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Women in Uniform
I have always been secretly turned on by women in the Military... I'm not sure why (maybe...More
Posted by Alexco35
Hooters, Girls or Wings
Recently I went to a Hooters restaurant with my friend, mainly because I was curious about...More
Posted by Alexco35
Where do you sleep at night
Where do you sleep at night, with whom do you sleep at night... my partner and I of 5...More
Posted by Alexco35
Gay Issues
I have been an active member since about a month before the old board came down. As I have...More
Posted by Alexco35
Reply: help with sometihing
Hi there friend7889, I have posted in a previous post regarding the same situation. except...More
Posted by Alexco35
Reply: Men and crying...
I have always been very emotional... I always cried as a kid, teen and young adult... I...More
Posted by Alexco35
Reply: Aroused?
I have to admit sometimes the topics and responses can be a little homo-erotic, sometimes...More
Posted by Alexco35
Reply: Just curious
Married88 this is a site for man to man issues, however your questions are welcomed if not...More
Posted by Alexco35
Reply: oral sex
my first "willing" oral sex session was when I was 18 and I met a navy guy who was 3 years...More
Posted by Alexco35
Reply: Am I mistaken or:
Women have been reading and posting on this site and the old board... I believe they bring...More
Posted by Alexco35