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Please see the new Men's Sexuality exchange. It is suggested that this exchange be geared to men's health issues.


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My suggestion
is to try to keep your underwear on at all costs. Take them off only to shower and when you are getting...More
Posted by An_206231
Father/Son relationship - Inspiring Locker Room St...
I remember a post some time back (I can't remember which forum), so I was wondering if any of you knew which...More
Posted by An_206229
Urology exam went well
Had my periodic exam with my urologist last week. Everything was fine! Didn't get to have an erection in front...More
Posted by txmn1212
Puffy spot near scrotum?
So yesterday I noticed a puffy spot near my scrotum. It's on the left side where the scrotum connects with...More
Posted by JokeyMokey
Propper doctor visit etiquette?
I've noticed a slight characteristic about my penis a few weeks ago and it's only noticeable when I have an...More
Posted by An_206228
One-button boxers
Just wondering of the guys that wear boxers, what do you do?
Posted by otter051069
advice needed
I have an issue that I have been dealing with for a few days now. I was hoping to get some advice or input...More
Posted by jghernandez
Having some weird issues...
Hey all need some man to man advice: I'm not to sure what is going on with me as of late but something is...More
Posted by PKiefer131

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Has anyone else experienced anything like this or am I alone?
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  • No
  • Never heard of this, your being paranoid :)
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What happens when you get a physical?
When you go to the doctor for a physical how does the doctor check you? Does he/she make you put on a robe,...More
Posted by An_206225
A Detriment
A friend at a nursing home expressed he wanted to commit suicide. As a concerned outsider I felt I should...More
Posted by baltincur
You are asking about his emotional state
My friend's psychologist has suspended me for at least a month from visiting him because I so innocently...More
Posted by baltincur
No Learning Allowed
I have a friend who has alcohol related dementia. While at a nursing home I thought of bringing him some...More
Posted by An_206224
After reflecting on my past sexual experiences and talking with friends, i realized we all have those...More
Posted by fatherof2sons
I caught my son
My son was recently married and I was staying at his home while i visited him and his new bride. Well one...More
Posted by fatherof2sons
My son and "the talk"
My son is now 12 years old, and it has always been just him and me in the house. His mother was never their, and...More
Posted by aegale
sensitive nipples
I'm a thirty year old man. I just started having a problem with sensitive nipples, the slightest touch and it...More
Posted by An_206223
Tallahassee, FL
Anyone in the Tallahassee, FL area? Will be there for 3 days for work.
Posted by auwareagle
Erection question
Hi, I'm a teenager and I've been wondering this for a long time. When I get an erection (standing), it...More
Posted by rushfanyyz
Mississippi anyone?
I will be traveling for my job next week in Mississippi..anyone from there? I wil lbe in Oxford,...More
Posted by auwareagle
darkening scrotum
on Sunday morning while showering I noticed that my scrotum was darker than any other skin on my whole body....More
Posted by auwareagle
being flabby
I'm a 44 yr old male, 5' 8" roughly, and weigh about 160. I was laid off for one year and gained about ten...More
Posted by An_206221
Upcoming appt. w PA @ Urologist Office
Hey TXMN1212, Had a couple of questions thought you might be able to help with. I have an appt. in Sept....More
Posted by otter051069
I am happily uncircumcised. circumcision is a barbaric custom whose begininng is founded in ancient religions...More
Posted by An_206219
What causes the penis to stay small, shrunk up, like you stepped outside into the cold of winter,...More
Posted by justplainfickled
What gym?
Interested in joining a gym. Any recommendations? Please only recommend gyms that can be found around the...More
Posted by An_206217
If you watch porn, what do you watch? There are many different types for different sexualities and...More
Posted by fishburner101

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And if you do watch porn, how often?
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shaving tips
So I'm just really starting to need to shave my face, and my dad is not the type to really offer advice...More
Posted by shortman_eric
Prostate Exam
Curious to hear about how old some of you were when you were first given a prostate exam and how it was done and...More
Posted by sun44
Underwear Shopping.
So I recently bought my first pair of boxer-breifs for a change. And there nice but they don't have a...More
Posted by fishburner101

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What brand of comfortable underwear to you wear?
  • Calvin Klein.
  • Jockey
  • Hanes.
  • 2(x)ist
  • Other
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hey i have acne on my back and acne scars...anyone know how to get rid of these?
Posted by An_206215

Helpful Tips

Aftershave for Penis Shaft and Scrotum Shave
According to the poll we have on whether you shave your equipment or not the results as of today are 80 shave, 17 don't. Clearly the ... More
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