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I have been having a lot of the signs of menopause for a long time now,the hot flashes not...More
Posted by sweetheart1967
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severe symptoms
I am 54 years old and was told by my gyne I had to stop bcp for hot flashes due to too much hormone. She has...More
Posted by An_261173
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Skin Issues
I'm 53 and been going through menopause for about a year. In the last two weeks my face has been breaking out...More
Posted by An_261118
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Wondering what you might have tried for insomnia and hot-flash-related sleep disruption? I'm 52,...More
Posted by An_261107
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weakly proliferative endomitrium
Hi was wondering if anyone else has suffered with bleeding in the menopause had all the tests and said I have...More
Posted by An_261061
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I'm 48 and I'm Peri menopausal and I haven't had a period for 6 months. Here the past 2 weeks my nipples are...More
Posted by psforsythe

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Delaying Menopause?!
I just read an article in WebMD about perimenopause. Is there any way to delay the start of menopause?
Posted by An_261027
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menopausal cramps and irritation
Hell i a 51year old woman in i believe post menopausal stages. I have cramps and i am very irritated. Please...More
Posted by tridel
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Norethrindone for Hyperplasia
Hello Doctor, I am 54 and supposedly post menopausal. Until I started spotting recently, I had not...More
Posted by angkbee54
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I have not had my period for 11 and half months. Hot flashes and sweats not bad but my anxiety is through the...More
Posted by lostkate
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Duavee? Has anyone heard of this new drug?
Hi ladies, My doctor prescribed this for me, actually he gave me a load of samples I'm assuming because the...More
Posted by An_260980
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menstrual over 45
Dr. I'm 45 and have not had a period in over two years..but prior to today my nipples were sore and I wanted...More
Posted by An_260975
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7 months after Hysterectomy - having mood swings?
I had a Hysterectomy in June 2014 - they took both ovaries, my uterus and cervix. The Dr put me on...More
Posted by An_254625
I Swallowed My Crown (molar)!
I don't know who else/HOW else to ask this, as I have ALREADY asked my doctor: I swallowed my...More
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Menopause and Natural Supplements
I take Estradial (1mg) and Provera (2.5 mg) due to being in menopause, I had a friend tell me about GNC...More
Posted by sgwood92067
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Conflicting test results
I have a question about sonograms, ct scans and the MRI. An initial vaginal sonogram is done and the...More
Posted by An_260865
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Starting over with new birth control pill and all ...
I have posted in the past in regards to sudden onset of perimenopause symptoms and treatment with birth...More
Posted by virginia1967
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the morning after pill at 54 yrs old
I have a question, my last period was August 2013, after I took the morning after pill in Aug 13, 2013 and by...More
Posted by An_260589
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Light bleeding
Well what appears to be my cycle started Dec 29th very light only pink on tissue when I wipe . it is now jan...More
Posted by An_260853
Lady Hot...
Hello I'm new to this site. Can someone help me out? Need help about these hot flashes...???
Posted by brownsaugar39
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Menopause and Birth Control
I am 51 years old and still taking birth control pills. Should I stop taking them at this time or does this...More
Posted by An_260845
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Extreme fatigue
Hi, I'm new to the discussion, so I apologize if this topic has been discussed. I'm approaching 50 and still...More
Posted by An_260835
depression and menopause
Can menopause depression cause you to feel disconnected from everything and everyone in your life?
Posted by cecehall
good night sleep
I have tried everything and finally found two things that work. 1 is EstroPause menopause support. It...More
Posted by terminology58
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Menopause and Bloating
Hi All! Happy New Year! I was hoping to see if anyone else here has struggled with severe bloating during...More
Posted by nikepuma
Includes Expert Content
What can I safely take and how much to fall asleep?I've never had this problem - doing a cleanse which has me...More
Posted by acch1234
Includes Expert Content
Stiff muscles in legs when trying to stand
I am 45 and perimenopausal. I have the hot flashes and headaches frequently but along with that I also have a...More
Posted by sa71669
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Period after menopause
i'm 52 years ago and I've been in menopause in for three months I have not seen my period and suddenly there...More
Posted by An_260776
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I have not had a period for 7 months and I started very lightly one day. Nothing on this morning and this...More
Posted by prussell22
Includes Expert Content
Cooling mattress pads?
At 52 I was just finally taken off the pill (In the winter, thank God) and BAM! Hot flashes immediately...More
Posted by imoverit

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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mood swings/menopause
I have so much empathy for all women that go through this,either mild or severe.I was put on a hormone,very low dose because I have 4 ... More
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