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Oophorectomy after natural menopause
I went through menopause already about 10-12 years ago. I recently had to have an oophorectomy due to cysts...More
Posted by dlyoung53
55 still getting periods
Hi there. I am 55 and I am still getting periods. They are very heavy for the first few days and I am...More
Posted by An_263968
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Reply: thick uterine lining, irregular periods, perimenop...
Thanks so much Mary Jane. What can be causing the thickness??? Is this something I am gonna be going...More
Posted by deevirgo911
Reply: Menopause
Dear Sherilee31, First thing I would ask is how much estradiol are you taking? you are a young...More
Reply: pain
Dear Lady56432, Figuring out what is going on would depend on your physical exam (pelvic exam)...More
Reply: Peri?
Dear Alias19, I'm not quite sure what to make of her fertility treatment question-so I wouldn't...More
Reply: Help - am so worried about blood spotting
Dear An_263940, Sounds like you are having a somewhat later than average menopause; indeed women...More
Reply: Period Symtoms but no period
Dear cricket girl, Do read the note to blondebrit69, just below-sounds like you are doing this...More
Reply: perimenopause
Dear blondebrit69, Certainly your symptoms sound consistent with perimenopause. There are a lot of...More
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Reply: Vaginal odor???????
Wow I didn't realize how old these scripts are. Have anything changed. Has the smell gone away. I can not...More
Posted by feelingold_53
Reply: Menopause
I hear you...I'm having the same issue. I went to the doctor the oother day and she told me to increase my...More
Posted by An_263922
Reply: perimenopause
Dear Vickies54, I hope I am interpreting your comments correctly-it sounds like you had your last...More
Reply: Menopause
Dear An_263887, If you haven't had a set of thyroid functions tested recently, you certainly can...More
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Reply: Is it Perimenopause?
I think that having an open conversation with your doctor and explaining how these symptoms are progressing...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Help low sex drive
Yes, you are RIGHT!
Posted by taybey
Reply: HRT with progesterone once every 3 months
Dear briz350, Indeed, short term use of estrogen alone will not result in hyperplasia, so it is...More
Reply: hot flashes and flying?
Dear cindyc11, Thanks for your note. I have been looking into the question: and I cannot find any...More
Reply: Pap Smear on Stenotic Cervix
Dear An_263797, This is a very good question. There are ways of making Pap smears more...More
Reply: Perimenopause, anxiety and sleep issues - looking ...
Dear endosister1, The folks at the Mayo Clinic are excellent-so I think they'll give you some...More
Reply: Post-Menopause Debilitating Hot Flashes
Dear missylinda51, Estroven is quite a reasonable product: it contains both soy extract and black...More
Reply: Vivelle Dot and low back pain? Endometrisos too.....
Dear Briz350, Glad things are doing better. Sounds like you've got the situation under control-but...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Menpause and chills and joint pain
You might want to ask your doctor about Armour Thyroid or Nature Thyroid. I was on Levothyroid and...More
Posted by missylinda51
Reply: Heavy period help-do I need a full hysterectomy?
Dear rcg1963, Something does indeed sound strange here. I would get another consult-one option to...More
Reply: Chronic Foul Vaginal odor for 13 years.
Dear undefined, Have you tried any of the acidifying techniques? they may well help-either the...More
Reply: Debilitating Hot flashes
Dear momov2, Do take the activella twice a day (don't take them both at one time)-the estrogen in...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Orgasm problems after menopause
Thanks for the ideas. I ordered some Zestra so I'll see if it helps. DHEA also caused me to gain 8 pounds...More
Posted by gabebsmom
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Reply: When to take HRT to maintain heart & bones
Thank you very much for explaining it is helpful and explains this grey area. I reviewed my diet and...More
Posted by righttime
Reply: Miserable Perimenopause
Dear dm1963, Just a couple of more suggestions. Salivary tests aren't terribly reliable-you'd be...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Sore Nipples
my doc told it was caffeine... I stopped drinking green tea but still didn't help... so IDK either...
Posted by meschief
Reply: HELP!!!! Dryness at 59
Estradiol tablets (Estrace and its generic) are for systemic estrogen. There are vaginal estrogen products...More
Posted by Anon_6061

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