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Reply: back again
His sperm production level looks good but that motility is low with a majority of sperm on...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: low sperm motility(decreasing)( help asap)
Stop the vitamins seems like the logic answer. You can get too much of a good thing and...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: 100 % abnormal morphology
Are you around any chemicals? What type of work do you do? Just seeing if any type of...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Any luck with increasing morphology?
Marijuana sounds like the problem. Marijuana use causes not only morphological damage to...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Possible fertility using DNA
Unfortunately at this time no. Banking sperm prior to your treatment is the only way to...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Zero Count after Androgel
Testosterone supplements like Androgel will lower fertility and if used long enough shut...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: Clomid for poor sperm morphology?
Normal strict morphology based on WHO 5th testing criterial states that normal morphology...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: No Semen
This is a complicated case due to other health problems. He should see an urologist to...More
Posted by amyaalc
Reply: semen analysis
The count looks great but that motility is low and the only problem I see with his results....More
Posted by amyaalc