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Hi Everyone!! I just wanted to let you know that I have a special 5 day promotion on Amazon Kindle coming up...More
Posted by joannesohn
Reply: Is total loss of interest in sex after menopause n...
Thank you for responding and I do feel better knowing that it's not me but the whole issue that women get to...More
Posted by stephensid
Reply: i-cool
I found her name and profile. Where do I send her a message?
Posted by cheaptrickfan
Reply: Profuse sweating
Your post intrigued me due to your much delayed "surgical menopause" symptoms.. By "total hysterectomy" I...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Menopause and cramping pain
am glad that i saw some of these posts i really was confused my self i just had my period last month and...More
Posted by confused42
Something was wrong
Today I had a sonohysterography and something went very wrong. My cervix was very tight and the fertility...More
Posted by lavinajoy
Progesterone Symptons
Can you tell me if taking progesterone can make your period last longer?I have been having a very light period...More
Posted by annb54
Reply: Joint Pain
Hi Caraleame, I have been experiencing overall body pain as well, an achy feeling especially when I get up in...More
Posted by luv62
Light Bleeding at Menopause
Thank you for this community. I'm on my 5th year of menopause and enjoying it. But for more than 2 weeks...More
Posted by An_258845
Reply: hot face at night?
Dear boots531956, Welcome to the site, and I'm sure you'll get good helpful answers from our...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Taking progesterone
Thanks for making me feel better.I do hope this medicine helps.I know it is strange that I still have a light...More
Posted by annb54
Reply: what do i do
Dear Kimmiec_73, The first question I would ask is have you and your health care provider looked...More
Reply: Nonstop bleeding
Dear mitinytoes, Certainly perimenopause can begin with this type of symptom; it is related to the...More
Reply: Continuous heavy bleeding.
Dear anon72, I think the d and c and polypectomy is an excellent idea. I hope that will resolve...More
Reply: Vaginal dryness and Painfull Intercourse
Dear An_258750, You certainly can try some over the counter products. Replens is a long acting...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Emotional Ups & Downs
Thank you for responding hoopy! I appreciate it very much! I have been staying busy, seems to help and I'm also...More
Posted by luv62
Reply: Cancer Scare But Very Confused - No Hormones?
Dear Ana, I too am delighted for you with the good news; and thanks for sharing it with all of our...More
Reply: PERIMENOPAUSE??? Going crazy????
Dear kimmievd, Estrogen therapy could be very helpful for your symptoms; remember that there are...More
Reply: calcification
Dear Maddatmeno, Calcium deposits can occur just about anywhere in the body. The lower uterine...More
Reply: My D&C
Dear maddatmeno, I should have read all posts first before answering some! Anyhow, there are a few...More
Reply: Perimenopause driving me crazy
Dear Virginia1967, The Ortho Evra patch does contain slightly more estrogen than the lowest dose...More
Reply: Rectocele and Vaginal Tear
Dear An_258629, What you are describing does sound a bit unusual, and I'm not sure what is...More
Reply: Severe perimenopause symptoms
I am also suffering post-hysterectomy and wish I was whole again. It's a shame you lost your uterus for...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: Menopause Blues
Your lining may have built up from the ablation. Ablation scars the lining and the blood can become trapped...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: Cramps after a Hysterectomy
I have heard of this happening with other women who have had hysterectomies especially if they had / have...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Menopause Blues
I had no period for elevan wonderful months. Than,cramping and lower pain for 2 weeks and yikes, I got a...More
Posted by maddatmeno
Includes Expert Content
Reply: New Menopause Medication ???
Macafem is an herbal supplement that provides support to the hormonal system, helping maintain hormones at...More
Posted by anginaberryz
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Is this perimenopause
Perimenopause means around menopause and refers to the time period during which a woman's body makes its...More
Posted by anginaberryz
Reply: I need help please
Dear kerri3t, I am confused; are you taking birth control pills regularly? and how have your...More
Reply: Hot Flashes and Lightheadedness
Dear An_258577, The most effective therapy for your symptoms would be estrogen therapy. I would...More

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Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for all menopausal womenExpert
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