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gym seen
i'am in my mid 40's have not in open gyms i wasn"t a jock .i afraid to get a hard on .is this normal ? i think...More
Posted by chrisnv
Stepson, 14, caught me masturbating, What do I do?
My 14-year-old stepson caught me masturbating yesterday to porn when I thought I was alone in the house. Not...More
Posted by An_206243
Tan Lines
The females has starting going topless. The cover or tan the bra line. I enjoy the view of the breast. But I...More
Posted by hairyd

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Sunbathing Tan which do you prefer?
  • No Tan
  • Full body Tan
  • Booty not Tan
  • Breast and booty not Tan
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Unintended Masturbation
OK guys, I know. When we go to beat our meat we know our stuff: we reach down, grab our equipment and start...More
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
Posted by gymrat44
Does your equipment have a name?
Yesterday over on the thread about whether or not you shave your penis shaft and scrotum there was a reply...More
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
Posted by gymrat44
Urinating problem
I am having trouble starting to urinate and then when I get going itll stop then go then stop......then I...More
Posted by An_206242
Penis Size
Hey I am 17 years old and have a question about penis size. What is the average size of an unerect / erect...More
Posted by An_206241

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What is your penis size? (unerect)
  • Under 2 inches
  • Under 3 inches
  • Under 4 inches
  • Under 5 inches
  • Under 6 / Bigger
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Showers and politeness at the gym
It doesn't matter if the gym has communal or partitioned showers; they have open locker bay. So,if someone...More
Posted by arnblazer

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If you needed to cancel/stop your membership, did you have a hard time to deal with the gym management?
What's the funniest time you found that you were w...
Most of us have an occasional dream of being someplace and discovering that you don't have any clothes on. And...More
Posted by gymrat44
Tube sock for penis masturbation??
Friend service duty on a submarine said because of space shared a bunk during differant shifts. Therefore shared...More
Posted by hairyd

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Have you ever masturbated into a tube sock for a vaginal canal?
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  • no
  • I will try this tonight
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My knees hurt as a result of masturbation. What sh...
I am a male and I masturbate in my bathtub. When i do it i place my knees on the tub and do it. To be more...More
Posted by An_206234
housekeeper and nudity
Why in my father's home and my house. I have follow my father's lead and continue with normal activites. When...More
Posted by hairyd

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Maid service are you nude or dressed.
  • nude at home
  • dressed at home
  • nude in condos
  • dressed in condos
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Where have you done it?
Since I was reprimanded for this post on the Men's Sexual issues board from and anonymous user (hopefully I...More
Posted by Mark94
Teenager needs help! (Testicle problems?)
So, for a while now I have had this slight pain in my ball sack. The cords, I guess that's what they're...More
Posted by fishburner101
Men whose foot print do you follow
Men in life we follow some one foot prints. We would like our life to mirror. Whom was that person to you. My...More
Posted by hairyd

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Men in life we follow someone's foot print. Who is that person to you.
  • Father
  • Grandfather
  • Mother
  • Another Male
  • Another Female
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punishment for youth
This week while at a neighbors home with six couples. The host ten year old son ran thru the family room. He...More
Posted by hairyd

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Receive Paddling on Bare Bottom.
  • younger than 6
  • younger than 10
  • younger than 14
  • younger than 18
  • never had to drop my pants
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Getting yourself to have a wet dream
From my experience, I often have wet dreams when I sleep in briefs or boxer briefs. When I get nigh-time...More
Posted by joe8843
Colonoscopy Procedure
I'm a 47 year old male and will be having my first colonoscopy procedure done this Tues. Feb 15th. I'm a...More
Posted by GaMale770
Body Hair
Ok, so in my opinion I would say I have a lot of body hair. I was interested in maybe trimming it a bit. So,...More
Posted by An_206233

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How hairy would you say you are?
  • A thick amount of body hair.
  • A light amount of body hair.
  • No body hair (naturally).
  • Body hair in some places and none in others.
  • You shave it off.
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i feel uncomfortable around white guys but i am st...
feel uncomfortable around other american guys i like american men and had done a lot of things with "white...More
Posted by An_206232
My suggestion
is to try to keep your underwear on at all costs. Take them off only to shower and when you are getting...More
Posted by An_206231
Father/Son relationship - Inspiring Locker Room St...
I remember a post some time back (I can't remember which forum), so I was wondering if any of you knew which...More
Posted by An_206229
Urology exam went well
Had my periodic exam with my urologist last week. Everything was fine! Didn't get to have an erection in front...More
Posted by txmn1212
Puffy spot near scrotum?
So yesterday I noticed a puffy spot near my scrotum. It's on the left side where the scrotum connects with...More
Posted by JokeyMokey
Propper doctor visit etiquette?
I've noticed a slight characteristic about my penis a few weeks ago and it's only noticeable when I have an...More
Posted by An_206228
One-button boxers
Just wondering of the guys that wear boxers, what do you do?
Posted by otter051069
advice needed
I have an issue that I have been dealing with for a few days now. I was hoping to get some advice or input...More
Posted by jghernandez
Having some weird issues...
Hey all need some man to man advice: I'm not to sure what is going on with me as of late but something is...More
Posted by PKiefer131

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Has anyone else experienced anything like this or am I alone?
  • Yes, exactly like this
  • Yes, almost the same
  • Yes, but not the exact same (further details can be provided)
  • No
  • Never heard of this, your being paranoid :)
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What happens when you get a physical?
When you go to the doctor for a physical how does the doctor check you? Does he/she make you put on a robe,...More
Posted by An_206225

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