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severe symptoms
I am 54 years old and was told by my gyne I had to stop bcp for hot flashes due to too much hormone. She has...More
Posted by An_261173
Pesticides, Chemicals Tied to Earlier Menopause
"Researchers found that menopause typically begins two to four years earlier in women whose bodies have...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Hot flashes / cool down
Hi brownsugar39, This article was helpful for me, small changes about your bedroom ...More
Posted by marilynbl
Weight Changes Tied to Older Women's Fracture Risk
A new study found that just a 5 percent change in weight (gain or loss) may affect postmenopausal bone...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Insomnia
I also have a hard time sleeping, either from repeated hot flashes or my mind racing. I've been taking 1/2...More
Posted by An_246914
Reply: Delaying Menopause?!
Dear An_261027, An excellent source of information on menopause is available at, the...More
Reply: Skin Issues
Dear An_261118, You didn't mention what's been going on with your periods. Significant...More
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Reply: Anxiety
My Doctor has also asked me to go on artificial hormones. But she told me, my tests show that I am post...More
Posted by An_261113
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Reply: Chronic Foul Vaginal odor for 13 years.
Try douching with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and distilled water and if that doesn't work do the boric...More
Posted by undefined
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Reply: Welcome from your Menopause Exchange Expert
Wondering what you might suggest for insomnia and hot-flash-related sleep disruption? I'm 52,...More
Posted by An_261107
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Reply: Duavee? Has anyone heard of this new drug?
Monique - I am sorry to hear you had a hysterectomy. So did I and it has been a huge struggle. I was also...More
Posted by Anon_6061
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Reply: weakly proliferative endomitrium
Thankyou for my reply put my mind at rest although tests say different you always worry its something serious
Posted by An_261061
Reply: Starting over with new birth control pill and all ...
Dear Virginia1967, The option you outline is totally reasonable. The major problem that could...More
Reply: Menopause
Dear psforsythe, If you keep visiting this site, you will see that sore nipples are a very common...More

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Reply: Thickened uterus
Dear Sep12, Good for you! No cancer-that's great. As my colleague Dr. Nanette Santoro says, she...More
Reply: menopausal cramps and irritation
Dear Tridel, You certainly can take medications like Aleve (naproxen) or motrin (ibuprofen), as...More
Reply: Norethrindone for Hyperplasia
Dear angkbee54, Keep up all the good work on exercise and nutrition-hope all works out for you....More
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Reply: Chest pains with hot flashes
I am so glad to here other people having these symptoms.I thought it was my heart and had a stress test which...More
Posted by rbnbishop
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Reply: PERIMENOPAUSE??? Going crazy????
I sympathize with you I also feel as though I'm going out of my mind! I'm on my third ob/gyn. First one...More
Posted by alexanderarc
34 Menopause Symptoms
Helpful information about menopause treatments and practical suggestions for relieving menopause symptoms.
Posted by christinexmas
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Reply: 7 months after Hysterectomy - having mood swings?
UPDATE: I was able to see my Gyno, she did prescribe a low dose of estrogen...patch just waiting...More
Posted by An_254625
Reply: menstrual over 45
Dear An_260975, Sounds to me like you aren't fully menopausal-which is not unusual as you are...More
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Reply: Will my wife ever want me again?
Mike: I hear you loud and clear and feel for you, Sir. Mine doesn't want me to even look at her anymore. She...More
Posted by poswhynot
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Reply: Menopause - itching, burning, crawling sensation o...
Hi elegantlady1 i am 53 went into the menapause last year and the past four weeks i have had this itchy...More
Posted by fairladysand

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Reply: Lady Hot...
Hi brownsaugar39, Here is some information about managing hot flashes that you may be interested in...More
Posted by atti_editor
I Swallowed My Crown (molar)!
I don't know who else/HOW else to ask this, as I have ALREADY asked my doctor: I swallowed my...More
Reply: Menopause and Natural Supplements
Dear sgwood92067, Good questions. In general, you can take non hormonal products with the...More
Reply: Conflicting test results
Dear An_260865, I would check with your health care provider to help put everything together....More
Reply: the morning after pill at 54 yrs old
Dear An_260589, Sounds like now you are fully menopausal, having gone well over a year without a...More
Reply: Light bleeding
Dear An_260853, You haven't noted how old you are, and whether this period is occurring at your...More

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for all menopausal womenExpert
Fiction: Only women who no longer have a uterus should consider using esdtrogen-alone therapy (ET). For women with a uterus, the option ... More
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