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Reply: SLE help
Lupus can affect ALL parts of the body. Just because for most it is joints, dermatologic...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: SLE help
You aren't going crazy. The "fog" is definitely a lupus symptom, though I have friends...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Swollen eye area
I was diagnosed in 1997 after probably having Lupus since childhood (I was 54 at dx). Have...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Negative bood test
I had this happen to me after 15 years of positive tests. My doc's response was it didn't...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Benlysta infusion #1
So glad to hear you have had no major problems with the infusion. I do wish I could take...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Fatigue, Exhaustion, reallly bad pain in arms, leg...
Find another doctor! You need one who LISTENS to you! Lupus gives each person different...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Does anyone else have stomach issues?
I have had stomach issues and was recently been diagnosed with gastroparesis-a slow...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Tounge soreness
Hi! I have what is called "geographic tongue" which causes patches of the coating on the...More
Posted by nancyj95
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Reply: Lupus and Nerve Compression Syndromes
I sort of know what you're going through. I don't have spinal compression, I have...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Lonely
I, too, know what you are going through. Although diagnosed about 15 years ago, doctors...More
Posted by nancyj95

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