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Doing it almost everywhere
Hello, anyone please tell me if somethings wrong with me and what to do. I am single, I have this attitude of...More
Posted by doming
Naked farm ( please read the whole thing ) !!
Some and one of best mates were playing truth or dare one day at his place ( he lives on a dairy farm very...More
Posted by jpeg467
When you masturbate, where do you ejaculate?
Posted by tnguy1

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When you masturbate, where do you ejaculate?
  • In the shower
  • In the toilet
  • On yourself
  • On a towel
  • Somewhere else
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Dermatology exams by female Docs and PA's
In the past 2 years I have had 2 full body skin exams by female dermatologists. I was told to strip down to my...More
Posted by garyrn
Ball-sack stretcher
I want to stretch my ball-sack to get it to hang lower. Have any of you guys made a do-it-yourself stretcher...More
Posted by Anon_1131
Being Contacted
I received an email from someone on this site or the other WEB MD forums I belong to. I went to reply and the...More
Posted by stev1022
Sun Tanning
I really enjoy sun tanning. I think it looks healthy. If any would like we could pass on good tanning tips,...More
Posted by psalm119130
Sun Bathing
I really enjoy sun bathing. I think it looks healthy. If any would like we could pass on good tanning tips,...More
Posted by psalm119130
flacid masturbation
have any of you guys masterbated and ejaculated while remaining flacid ? i have not problem getting hard....More
Posted by landofstud
hands/vagina/oral - free orgasm
have any of you guys ever made yourself have any orgasm without touching yourself or with the help of a...More
Posted by landofstud
sexual encouter stories ?
am new here. i am 40 years old, married. love having sex with my wife. but, also, i very much like looking...More
Posted by landofstud
Down below
Im dark down below, is there a way to dye my pubes ginger? Is this weird or sexy? I want to know what you...More
Posted by An_257287
shower with brothers
Hey Does anyone shower with their brothers? (story)(Only males)More
Posted by An_256352
Shaving Pubes
I have been shaving the shaft, scrotum and the surrounding area of my package for the last year. Have found...More
Posted by goldenabs
Psoriasis on penis
Hi, I have psoriasis, and I get flareups on my penis sometimes. I read that the vitamin A and E in Man1 Man...More
Posted by An_252489
Cock pumps
Just curious if anyone has tried them and if they work, as far as increasing a little bit of size
Posted by An_255029
Cock pumps
Just curious if anyone has tried them and if they work, as far as increasing a little bit of size
Posted by An_255029
Any other 40+ year old guys finding libido actuall...
Hello. I'm new to this site. So I am wondering how many other guys in their 40s or maybe even older have...More
Posted by An_254892
Down Under
Posted by An_254645

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How often do you go without underwear in public?
  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Occasionally
  • Mostly
  • What's underwear?
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Sleeping Nude
I have recently started to sleep nude and my wife is not so sure about this change. She told me that most people...More
Posted by tnguy1

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Do you sleep nude
  • Yes - all the time
  • Yes - some of the time
  • No - I don't sleep nude
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gays picking up men/how & where
I often drove by Eastman school of music in my home town.most had no car & willing to accept a ride to the...More
Posted by emediof
Chafing on Penis Shaft
I have skin chafing on the top of my penis shaft near the base and have tried all sorts of over the counter...More
Posted by tnguy1
Guys It not a Joke
A friend called me this weekend around 2 am. He needed help. Around 11 pm he had taken a young female (late...More
Posted by hairyd

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Has this happen to You? Or a friend?
Coloring Pubic Hair???
Have any of you guys tried coloring their pubic hair using men's hair dyes? Mine is very light in color and I...More
Posted by Anon_1131
Shaving Pubic Hair
Just got back from the gym. Saw a guy shaving his pubic hair in the shower. He wasn't at all discreet about...More
Posted by An_247002
Cum shooting
I know this sounds weird but I really need some man to man talk about this!!
Posted by An_252486
Masturbating in different places.
Has anyone ever masturbated in public or in your car while driving? For the first time ever today I...More
Posted by 92135_man

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Age 53 - Divorce father of two sons, totally out as a Gay Men and love the life that I live. Came out 12 years ago and was the best thing I have ever ...More

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Aftershave for Penis Shaft and Scrotum Shave
According to the poll we have on whether you shave your equipment or not the results as of today are 80 shave, 17 don't. Clearly the ... More
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