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is varicocele alert catagory 3 is last stage of v...
Please need you quick answer i am really very much worry and we recently got married last night and wants baby...More
Posted by bast124
i am 36 M i have errectional disfunctioning and tw...
Please advice me what should i do i am too much confuse , when doctor told me to get your sprum test, when i...More
Posted by bast124
Testosterone injections
My DH has been on the injections for at least a year. When he was diagnosed with low t his count was 150 so...More
Posted by Wandering13
After an SA showed low sperm count, my husband's doctor referred him to a urologist. The appointment with...More
Posted by Heather922
Psychological effects of male infertility
I hate to ask this question but I want to know how many other guys have been affected psychologically by...More
Posted by 1957hank
High sperm count and mobility but low morphology
Hi Amy, I was wondering if you could help me. My boyfriend's sperm count is high, mobility as well, but...More
Posted by Alice_ke
Clomid vs HCG with tamoxifen to reverse the effect...
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. He has been on testosterone therapy for hypoganidsm over a...More
Posted by An_249781
Diabetic husband, zero sperm count & HCG shots
Hi, my husband has type 1 diabetes and had been on testosterone shots which did give some 'normalcy' with...More
Posted by An_249429
Health maintenance but zero sperm count
Dr. Amy, I am working out regularly again and was taking a testosterone booster but recently discovered...More
Posted by sndlcm
zero sperm count.
have born with undescending testicles. i got operated one testicle and placed in position at the age of 10 and...More
Posted by remo80
how can I help??
About a month ago my husband was diagnosed with low sperm count (around 5 million per ml) and poor morphology...More
Posted by l8dsheena
not sure what else to do....
my husband and i have been trying to conceive for the past 1 1/2. We first went o the doctor because we...More
Posted by amandab57
Semen Donor
I am conducting IUI by Donor Semen. If any one require can contact me. I am working at Ras Al Khaimah,UAE...More
Posted by sudesh
Low morpohlogy 4-5% can I still get my wife pregna...
I have a low morphology of 4-5% and we are heading for IVF. I wanted to know if men can still get women...More
Posted by stepmaxi

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semen analysis
how are these levels? could we still get pregnant on our on with these levels or would a iui work? volume 4.0...More
Posted by me8083
Semen Analysis Interpretation
My hudband and I have been trying to concieve for over 3 years. Attached are his SA results. Please provide hep...More
Posted by FAITH26
increased sperm count after testosterone pellets
Im 29 years old and have a test level of 70. My endo is sending me to a urologist to start me on testosterone...More
Posted by bullbfd
increased sperm count after testosterone pellets
Im 29 years old and have a test level of 70. My endo is sending me to a urologist to start me on testosterone...More
Posted by bullbfd
varicocele and sexual intercourse
I have varicocele grade 1, though I am taking medication just I was just wondering if it is safe to have...More
Posted by Anon_61399
0% Morohology
Hello! I am a 28 year old female, and my husband and I have been TTC for almost a year. I have had many...More
Posted by ajc2009
Ejaculate force and fertility
I was just wondering if anyone knew whether there was a connection between the force of ejaculation and...More
Posted by obadiah23
Posted by An_246935
An unusual question on male infertility, really ne...
Dear Doctor and Friends, I have an unusual question, and I thank you all ahead of time for your...More
Posted by An_246454
sperm agglutination
hi, I am 23 and also single. I am a university student and I study medicine. I have this problem(sperm...More
Posted by davidanderson
HCG Injections to reverse Testim effects on sperm
My husband tried his first HCG injection last week and was doubled over in pain. I was so surprised....More
Posted by puppylovepuppy
Testosterone gel and reproduction
was wondering if a male is using a gel for his low testosterone does this mean that he is unable to have...More
Posted by An_246105
Improvement in SA (Wanna do IUI)
I had an SA done this past week and was a bit excited and bummed at the same time. My wife and I have been...More
Posted by Branden381
Can Sperm Count & Motility fully recover Testoster...
My husband started testosterone injections ( TESTOSTERONE CYP 200, 10ml vial ) 2 years ago, prescribed by a...More
Posted by AmyG90
phytoestrogens and affects on Estrogen and Testost...
Hi All, Recently I have heard a lot of conflicting news on phytoestrogens and men's hormone levels. I was...More
Posted by jbb239

Spotlight: Member Stories

I had my sperm analysis after I stopped using the Testosterone for 2 month. And my sperm count shoot to 0.60 !!!! before was 12.000000 . My urologis...More

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Prostatitis also can be a cause of infertility
[a name="OLE_LINK1" title="Link: undefined">It is known to all that the low quality of sperm is the major cause of infertility, but is ... More
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