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How does a man handle menopause
I am a 60 year old male, engaged to a 51 year old lady. All was great until 3 months ago.Then after a weekend...More
Posted by jeepers94
Another hot flash question ugh!
When I turn over in bed it causes me to have a hot flash. As long as I lay still, no hot flash. How strange...More
Posted by An_246914
Includes Expert Content
Premature ovarian failure and hrt
Hello, I am 37 years old, and over the past 3 years I have suffered from early menopausal...More
Posted by An_262043
New HRT Guidelines released
With a sigh of relief, British doctors received new guidelines regarding HRT from the British Menopause...More
Posted by maxprovust
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Bleeding after endo ablation post menopausal
I am a 59 year old woman. I had an ablation 2 years ago. Recently I started getting all the signs of post or...More
Posted by An_261973
gyn was no help for tender nipples
I had my annual checkup and mentioned the sore nipples, and the muscle coming from the side feels like I...More
Posted by An_261969
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I am 52 yrs. Old I have gone through menopause and haven't had a period for several months. Now I am starting my...More
Posted by robree
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Pain like Back Labor
I'm 50, and beginning the peri-menopause phase. Periods are a couple of months apart, sometimes only spotting....More
Posted by mmh1912
Includes Expert Content
I would like to know why there is no encouragement for women approaching perimenopause or in perimenopause,...More
Posted by An_246914
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61 and spotting
Need some help or guidance...i'm 61 haven't had a period in 10+ years, maybe even closer to 15 years. I have...More
Posted by An_261795
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49 and spotting?
My last period was in June of last year 2014. I had some spotting earlier this month and is that...More
Posted by susansy808
Ménopause and Periods
I have heard of woman in menopause getting periods, but the more I read up on this subject it can be more than...More
Posted by roxy2015
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Lost and confused
Hello everyone, I am 41 years old and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I still have both ovaries. I have had...More
Posted by creel06
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Period in Menopause
I have heard of woman in menopause getting periods, but the more I read up on this subject it can be more than...More
Posted by roxy2015
Includes Expert Content
Young and confused!
Okay I am 34 years old, my tubes are tied. I am not even sexually active so I know that I can't be pregnant....More
Posted by An_261756
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Am I starting menopause?
I'm a two-time, 15 year breast cancer survivor. I had a mastectomy on one side 10 years ago. I'm now 48...More
Posted by ragamuffin71
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Heavy bleeding and clots
I'm nearly 47 and have been passing large clots during my periods for the past year. For the past few months, the...More
Posted by mtleb
Hot flash that feels like a power surge
Anyone get a hot flash that feels like an electrical power surge? It's happened twice while I was sleeping. I...More
Posted by An_261668
Includes Expert Content
Hello, I've been doing my research as usual and wanted to ask my gyn about estrogel. Its bioidentical. Has...More
Posted by An_260980
Includes Expert Content
10 years after Essure procedure
Hi there, I am 42 years old and I got Essure 10 years ago. For the last couple of years I have been...More
Posted by latinamomma1
Includes Expert Content
Should I see a Dr. or wait?
Hey there! I have been perimenopausal for 3 years now and my periods have become lighter/ shorter in length....More
Posted by joioustoo
Includes Expert Content
Menpause and chills and joint pain
Hi I am in perimenpause and I am 54, this all started really badly about 4 to 6 months ago, I get horrible...More
Posted by siugal
Includes Expert Content
facial/lip swelling
am taking: mag supplement-3x daily; multi-women's vitamin-3 tablets at lunch; a half of hydrocortisone at...More
Posted by slaw1962
Includes Expert Content
5 months no period
I'm 54 yrs old and my last period was Aug 2014. After 5 months of no period it has returned and has been on...More
Posted by An_261464
Includes Expert Content
42 perimenopausal and need new birth control pill ...
Hi, I have been perimenopausal for 2-3 years. Taking Generess EE25mcg/.8 norethidrone for 2 years. Lately I've...More
Posted by 42nena
Includes Expert Content
Confused about estrogen blood test result?
Hi, My doctor checked my estrogen back in Dec. 2014 and he said the result was less than 5, close to zero. Ok...More
Posted by An_260980

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Menopause - Younger Ages
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