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Reply: Penis Size
1) What size is your flaccid penis? 3" 2) What size is your erect penis? 5.5" 3) Are you pleased or...More
Posted by bmbubya3
Reply: Your First Time Alone
I remember exactly where I was when I had my first ejaculation
Posted by bmbubya3
Dermatology exams by female Docs and PA's
In the past 2 years I have had 2 full body skin exams by female dermatologists. I was told to strip down to my...More
Posted by garyrn
Reply: Father/Son relationship - Inspiring Locker Room St...
Would love to talk to you bout this. I spent most of my life in the locker rooms with my dad
Posted by nickjacob32
Scrotum shaver
I use a Hair eRazor on my fiancé and he loves the feel!
Posted by An_259182
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Reply: Shaving scrotum and penis shaft?
Shaving is in in in! I recommend a rotary foil shaver like the Hair eRazor for the shaft and scrotum...More
Posted by tinamakeupdiva

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The question of shaving the scrotum and penis shaft has been an active topic in this discussion group in the past. To get this discussion going again, I'm curious-- how many guys out there shave their scrotum and penis shaft?
  • Shave scrotum and penis shaft
  • Do not shave scrotum and penis shaft
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Reply: The Average Locker Room
Good for you, bro. I totally hear ya! How often do you go there & were there ever any younger boys in...More
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: Ball-sack stretcher
Be patient. It usually happens to men as they age.
Posted by An_255018
Reply: Jockstrap Usage
Great related topics/threads are linked below, please come and participate in these discussions as well and...More
Posted by rob15lov

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How often do you wear jockstraps at the gym?
  • practically always
  • sometimes
  • rarely/never
  • used to when younger but don't anymore
  • don't go to the gym often
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Reply: Men in Briefs
This link above is still active and often updated, check it out!
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: Of Boys and Men
Interesting similar discussion going on here right now so it might be good for some of you here to participate...More
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: sexual encouter stories ?
Don't do it. Conscious will eat you up. You will enter a lifestyle that will destroy your family.
Posted by projectmanager27
Reply: flacid masturbation
I have ejaculated with a flaccid penis. I did start the process with an erection. My body required and needed...More
Posted by bmbubya3
Being Contacted
I received an email from someone on this site or the other WEB MD forums I belong to. I went to reply and the...More
Posted by stev1022
Sun Tanning
I really enjoy sun tanning. I think it looks healthy. If any would like we could pass on good tanning tips,...More
Posted by psalm119130
Sun Bathing
I really enjoy sun bathing. I think it looks healthy. If any would like we could pass on good tanning tips,...More
Posted by psalm119130
Reply: POLL: Cut or Uncut ?
Cut here and so are my kids.
Posted by marrmilguy

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Is Your Penis Cut, Uncut, or Semi-Cut?
  • Cut
  • Uncut
  • Semi-cut
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Reply: Sleeping Nude
I sleep naked sometimes but mostly underwear. Its a mood thing or weather thing when I do.
Posted by marrmilguy

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Do you sleep nude
  • Yes - all the time
  • Yes - some of the time
  • No - I don't sleep nude
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Reply: Down Under
I cant imagine any guy who hasn't done this before.. It free spirited, airy, and feels good sometimes. Ive...More
Posted by socalvpdude

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How often do you go without underwear in public?
  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Occasionally
  • Mostly
  • What's underwear?
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Reply: shower with brothers
I do when we go to the gym usually. Not a big deal since we seen each other all the time growing up.
Posted by socalvpdude
Reply: first time you had to take a shower in gym class?
I have no problem, being the younger one mostly, in changing at the gym or using the showers. I have been...More
Posted by socalvpdude
Reply: Sleepware
I do sleep in the buff sometimes but prefer underwear. Grew up that way and just use to it.
Posted by socalvpdude

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What do you wear to bed?
  • Nothing
  • Sleep Pants
  • Underwear
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hands/vagina/oral - free orgasm
have any of you guys ever made yourself have any orgasm without touching yourself or with the help of a...More
Posted by landofstud
Reply: Erection Angle
Are all the people measuring angles lying on their back or standing ?
Posted by undefined
Reply: Down below
I have used Just for Men to darken my pubic hair. It works great and I have had no problems with skin...More
Posted by joe8843
Reply: Aftershave for Penis Shaft and Scrotum Shave
Moistureoise but be prepared for a stiffie
Posted by dannterr
Reply: Wife's male porn fetish. Abnormal?
a lot of girls dream about men on men action, they may also what to see there man doing with another man so...More
Posted by toontownboy
Reply: masturbated in a place other then home or dorm.
on top of the Fire Truck (hose bed) with a nother fireman from my crew.
Posted by toontownboy
Reply: i am new
I sleep nude, and enjoy being nude around the house. most of my friends enjoy be nude to when they are at...More
Posted by toontownboy
Reply: Caught Masturbating...
Cool, gonna add that contest to my group action! > More
Posted by daburghjackss

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I'm a 45y/o guy married for 15yrs.Just found this site. Really like how open everyone is on here. Hope to learn something new from everyone. Hope ...More

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