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Reply: Semen analysis
When first reviewing a semen analysis report we look at volume, count and motility to...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: My Semen Lab report and also my wife lab reports a...
It is possible that you are falling into that class of patients that we just can't pinpoint...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Lisinipril 10 mg
You can call me at AZ Andrology Lab (520) 885-2689 M-F 8-4
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Low sperm count help
Depends. Doesn't hurt to get a second opinion for another urologist. Has DNA testing been...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Clomid
If that is the only thing changed since starting the Clomid I guess it's possible. Since...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Low Motility
He should have a full workup with a male factor fertility trained urologist and check for a...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Sperm Analysis
Check out my Sperm Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines post for a few years ago. You need to...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Semen ph and liquefaction time
All parameters are normal based on the current WHO 5th edition guidelines. Normal...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Possible fertility using DNA
I don't see anything on the horizon in this area of research for many, many years. Studies...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Does cycling cause an increase in Male infertility
Yes. Studies have shown as little as 15 minutes on a bicycle seat causes nerve damage. The...More
Posted by amyaalc