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Reply: The Smell Is Getting To Me
thank you--i'll research the yogurt and other foods to eat. i appreciate the help.
Posted by akafatso
Reply: Menopause Anxiety and Blood Pressure
Dear Deedee013, Sounds like you have a very thoughtful doctor, which is great-and don't be...More
Reply: Severe Night Panic Attacks in Menopause
Dear Becca63 and all the women on this thread, I hope everyone feels better from the approaches...More
Reply: The smell is clearing everyone from the room!
Dear An_264954, Sounds like you are approaching this correctly. However, there are a couple of...More
Reply: Vagina atrophy
Dear An_264922, From what you are describing, I wonder if you have an acute urinary tract...More
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Reply: Vaginal odor???????
I've read on several site pure coconut or tea tree oil can eliminate the odor and the tea tree oil...More
Posted by paiseprincess
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Reply: Increased effect of alcohol during Perimenopause?
It's been almost 8 yrs since I decided to quit drinking alcoholic drinks altogether. My life is not without...More
Posted by luv62
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Menopause and cramping pain
I am 53 and been in menopause for 2 yrs. I have a cyst and a few fibroids so have had a few problems but...More
Posted by sabbyjac
Reply: tightness in chest
Dear An_264899, Many women do get chest tightness associated with hot flashes. But you want to...More
Reply: Still getting PMS symptoms in perimenopause
Dear Becca63, There is a significant overlap between PMS symptoms and perimenopausal symptoms....More
Reply: Menopause - Vaginal Dryness
Dear An_264886, Indeed, even with good arousal one can still be dry. Several options: if you...More
Reply: Can't wait for menopause.
Dear Fairyatheart, Lots of options. One would be to have a Mirena IUD inserted-it may take away...More
Reply: Bloating
Dear MilitaryMom62, Sounds like you've got many issues going on-with all of those issues, I'd...More
Menopause - Vaginal Dryness
I understand that vaginal dryness is normal in menopause. But does it indicate a lack of sexual desire? Can...More
Posted by An_264886
Help I can seem to pause
Just as I went from 100-0 when I started menopause I find my self back to 100 I see to be horny all the...More
Posted by motherswit60
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Reply: Bleeding after 6 months
Thank you for your reply. Yes it's true blood now but it's still very light and much less than I expected...More
Posted by kirsteen71
Reply: premenopause
Dear Jamaicanqueen, Sorry my answer didn't get through-It will hopefully work this time. It does...More
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Reply: Thick Endometrium (Test Results)
I finally was able to get information from radiology. It reads 1.5 in width. They confirmed that it should have...More
Posted by debtj
Reply: Menopause 13 years after Hysterectomy?
Dear nagrom66, When you say total hysterectomy: did they take out both of your ovaries? If they...More
Reply: Hot flashes and breast cancer family history
Dear Scoutemmey, Hope we can help. First of all, sorry to hear that your mother had breast cancer,...More
Reply: Am I really in pre mentapause?
Hi, This article has some good information on perimenopause that I think you will find helpful. It...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: how long does menopause last?
It's a blessing I found this community. My quality of life has been terrible. Knowing that this is "normal"...More
Posted by becca63
Reply: Vitamin d and calcium
Dear An_264792, I wouldn't play catch up, but I would start taking 1000-2000 units of vitamin D a...More
Reply: Pregnancy at 52?
Dear An_264792, Although you are at a very low risk of pregnancy, it is still remotely possible;...More
Reply: Sore nipples
Dear Bellalun, Hopefully, a period will come on, and all symptoms will resolve-which is a very...More
Reply: Experiences with natural help for Perimenopause
Dear kari, You do sound quite healthy-and indeed a low dose pill might well be of assistance-so do...More
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Reply: Chest Pain Too...
Hi Doctor Minkin. Thank you for your response. Yes - my stress echo was performed at a center for Cardiac...More
Posted by ribeachgirl
Reply: Is 43 Too Young?
Dear Erin72, Exercise helps everything-so by all means go for it. As far as the pill, remember...More
Reply: All "Natural" menopause cream??
Dear An_264725, Certainly an over the counter product like Replens (a moisturizer) will likely...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Diagnosed with Menopause
Hi Mary Jane After the first 3 neurological attacks last year my Ct and MRI were clear so they sent me to...More
Posted by speedie123

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