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Advice needed on Semen Analysis
Hi, Below is my Semen Analysis Report. Kindly advise me accordingly. Physical Examination Volume : 1.9 ml...More
Posted by at_123456
Mind clearing tips?
Where can sharp people accomplish moderately priced Neuro3X procedures? If you have developed problems with...More
Posted by juliejacob
Increase Your Brain Power
Guess what my Mom told me, "Don't look back, something might be gaining on you." How have you dealt with Neuro...More
Posted by celoon
Reply: masturbation
Can you text this number (512) 765-5239
Posted by mispaanan
Reply: Improve Sperm Quality
Dear Sreema, i am Mispa and I will like you to contact this number by text and tell the Him that I gave you...More
Posted by mispaanan
Reply: Male Infertility
After reading the result, it seems that you have asthenozoospermia. do you have any reproductive conditions to...More
Posted by xixi677
What examinations are applied to diagnose epididym...
As the symptoms of epididymitis patients appear much like other reproductive diseases symptoms without...More
Posted by xixi677
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How To Get Instant Huge Muscles
I just wish I had more know-how as this respects Alpha Fuel XT. Dilettantes may be just plain wacky. You...More
Posted by caresnote
Be Happy Be Shining Skin
One of the best systems to deal with that situation is to ask a friend this referring to Derma Youth Pro....More
Posted by dermayouth

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Could Low testosterone make the implanting in the ...
Hello ladies I to have problems having a child. I have one that is 14 but I have been trying to have another...More
Posted by ekmesser06
Sex life
Should I be having sex while suffering from varicocele? If I do Have sex will it cause any permanent damage? ...More
Posted by madhater
Male Enhancement
Dear Friends, I am Mispaanan.I am 39 years old.I had this problem which almost ruined my relationship with...More
Posted by mispaanan
Reply: Workout supplements causing higher testosterone?
Dear Friend, I am Mispaanan.I am 39 years old.I had this problem which almost ruined my relationship with my...More
Posted by mispaanan
Three main transmitted ways for chlamydia
Nowadays, most people turn pale at the mention of the name of chlamydia because it will affect...More
Posted by diseasefighter
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Reply: Semen Report
Dear friend, According to your report, you may have asthenozoospermia from your data. However, as you have stone...More
Posted by lnxyw
varicose and poor semen quality
I got my semen analysis report: Sperm count 2 million/ml and morphology just 2% normal. 98% has abnormal...More
Posted by man1986
Improve Sperm Quality
I got married 7yrs, we are expecting a child till now. according to analysis my wife test reports are quite...More
Posted by An_259008
Hello my is NICOLAS NAYLA i want to share my testimony on how i married for the pass 10 years without even...More
Posted by nayla111
Great Idea of Muscles
What choice do you have? This was an enormous help. Here one can benefit from Alpha Fuel XT conveniences....More
Posted by herbertbebs
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Slim And Health Body
Been there, seen it, done it.This sort of honesty goes a long way. I do some of the work. In practice,...More
Posted by rickiebelcher

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Reply: semen analysis
according to the result, it seems that you have infection because of WBC- 2-3 /h.p.f. but please do not...More
Posted by diseasefighter
hydrocele and cysts
Right-sided hydrocele with floating hypoechoic content, probably pyocle. How serious is that? Doctor didnt...More
Posted by damienko
Muscle Building Skiptical Fitness
you will see results pack they could even be better than what you've seen in this presentation second if...More
Posted by azeem990
Reply: Semen Analysis
Thanks for reply bro but i have also a stone of 8 mm which is also the cause of WBC or Puss and we know that...More
Posted by fazali
To prevent hematospermia, firstly men need to prec...
As we all know, many men have the habit of masturbation . However, some men find that their semen...More
Posted by diseasefighter
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Klinefelters and reproduct
My husband has klinefelters and we really want to have kids. Does klinefelters mean he automatically...More
Posted by wantkids2015
Muscle Building Motivation
who those people are that she can count on I okay say goodbye my she's cast doubt heard if I don't speak to...More
Posted by hakeem909
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Muscle Building Motivation
who those people are that she can count on I okay say goodbye my she's cast doubt heard if I don't speak to...More
Posted by hakeem909
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Reply: Can someone tell me what my sperm analysis results...
Dear friend, Are you sure that your doctor has given the right data to you/F1F Accoring to your description, i...More
Posted by lnxyw
Reply: Boost Your Testosterone Power
There are many which degrades the sexual performance in men for instance low sexual stamina, low libido, low...More
Posted by shawnclark

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Do not underestimate the Orchitis, identify treatment is the key
Orchitis usually have three main symptoms: Pain When one gets the orchitis, he would first show the feeling of pain, such as the touch ... More
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