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Semen Analysis report
Dear Doctor, My semen analysis report shows- colour: greyish white volume: 2ml reaction: alkaline...More
Posted by An_257669
Four precautionary measures for chronic prostatiti...
According to the length of the course, prostatitis can be divided into chronic and acute prostatitis ...More
Posted by diseasefighter
Dear Friends, here is my result of semen analysis,,i am 28M. SEMEN ANALYSIS Physical feature of Semen...More
Posted by An_257592
male factor infertility
My husband and I have I child how is five. We started trying again a year ago and could not get pregnant. In...More
Posted by cawmjb
Male fertality
HI i m 32 and 7 Years married without any kid yet. I had veriocele and got operated 1 and half month before..this...More
Posted by razpk

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Male Infertality
Semen analysis
I just got my report test following are result what do you say Qnaty 2.0 Colour:Gresh white...More
Posted by An_257471
My Husband Semen analysis show zero sperm is it a ...
His report Quantity : 2ml Colour :grey white coagulum : present liquefaction time : 30 mins pH : 8.5 Blood :...More
Posted by An_257392
Low sperm count help
My hubs just had his analysis done heres the numbers sperm count 4.3 motility 2% I was told he has low...More
Posted by tati330
Amy - Clomid appeared to make my ejaculate less viscous, and I have put on weight. (fat) . Is this possible?...More
Posted by An_257315
online help to get pregnant at priest Hallifat voo...
Posted by annonymous012
Low Motility
We have been Trying to conceive for over a year now with no such luck husband has low motility all of his...More
Posted by An_257226
Sperm Analysis
Hi I am a male been married for 4 plus years and i am 35 years of age .I got Semen Analysis conducted as my...More
Posted by mashak
Semen ph and liquefaction time
Hi all, DH just got his semen analysis results and they're as follow: Liquefaction time-40mins Volume-...More
Posted by An_257181
Does cycling cause an increase in Male infertility
Does cycling long distances increase the ability for men to have children?
Posted by garyd7
Translocation on the Y chromosome
Hello, my husband and I have been ttc and recently learned he has a rare balanced translocation on...More
Zero Count after Androgel
My husband was on Androgel for low testerosterone for about a year. We decided then to start trying for a...More
Posted by An_256799

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Clomid for poor sperm morphology?
My husband and I have been actively ttc for 7 months now, and a few months before that of unprotected sex but...More
Posted by An_256771
Clomid for poor sperm morphology?
My husband and I have been actively ttc for 7 months now, and a few months before that of unprotected sex but...More
Posted by An_256771
Possible fertility using DNA
I had prostate cancer surgery, radical prostatectomy. With the advances in gene splicing techniques and dna...More
Posted by An_256639
Any luck with increasing morphology?
My husband and i have been trying for over a year. All my tests came back fine so we just had my husband...More
Posted by teacher206
100 % abnormal morphology
Hi, We have been trying for a baby since more than 28 month and there is no result. I have 100% abnormal...More
Posted by An_256306
low sperm motility(decreasing)( help asap)
On August 2013, I had the semen analysis report: Grade A: 6% Grade B: 37% Grade C:30% Grade D: 26% sperm...More
Posted by An_255973
back again
hello, I am back again after one year TTC with no luck. my husband did a recent SA, this time with an...More
Posted by abigeila
Lisinipril 10 mg
Hi, I'm currently just starting my 3rd trimester and 7th month pregnant and my husband has recently started...More
Posted by An_255811
Sperm issues- who knew?
After a year of trying to get pregnant, we aren't having any luck. We finally had my fiancé tested and found...More
Posted by An_255712

Spotlight: Member Stories

I had my sperm analysis after I stopped using the Testosterone for 2 month. And my sperm count shoot to 0.60 !!!! before was 12.000000 . My urologis...More

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Prostatitis also can be a cause of infertility
[a name="OLE_LINK1" title="Link: undefined">It is known to all that the low quality of sperm is the major cause of infertility, but is ... More
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