome and Lupus
I have Sjogrens and Lupus. It causes a dry sticky mouth all the time and my teeth break...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: Depression is a symptom of something else?
I put a bag of ice on my chest sometimes, but that is probably not a good thing to do....More
Posted by squirmy1963
Depression is a symptom of something else?
Depression and anxiety are diseases of there own, but how many of you think, it is...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: allergic reaction with lupus
Dang, so sorry you can't take those meds. One you didn't mention is Flexiril. It is a...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: Malar Rash
Yes, my malar rash comes and goes and at it's worst is hot. I think of it as...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Hi, I am on Facebook, Tina (Heckman) Brown. Try opening your picture in Paint, click...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: No MORE!!!
I know this is a hard time for you, and all the unseen things going on and your...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: new lupus
A Rheumatologist is the most qualified doctor to treat Lupus. The trouble with balance...More
Posted by squirmy1963
Reply: is this Lupus or RA?
one important thing to remember for all of us is that a negative test does NOT mean...More
Posted by squirmy1963

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