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Reply: I have lupus and epstein barr virus
You can ask the medical staff at your blood banking site, but I don't think that EBV is an...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: I have lupus and epstein barr virus
It's possible, quite likely even, that you've had mono, but just didn't realize it. With...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: needs answers--lupus
There are so many different ways that lupus can affect your body that it's hard to tell...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Trouble getting in to see a rheumatologist
Yes, sadly, it is. It's even worse for the kids: pediatric rheumatologists are very few...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Pericarditis and Pleurisy with SLE pain...
Having had pericarditis a few times, I can say that the pain usually gets worse before it...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Monday Check in 12/13/10
Hope you're feeling better soon. Is there any chance you've had an antibiotic recently?...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Hello and help
You will find out that anytime you have an infection, or any flare up of your inflammatory...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Chest Pain
After having had a few pericardal effusions, I can say that the pain is much worse when...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Mouth Sores?
My rheumatologist has a form that she gives to everyone to fill out before each...More
Posted by allie_bf
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Reply: DID YOU KNOW....?
MCR may dispense it that way, but commercial health plans frequently dictate that generics...More
Posted by allie_bf

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