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Post-menopausal Hormone Imbalance
I'm past menopause by at least 20 years and yet I am now experiencing hot flashes and mood swings daily. What...More
Posted by KaelanSH
New to Menopause...Need Support!
Hi All. I am 46 years old, will be 47 in January. For the past year or so, my periods have become really...More
Posted by KaCu1969
I'm 48 yrs old. I am always regular when it comes to my periods. Last month I was 6 days early. This month I...More
Posted by dapearson
Can I take Oestrogen (Ovestin) only?
I took Kliogest for 3 months and was Menopause symptom free (excepting sadness) - then developed a very heavy...More
Posted by Rhino15
Includes Expert Content
Menopause Anxiety and Blood Pressure
Hi I am 51 years old and my last period was April 2014. I am not over weight BMI 25.9 and eat healthy...More
Posted by Deedee013
Includes Expert Content
The smell is clearing everyone from the room!
I am 53 yrs old. I am meonpausal. I have tried Vagifem, Premarin, ReFresh and Replens for odor. I have gone...More
Posted by An_264954
Includes Expert Content
Vagina atrophy
I am a 66 year old, vibrant, active woman who still works full time at a job I love. I also run, and ride my...More
Posted by An_264922
Includes Expert Content
tightness in chest
I'm 50 and have been having hot flashes I've been taking pine bark and estroven which was helping me...More
Posted by An_264899
Includes Expert Content
The Smell Is Getting To Me
It's almost october and I've had a vaginal odor since march. I've been in menopause for four or five years...More
Posted by An_264887
Includes Expert Content
Still getting PMS symptoms in perimenopause
I have not had a period in 4 months, but it seems I still get PMS symptoms I used to experience every month....More
Posted by becca63
Menopause - Vaginal Dryness
I understand that vaginal dryness is normal in menopause. But does it indicate a lack of sexual desire? Can...More
Posted by An_264886
Includes Expert Content
Menopause - Vaginal Dryness
I understand that vaginal dryness is normal in menopause. But does it indicate a lack of sexual desire? Can...More
Posted by An_264886
Help I can seem to pause
Just as I went from 100-0 when I started menopause I find my self back to 100 I see to be horny all the...More
Posted by motherswit60
Includes Expert Content
Can't wait for menopause.
I started my period at 10 years old. I will be fifty in a couple months. The last 10 years my period has...More
Posted by Fairyatheart
Includes Expert Content
I am currently taking Estroven , It does help with energy ,, but only for about 4 hrs , then I am a...More
Posted by MilitaryMom62
Includes Expert Content
Bleeding after 6 months
I have just turned 44, not had a period for 6 months. Beginning August FSH level was 83. Doc said although...More
Posted by kirsteen71
Includes Expert Content
Well im 45 and i been having irregular periods off and on for years and also i am in menopause right...More
Posted by jamacianqueen
Includes Expert Content
Menopause 13 years after Hysterectomy?
I had a Total Hysterectomy in 2002. Is it possible to go through menopause now?
Posted by nagrom66
Includes Expert Content
Thick Endometrium (Test Results)
Hi I am 54 years old and have been post menopause for 4 years. Have not had many issues except dryness of Vagina...More
Posted by debtj
Includes Expert Content
Hot flashes and breast cancer family history
I'm having hot flashes that are increasing more and more, is there something I can do or take? I should also...More
Posted by Scoutemmey
Am I really in pre mentapause?
I'm 41 years old haven't had a period in 6months now have one with cramping and moodyness is this normal?
Posted by An_264804
Includes Expert Content
Severe Night Panic Attacks in Menopause
Hi, I am 52 years old and in menopause. No period for 4 months. I had been having severe panic attacks for...More
Posted by becca63
Includes Expert Content
Vitamin d and calcium
I am 52 and me last period was a month ago. Before that it was in April so I skipped three months. I had...More
Posted by An_264792
Includes Expert Content
Pregnancy at 52?
I am 52. Can I have sex without protection yet? It is late September now. I think that My last...More
Posted by An_264792
Includes Expert Content
Experiences with natural help for Perimenopause
Hello all, I am 46 years old and am in the throes of perimenopause, haven't been diagnosed with it as my doctor...More
Posted by kari69
Includes Expert Content
Sore nipples
I'm 50 years old , my last period was aug 7 , last week I took a pregnancy which was positive . Two days...More
Posted by bellalun
Includes Expert Content
All "Natural" menopause cream??
I'm new here. I have been diagnosed with menopause, I am 49 years old. I had a partial hysterectomy at age...More
Posted by An_264725

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