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Shriking Lung Syndrome
A good 10 years ago, I began getting short of breath, but it was sooooooo subtle, but not...More
Posted by anowlin

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How many of you have lung problems from lupus or sjogren's syndrome?
  • I have Shrinking Lung Syndrome
  • a friend has Shrinking Lung Syndrome
  • I've never heard of Shrinking Lung Syndrome
  • I've heard of Shrinking Lung Syndrome, but don't have it.
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Reply: Weird question
I was diagnosed years ago with Sjogren's and then the diagnosis switched to Lupus with...More
Posted by anowlin
Reply: Do I have CNS lupus?
Years ago, when I was first diagnosed, I was told I had CNS lupus; then we moved and I...More
Posted by anowlin
Reply: Petechiae?
I wouldn't call the doc ASAP, but come Monday, I'd call your PCP. I'm not your doc, but you...More
Posted by anowlin
Reply: Help!! please scared to start prednisone :/
I'd also talk to your rheumie and find out about alternatives. Ice, TENS, NSAIDS. All the...More
Posted by anowlin
Reply: Help!! please scared to start prednisone :/
THe jury is still out on that one and maybe the doc can weigh in on this. However, you'd be...More
Posted by anowlin
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Reply: Lupus and sweating everyday
As a matter of fact, YES. It was so horrible and well-after my hysterectomy, but all the...More
Posted by anowlin
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Reply: lupus and organ involvement
I have a 'stif heart' and lung involvement, pulmonary hypertension. I also have several...More
Posted by anowlin
Reply: Palliative Care - Not What It Used To Be!
An example of palliative care in the lupus patient might be if a patient has lupus...More
Posted by anowlin
Reply: Being Diagnosed
SVT =supraventricular tachycardia, a nice way of saying super fast heart rate that come...More
Posted by anowlin

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