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Reply: Weird feeling in my neck- Anxiety?
Hi I've ben in menopause for 3 years now and have this weird feeling on my neck also. It's not painful it's just...More
Posted by jonas1
Age of last period
Hello, I'm turning 47 shortly, and have not had my period in 3 months. It feels awful, like a never ending...More
Posted by tfinkelstein
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Reply: my period
Nothing much to worry. This is a perimenopause condition, were most of the womens suffer the same. But I...More
Posted by lisacolnett
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Reply: Perimenopausal osteoarthritis
Dear Mary Jane Thankyou very much for your suggestion,, I asked my Gp about it when I attended there this...More
Posted by astroscopesuk
Perimenopause, Fibromyalgia, or???
I will be 47 soon and have had some perplexing symptoms for 2 years now. I started getting weird pricking...More
Posted by moonlady123
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Reply: Early menopause
I am postmenopause 129.0 U/L. What worries me is that the HRT is taken if you have severe symptoms. Is this...More
Posted by janecar
Reply: Bleeding after Menopause
Dear An_261795, It sounds like the gyn found some polyps, and you are going to be having a D and C...More
Reply: Sore nipples
Dear nicnac275, As you will see on the site, many women do have this problem. It seems to be...More
Reply: Chest pains with hot flashes
Dear ruthjoseph2015, Indeed many women do experience chest pains with hot flashes. However, I...More
Reply: pain during sex
Dear eap1228, Not sure-a couple of thoughts/questions. You didn't mention whether you are...More
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Reply: Menopause issues!
I really hope it works for you! The patches made me so suicidal and the BP made me angry, head fuzzy, dizzy ,...More
Posted by toohot48
Reply: Insonmia during menopause
Dear globrook, Trazedone is quite a reasonable sleeping medication; many of my patients have taken...More
Reply: Chest pain before mensus
Dear An_262962, I will encourage you to go check in with the cardiology folks again; this type of...More
Reply: Pellet problems
Dear tmiller58, I am not a big fan of pellets. Depending on what dosage of meds they gave you, the...More
Reply: Vaginal dryness and frustration
Dear fina96, that would be great! Alas, other than water, I don't think there is anything with no...More
Reply: Birth control/ low libido in perimenopause
Dear Jessrauth, None of these remedies work for everyone, unfortunately, and it sounds like you...More
Reply: Bleeding after menopause
Dear ctred, Sounds like a reasonable plan. If you do keep bleeding though, in the meanwhile, do...More
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Reply: Early Onset Menopause/Ovarian Failure
Glad to hear the redness and oily patches are better! I just started taking a hair, skin, and nails...More
Posted by Anon_6061
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Reply: Perimenopause; Menopause?
It sounds like you are going through menopause or your ovary is shutting down. I also had a hysterectomy at...More
Posted by Anon_6061
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Reply: Combi Patch?
Thank you so much Dr. Minkin for explaining about the different hormone medications. I understand now and no...More
Posted by An_260980
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Reply: Menopause and cramping pain
I am 64 and going through as I write this having hot flashes and cramps paid in lower area and back.I went...More
Posted by jaranicole
Reply: help needed
Dear An_262701, You didn't mention your age, but it certainly sounds like you are entering...More
Reply: cenestin
Dear onrylilsht, Cenestin is a form of conjugated estrogens. Other medications very similar to it...More
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Reply: Vaginal Odor during menopause
I had a funny odor too. It was not like any infection I had ever had. I smelled like the bottom of a...More
Posted by rviolet66
Reply: Quitting HRT Cold Turkey Need Help
Dear demogirl66, Unfortunately, no one can give you an exact answer on how long symptoms last. Why...More
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Reply: Two Different Opinions
I am so grateful that you helped me with my question. Thank you!!!
Posted by kiradavis74
Uterine Pain after menopase
I'm wondering if any of you found out what was the problem with the pelvic pain. Currently I am having the same...More
Posted by jjjcaw
Reply: Year without a period, now bleeding again.
Dear Juicyplum, Delighted to hear that the ultrasound was good. However, if bleeding does...More

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Reply: 8 Years in Menopause Cramping Tender Breasts Lower...
Thank you for your advice. I went to my OB/GYN yesterday. Doing blood work up as well as scheduled an...More
Posted by ttt9016
Includes Expert Content
Reply: newbie
Thank you for your reply! I do have an appointment with my GP and also my GYN. I'm started taking...More
Posted by dowhatyougottado

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Darkened Skin above my lip
What can I do about dark skin above my upper lip. I have gone through menopause already. I have tried skin bleach to no avail. What do I ... More
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