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Reply: Lupus and Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is more strongly associated with Sjogren's than with lupus or RA, but can...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Lupus testing
It's possible to have lupus with a negative ANA, but the odds are definitely against it....More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: pleurisy
Yes, I've had multiple bouts with it. It can be very painful, and sometimes the milder...More
Posted by allie_bf
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Reply: Sulfa allergy and anti-malarials?
I am allergic to sulfa (i.e wheezing after sulfa based antibiotics,) but have never had...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Lupus, Skin Care and Makeup - How do you care for ...
I am also a huge Bare Minerals fan. For a moisturizer, I like Eucerin's Redness Relief...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Quick remedy
I wish that I could have found a quick answer. I had horrible neck and shoulder pain...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Incopmetence abounds!!!
I agree with K2, they really should have worked harder to get you back on the schedule. I...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Monday Check in 4/11/11
I hope you can get in soon. My cervical epidural was such a blessing. I know that the pain...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: I have lupus and epstein barr virus
You can ask the medical staff at your blood banking site, but I don't think that EBV is an...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: I have lupus and epstein barr virus
It's possible, quite likely even, that you've had mono, but just didn't realize it. With...More
Posted by allie_bf

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