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Reply: Feeling Nervous
Thank you so much for your time and reply. I really appreciate it.
Posted by diamark96
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Reply: Increased effect of alcohol during Perimenopause?
Hello, I can only share from my own experience in this area and that is before I was perimenopause I could have...More
Posted by luv62
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Reply: Flashing, frustrated & Confused
Thankyou, I will definitely seek the help. Im going to give these mega doses of Black cohosh a little...More
Posted by flashinglately

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Anyone else fatigued with Icool use? what other options are there?
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Reply: What Should I Do
Thanks very much, Dr. Minkin. She is 38, 100% healthy and a non-smoker. I know she is scheduled to see her...More
Posted by john29
Reply: hot flashes at 65
Dear lynfos, Good question; and are they possibly related to menopause? Yes, but it is an unusual...More
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Reply: New Menopause Medication ???
Menopause is the permanent cessation of the primary functions of the ovaries.During that phase who have to...More
Posted by anginaberryz
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Reply: Menopause & bleeding after sex
Try some lubrication that might give you relief while having sex and if the bleeding continue then do...More
Posted by williamsjanet
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Reply: Sore Nipples
same problem.can anyone help
Posted by 1tnwoman
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Reply: signs of menopause ??
Hi I did take one I bought at a dollar tree on the 5th of september Used first morning urine. Came back negative....More
Posted by dmwmw
Reply: Early Menopause- New Diagnosis
Dear tooearly1974, I am sorry to hear you are menopausal at such a young age, but I am glad that...More
Chest Pains with Hot Flashes
I can't say I have the chest pain, but know our bodies are ever changing. A friend of mine suggested I take...More
Posted by amccloud05
Reply: PERIMENOPAUSE??? Going crazy????
Dear undefined, I hope you will get lots of good suggestions, and start feeling better, too. You...More
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Reply: Menopause onset while on the pill
Thank you for the good advice, I may try if and see what happens.
Posted by jfink71
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Reply: Menopause - itching, burning, crawling sensation o...
I have had this problem for about 8-10 years. I am 50 yrs old and went through menopause at age 32. I have...More
Posted by joaniebour

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Reply: Period after 18 months
Dear uboo64, Glad things are better. Indeed, a 4mm lining of the uterus is good (it's nice and...More
Reply: Progesterone Symptons
Dear annb54, Certainly any progestin can affect mood (like making you nervous). If your doctor...More
Reply: Has anyone had problems with BHRT pellets?
Dear Moonphaz, As you read, I am not a big fan of the pellets; problems like yours do indeed...More
Reply: Menoquil and Effexor
Dear tjschatter, One question: have you had your thyroid functions checked? Have you considered...More
Reply: Perimenopausal and Mood Swings. Need Help
Dear bpcookie, This is a very interesting question; the medical literature does not suggest...More
Reply: Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and mari...
Dear An_258997, There is really very little data on marijuana use and hormone therapy. If you all...More
Reply: Perimenopause driving me crazy
Dear Virginia1967, Marvelon is quite a reasonable pill; it has 30 micrograms of estrogen and the...More
Reply: Lupron Depo and Depo Provera
Dear itserine, Wow! that is an interesting sequence of events! The good news is that neither of...More
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Reply: Vaginal dryness and Painfull Intercourse
Thank you for your advise. I will truly purchase the Replens and the Astroglide. Hopefully this will help, if not...More
Posted by jginn
Reply: Constant light bleeding
I am the same age and went 11 months and then had another period just as you describe- light but long...More
Posted by violetcreams
Reply: Headaches-Dizziness-Hotflashes
Dear spiwe, I have experienced those symptoms however not the gas. I have been taking Black Cobosh for the last 2...More
Posted by luv62
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Reply: Menopause and cramping pain
I haven't had a period in four years (having an IUD put in at that time, I'm told may effect the...More
Reply: Help pain
Dear watkinseleven, From your post, I assume the pain and swelling was in the pelvis (where you...More
Reply: Progesterone Symptons
Dear annb54, By 60, most women are menopausal; so we cannot put you into the record books yet....More
Help pain
Tip Description
Posted by watkinseleven
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Postmenopausal bleeding while on SSRI
Dear Mary Thanks for your reply I was advised progesterone to induce withdrawal bleeding; the endometrial...More
Posted by webizen

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for all menopausal womenExpert
Fiction: Only women who no longer have a uterus should consider using esdtrogen-alone therapy (ET). For women with a uterus, the option ... More
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