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My best friends Mom left ovary has pain
My second Mom basically is going through menopause and she has pain that is dull and achy constant for two...More
Posted by An_261998
Im in menopause and my periods are erratic to be expected , my nipples and aorta 's on both breast are very...More
Posted by toocruel31
Includes Expert Content
Heavy bleeding
Im 46 and pre menopause. I have been bleeding heavy now for 2 weeks and want to know if this is normal. I...More
Posted by nanners2010
Includes Expert Content
Oophorectomy after natural menopause
I went through menopause already about 10-12 years ago. I recently had to have an oophorectomy due to cysts...More
Posted by dlyoung53
Includes Expert Content
55 still getting periods
Hi there. I am 55 and I am still getting periods. They are very heavy for the first few days and I am...More
Posted by An_263968
Includes Expert Content
I am 44, I have had a complete hysterectomy, I am in full blown menopause. My doctor started me off on over...More
Posted by sherilee31
Includes Expert Content
I am 41 years old. I feel as if I'm going through peri but would love some input. About a year ago my PMS...More
Posted by alias19
Includes Expert Content
Hi I need some advice please just over a month ago I went in to have hysteroscopy for biopsy done I was...More
Posted by lady56432
Includes Expert Content
Help - am so worried about blood spotting
am 57 and had 4 periods in 2013 and then more in July August and September in 2014. I was fed up with dry...More
Posted by An_263940
Includes Expert Content
Period Symtoms but no period
I have been having periods about every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks for about a year with the last one being very...More
Posted by cricketgirl
Includes Expert Content
suffering for a week now, in the last year missed one period, age 51, now not had one for 6 weeks, feel...More
Posted by blondebrit69
Includes Expert Content
Hello. This is the first time I've been on here, but I have a question and I have no insurance and am a...More
Posted by vickies54
Includes Expert Content
I am gaining a lot of weight and I don't eat hardly anything. I don't eat sugar at all, or dairy or beef and...More
Posted by An_263887
I am gaining a lot of weight and I don't eat hardly anything. I don't eat sugar at all, or dairy or beef and...More
Posted by An_263887
Includes Expert Content
Is it Perimenopause?
So about a week before my Period I am having horrible hot flashes and severe nightsweats. My Periods have...More
Posted by jaded_siren
Includes Expert Content
thick uterine lining, irregular periods, perimenop...
I am 51 years old. I had a sonogram due to irregular periods. they found that my uterine lining was thick. I...More
Posted by An_263842
Includes Expert Content
HRT with progesterone once every 3 months
Hi Dr. Minkin! I posted recently about use of progesterone in my HRT regimen. I'm perimenopausal and on HRT...More
Posted by briz350
Includes Expert Content
Pap Smear on Stenotic Cervix
I am a 61 yr old woman who has never given birth. Since menopause, my pap smears have become increasingly...More
Posted by An_263797
Includes Expert Content
Help low sex drive
Ever since I started menopause over 10 years ago my sex drive left me. Since I have no hormones I can I...More
Posted by An_263769
Includes Expert Content
Post-Menopause Debilitating Hot Flashes
The doctors took me off HRT three months ago because my mother had breast cancer (she is a survivor but...More
Posted by missylinda51
Includes Expert Content
Heavy period help-do I need a full hysterectomy?
Started having very heavy periods about 5 years ago. Lasted from 5 to 10 days with clots for two of those days....More
Posted by rcg1963
Includes Expert Content
Vivelle Dot and low back pain? Endometrisos too.....
I'm hoping Dr. Minkin can weigh in with any info she's gleaned from her patients over the years. I've almost...More
Posted by briz350

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Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for all menopausal womenExpert
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