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We will be discontinuing this community as of April 1, 2014. We value and appreciate your participation in this community and hope that you will continue to post your questions in the WebMD Cancer Community.


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Help Maybe Just a Phone Call Away
I wanted to share this Cancer Realities blog, Help is Just a Phone Call Away . Cancer Support...More
shocked by diagnosis
Hi everyone, it's my first time here. I'm a 35 year old mom of 2 little ones. I was caught completely off guard...More
Posted by cfnyc
skin cancer
my daughter was just told that she has skin cancer.That is melanoma, sshe just give her cream to use. Is that...More
Posted by An_246316
Have a Sun-Savvy 4th of July!
Have you thought about what you will need to protect yourself? See these references to make...More
Melanoma, but no melatonin?
Q: Melanoma without probable 2 with color, worried about one nearby spot without color.? How...More
Posted by singred
abnormal spots on skin- contains picture. doctors ...
My fiance has had these spots on his chest since I have known them. They are always there, never go away....More
Posted by suzieandjosh
Seborrheic Keratoses
Several years ago I had a small growth on the tip of my nose excised and biopsied. The P.A. said she was...More
Posted by wellnessmom4
All-Over Skin Check Question
Hi. How long should a good all-over skin check take by a dermatologist or P.A.? I have dozens of freckles,...More
Posted by wellnessmom4
Includes Expert Content
Brother's Diagnosis
HI, my brother was diagnosed last June with Stage 4 Melanoma during a yearly exam for his job. It...More
Posted by trublessed
Privacy Policy Changes - Effective June 11, 2012
Dear Members, Just a note to let you know that WebMD's Privacy Policy has changed. When you...More
Your Questions About Affordable Care for Seniors
Dear Community Members, Dr. Louise Chang from our WebMD medical staff is going to be taking...More
melanoma 5 years ago
Had melanoma 5 years ago just above right elbow. Is it possible to come back without any thing visiable?
Posted by buzzyann
My Mother, who is in her 60's, has had at least 3 procedures to remove skin cancer (basal) removed this year....More
Posted by An_245675
Itchy new moles on back..melanoma?
Hello, I'm a 46 year old male in very good health but i am fair skinned and have 2 new moles starting on my...More
Posted by Paulymc
Going for second opinion
Hello I am 36 years old. I have been having a lot of health problems lately and going to Doctor after doctor....More
Posted by An_245625
Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
We want to wish our members a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Have a great time with family and...More
My father has melanoma in both legs- please help
I am hoping somebody can help or advise me. My father was originally diagnosed with melanoma in his toe about...More
Posted by An_245440
I'm hoping someone here has some insight into the side effects of Zelboraf. My husband has been taking...More
Posted by valeriana438
Pathologist MISSED my melanoma
I had a questionable mole removed from my arm, the Pathologist read it as a "transitional nevus"(non...More
Posted by An_245394

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Melanoma with no visible markers
I've posted here before about the melanoma removed from my hand, Mohs procedure, skin graft, and then the...More
Posted by millicentbash
May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Preventi...
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation - skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the...More
Three worrisome spots
I have three spots on the left side of my body: one is a pink/flesh colored bump that has been there for a...More
Posted by Mel2day
Skin Cancer & Beyond the MOHS Treatment
I had MOHS surgery a year ago for a diagnosis of Infiltrative Basal Cell Carcinoma. My dermatologist said...More
Posted by schatzbell
Small scales on nose
I noticed that I seen to have a little scaly patch right on the end of my nose. I can scratch it off,...More
Posted by butterflygarden
Think I have solar keratosis - what should I do?
At my yearly exam I asked my doctor to look at a spot on the top of my ear. She thinks it might be solar...More
Posted by EleanorAnne
This community featured on our Home Page Community...
Hi Members - A recent Melanoma/Skin Cancer Community discussion about sunscreen is featured on...More
Melanoma Rates Skyrocketing in Young Adults
A new study shows the number of melanomas found among women under 40 increased by more than...More

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Living with Cancer
From personal experience, my first year, like yours, has been difficult at times. I have been treated for prostate cancer, and I will not ... More
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