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Underwear Shopping.
So I recently bought my first pair of boxer-breifs for a change. And there nice but...More
Posted by fishburner101

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Reply: Stepson, 14, caught me masturbating, What do I do?
This is like another discussion we had on here. Talk to him about it, he is more than...More
Posted by fishburner101
Teenager needs help! (Testicle problems?)
So, for a while now I have had this slight pain in my ball sack. The cords, I guess...More
Posted by fishburner101
Reply: Men whose foot print do you follow
I follow my best friend's foot print. He's perfect in every aspect of life and I just...More
Posted by fishburner101
Reply: My son and "the talk"
I think you shouldn't even have the talk, dependeding on how close you are depends on...More
Posted by fishburner101
Reply: Mississippi anyone?
Uhmm, this isn't the place to ask to meet someone in person. Especially if you...More
Posted by fishburner101
Reply: What happens when you get a physical?
Are you asking because you have yet to get a physical or because you wonder how other...More
Posted by fishburner101
Reply: childhood sexuality
I have had a few that when even asked that question I have to think cause I had no...More
Posted by fishburner101
If you watch porn, what do you watch? There are many different types for different...More
Posted by fishburner101

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Reply: acne
Wrong Board. Look up a board on skincare or acne. Or go to a dermatolagist.
Posted by fishburner101