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Reply: Prostate Massager
The Aneros never worked for me. I also tried a small butt plug, but nothing. Thinking of something more like a...More
Posted by johnd65
Reply: full body skin exam for skin cancer
I am in my 60s and my young male internist did the kind of check you described and I didn't feel it was enough,...More
Posted by johnd65
Reply: Dermatology exams by female Docs and PA's
I have a woman doctor who is about my age (60 ) and I feel much more comfortable with her than the younger male...More
Posted by johnd65
Reply: Shaving scrotum and penis shaft?
That seems to be my problem. I'm over 60 and I wonder or worry about what other men may think at the gym if I...More
Posted by johnd65

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The question of shaving the scrotum and penis shaft has been an active topic in this discussion group in the past. To get this discussion going again, I'm curious-- how many guys out there shave their scrotum and penis shaft?
  • Shave scrotum and penis shaft
  • Do not shave scrotum and penis shaft
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Reply: Going to the doctor.
you should have said "hang onto me a little longer and I won't have to masturbate"!!
Posted by gq12
Reply: Father/Son relationship - Inspiring Locker Room St...
Email me rob. nickjacob28@yahoo
Posted by nickjacob32
Reply: Locker Room Nudity
I find the same kind of modesty in the health club I belong to. Some of this may be due to the prevalence of...More
Posted by An_262858
Reply: Your First Time Alone
Strangely, perhaps, my first time was a wet dream at about 12/13. I had experienced my first dry orgasm at 11.
Posted by allonga
Reply: Help a buddy out
Done 1,2,& 3 when a boy but not as an adult
Posted by allonga

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Given you were comfortable with a friend, would you....
  • Masturbate with/next to him
  • Let him masturbate you
  • Masturbate him
  • give oral
  • recieve oral
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Reply: Doing it almost everywhere
I think that you may be doing this because you really want someone to watch you but can't imagine how to manage...More
Posted by allonga
Reply: Male masturbation
Yes, I do the same
Posted by allonga
Reply: POLL: Cut or Uncut ?
I'm circumcised and happy with it. I've seen other penis's cut and uncut and I like the way a clean shaft...More
Posted by exprzzionz

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Is Your Penis Cut, Uncut, or Semi-Cut?
  • Cut
  • Uncut
  • Semi-cut
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Reply: Chafing on Penis Shaft
Have you tried using a penis health creme? These cremes are designed specifically for penis skin and help with...More
Posted by seanhh
Circumcision Status
Are you happy with your circumcision status? Are you uncut and wish you were cut, cut and wish you were uncut?...More
Posted by mansman

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What is your status, and are you happy?
  • Cut and like it.
  • Cut and wish to be intact.
  • Uncut and like it.
  • Uncut and would like to be uncut.
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Reply: Pubic Hair Dying
I used the Just for Men medium brown for my chest that was starting to go grey. I found it lasted about 2 or 3...More
Posted by yycbear
Reply: Caught Masturbating...
Thank you for sharing your experience at the urinals many of us have had the same or very similar type...More
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: Of Boys and Men
There are some interesting responses in this thread, hope to hear much more (including more from people who...More
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: Shaving below the belt line
still shave but lately its been weekly
Posted by gq12

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For you guys who shave below the belt line, how often do you shave your ball sack and penis shaft?
  • 1-3 days
  • 4-6 days
  • Weekly
  • Twice a month
  • Monthly
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How can I make myself have a wet dream? There's a ...
Details:I know a very beautiful girl and just seeing or thinking about her turns me on More than...More
Posted by schlampe21
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How can I make myself have a wet dream? There's a ...
Details:I know a very beautiful girl and just seeing or thinking about her turns me on More than...More
Posted by schlampe21
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Please help me out. I really, desperately want to ...
How can I make myself have a wet dream? There's a girl I like I want to wet dream about her!?Posted:1 hour 7...More
Posted by An_262001
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Reply: Kissing
Thank you! Enjoy your blog
Posted by oldman52
Reply: Going Solo
You sound like me
Posted by oldman52
Reply: Welcome to the new Man-to-Man discussion board
For comfort and support nothing beats a properly fitting thong. I have been wearing Joe Boxer Thongs for...More
Posted by oldbiguy

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What type of underwear do you normally wear?
  • Briefs
  • Boxers
  • Boxer briefs
  • Thongs or bikinis
  • I go commando!
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Reply: Underwear Shopping.
I have been wearing Joe Boxer Thongs for several years. For comfort and support nothing beats a properly...More
Posted by oldbiguy

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What brand of comfortable underwear to you wear?
  • Calvin Klein.
  • Jockey
  • Hanes.
  • 2(x)ist
  • Other
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Reply: Manly Hobbies
Wood working - Future
Posted by oldbiguy
Reply: Straight but had sexual activity with a buddy...
There more of us that have a sexual experience with a buddy than a few dozen. I think most straight people...More
Posted by oldbiguy

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Hey guys not sure if anyone else caught on but I just figured out at the bottom of the threads there is a link that says "more dicussions" ... More
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