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Reply: Aftershave for Penis Shaft and Scrotum Shave
I used rubbing alcohol after I shaved my ball sack and shaft today. Don't use alcohol. It burned like hell!
Posted by joe8843
Reply: What happens when you get a physical?
Not really jk jk jk they.just have me strip down and they check to see.if I have testicular cancer and I am 11...More
Posted by jackup
Reply: Penis Size
1) What size is your flaccid penis? Depends on temperature - 1.5 to 4 ins [br>2) What size is your...More
Posted by uptosctratch
Reply: Shaving scrotum and penis shaft?
I've been doing a complete body shave everyday for about 3 years now. It looks great. My wife loves it....More
Posted by psalm119130

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The question of shaving the scrotum and penis shaft has been an active topic in this discussion group in the past. To get this discussion going again, I'm curious-- how many guys out there shave their scrotum and penis shaft?
  • Shave scrotum and penis shaft
  • Do not shave scrotum and penis shaft
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Reply: Jockstrap Usage
I play racketball and a jock gives me great support--plus I have low hangers and it keeps them lifted up...More
Posted by colejohn1960

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How often do you wear jockstraps at the gym?
  • practically always
  • sometimes
  • rarely/never
  • used to when younger but don't anymore
  • don't go to the gym often
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Reply: shower with brothers
No. Do you? Why do you want to know??
Posted by An_255018
Reply: Sleepware
Ive worn the good ole tighty whities since I was I HS. I went through a boxers stage in college that lasted...More
Posted by marrmilguy

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What do you wear to bed?
  • Nothing
  • Sleep Pants
  • Underwear
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Reply: Wife's male porn fetish. Abnormal?
a lot of girls dream about men on men action, they may also what to see there man doing with another man so...More
Posted by toontownboy
Reply: masturbated in a place other then home or dorm.
on top of the Fire Truck (hose bed) with a nother fireman from my crew.
Posted by toontownboy
Reply: i am new
I sleep nude, and enjoy being nude around the house. most of my friends enjoy be nude to when they are at...More
Posted by toontownboy
Reply: Caught Masturbating...
Cool, gonna add that contest to my group action! > More
Posted by daburghjackss
Reply: Coloring Pubic Hair???
I just dyed my pubic hair using Just for Men Beard and Mustache dye. I used the dark brown shade. The results...More
Posted by Anon_1131
Shaving Pubes
I have been shaving the shaft, scrotum and the surrounding area of my package for the last year. Have found...More
Posted by goldenabs
Reply: Psoriasis on penis
Yes, I have. My penis was really gross with psoriasis, and I was going out of my mind worrying about how...More
Posted by lightningguy
Reply: i feel uncomfortable around white guys but i am st...
I have same issue i feel awkward with other guys specially those are not that close to me but i'm straight...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: first time you had to take a shower in gym class?
I was in the 7th grade, in junior high in Massachusetts. 12 years old. Some of the 12 or 13 year olds had 12...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: How can I get naked more often?
All my local Bally's are now LA Fitness and none have an open shower area. Most have curtains, which get moldy and...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: Help a buddy out
I agree, most of my friends are straight, but about half of them and I have done some of this, maybe not as...More
Posted by tylakeland

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Given you were comfortable with a friend, would you....
  • Masturbate with/next to him
  • Let him masturbate you
  • Masturbate him
  • give oral
  • recieve oral
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Reply: Cock pumps
Im also looking into if they are beneficial for anything, some guys swear by them.
Posted by tylakeland
Cock pumps
Just curious if anyone has tried them and if they work, as far as increasing a little bit of size
Posted by An_255029
Reply: Sleeping Nude
How can anyone sleep with clothes on? I never understand this. Sleeping naked is the best, dude. Actually just...More
Posted by buttfuzz

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Do you sleep nude
  • Yes - all the time
  • Yes - some of the time
  • No - I don't sleep nude
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Reply: Male masturbation
Eme... Gmail is bad tried to send a message as I've met some cool guys here and chat with once in a while..
Posted by jrocker85
Any other 40+ year old guys finding libido actuall...
Hello. I'm new to this site. So I am wondering how many other guys in their 40s or maybe even older have...More
Posted by An_254892
Reply: Wrestling only in jock straps. More
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: shaving scrotum area without cutting
aside from shaving u myself,which would be my sensual delight,they have a product on the market called"no...More
Posted by emediof
Down Under
Posted by An_254645

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How often do you go without underwear in public?
  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Occasionally
  • Mostly
  • What's underwear?
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Reply: Prostate Exam
My doctor said my prostate is higher up than usual. She puts me in stirrups to perform the exam. It is...More
Posted by An_254471
Reply: Getting yourself to have a wet dream
well take your imagination the urge of having sex at the same time. you can make the experience...More
Posted by humanxbody101
Reply: Guys It not a Joke
Yes, I am lucky to be born well hung. But I learned and taught ours to enjoy sex. No, I was lucky to select...More
Posted by hairyd

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Has this happen to You? Or a friend?
Reply: He Shoots,.. He Scores... Or just Dribbles..
I recently shot it into my arm pit. I usually only shoot into my wife though.
Posted by bj102364

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