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Douching and menopause
I am wondering if it is a good idea to start douching now that I am entering menopause?
Posted by pennyirene
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Hi ladies, I saw my gyn yesterday and spoke to him about my low sex drive and he prescribed me Osphena. Last...More
Posted by An_260980
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Red, itchy face ?
was also wondering if this is a sign of peri-menopause? My face is almost all the time red and itchy..Like I...More
Posted by sjewell77
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49 yr old, not in a r'ship, no period for almost 3...
Hi all, I'm new to this community. Thought I could use some advice. I've had periods all my life, pretty...More
Posted by sjewell77
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The period that never stops
I found this board an am a little reassured but not entirely. I am 45 years old with two children. Around...More
Posted by johnjoshmom
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Menopause issues!
Anyone else have headaches off and on? I have skipped heartbeats,nausea, headaches and just feel fatigued! I...More
Posted by cariaz13
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Year without a period, now bleeding again.
I assumed I had gone thru menopause over the last several years. I never really had hot flashes or anything....More
Posted by juicyplum

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no period for 11 months, now constant light flow f...
I'm 51 and have not had my period for 11 months, 8 days ago I started with light spotting and it's been a...More
Posted by vicky8264
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After Menopause bleeding
have been in menopause for three years. The beginning of 2015 I started to spot. Had the vaginal ultrasound...More
Posted by doreen426
Perimenopause anxiety no hot flashes
Hi ladies. I am 45 and have finally come to the conclusion that I am perimenopause. It started I think a...More
Posted by buttercup1570
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Endometrial Biopsy for bleeding/spotting 6 weeks- ...
I'm 48 (almost 49) and in perimenopause. My bleeding patterns have been erratic the past 2 years. In March this...More
Posted by briz350
Perimenopause Anxiety
I'm going into my fourth year of Perimenopause and I am dealing with lots of anxiety...can anyone suggest...More
Posted by An_262316
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Perimenopause Anxiety
I'm going into my fourth year of Perimenopause and I am dealing with lots of anxiety...can anyone suggest...More
Posted by An_262316
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Estrogen-Gel or Pill?
Is there a difference between Estrogen in gel or pill form?
Posted by An_262294
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menopause p
I have had none of the problems with menopause, I have been period free for a year, I'm freaking out, should...More
Posted by sangela66
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HRT or Thyroid Nodules giving me Hot Flashes
I'm 48 years old and dealing with extreme Hot Flashes every hour 24/7! going on for the last year. I have been...More
Posted by toohot48
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what do I do 15 years later?
At 33 had a 7 1/2 " fibroid removed from uterus. Year later, R /Oophorectomy, another year later and then a...More
Posted by wyldshewolf
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40 and six months no period...
Hi the month I turned 40 I stopped having my period. Took pregnancy tests all negative. I thought I must be...More
Posted by angel3211
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hot flashes and flying?
Anyone notice that altitude exacerbates hot flashes? We flew from Cleveland to the Big Island of Hawaii and I...More
Posted by An_262229
Hot flashes with chest discomfort
I too started having hot flashes after stopping estrogen after 22 year on a very low dose. That was 3 years...More
Posted by hrtsmartrn
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Skin Problems
I am a 59 years, black female and 3 years after Menopause (2011). I was diagnosed (2010) with Rheumatoid...More
Posted by An_262177
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Cramps after menopause
I reported menstral cramps to my Obgyn, after Being in menopause for over a year. I went off HRT 6 months...More
Posted by An_262155
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How does a man handle menopause
I am a 60 year old male, engaged to a 51 year old lady. All was great until 3 months ago.Then after a weekend...More
Posted by jeepers94
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Another hot flash question ugh!
When I turn over in bed it causes me to have a hot flash. As long as I lay still, no hot flash. How strange...More
Posted by An_246914

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Darkened Skin above my lip
What can I do about dark skin above my upper lip. I have gone through menopause already. I have tried skin bleach to no avail. What do I ... More
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