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Joined: 02/02/2011
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Married with 3 sons. Raise by a divorce father that was only 17 years older than I. Therefore we shared many good times and open discussions about life. My wife is 10 is younger than me. I enjoy sports and physical activities. I choose the same profession as my father because we want others to enjoy a full healthy life. I have been sexual active with females since a teenager. But did not married until late twenties when I knew I could be please with only one woman in my bed. I enjoy talking and sharing my thoughts with others. Therefore the boards are great to learned others life's experiences. I was raised and live now in the New Orleans area. But as a single male attended schools and lived in Los Angeles, Hartford, Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Dallas. I do not mind sharing this information. Also my fathers parents were born in France and my mothers parents in Italy. Both grandfathers and my father were role models in my youth. Therefore my life is different and my threads will reflect this. We are here to offer options to each person. They must select for their life what is best

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