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Progesterone Symptons
Can you tell me if taking progesterone can make your period last longer?I have been having a very light period...More
Posted by annb54
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Light Bleeding at Menopause
Thank you for this community. I'm on my 5th year of menopause and enjoying it. But for more than 2 weeks...More
Posted by An_258845
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Joint Pain
I have been 1 year without a period so I am finished with menopause, from my understanding. Last month, I...More
Posted by caraleame
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hot face at night?
Hello I am new here I have been experieneing hot cheeks so hot just on one side moves from side to side i...More
Posted by boots531956
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Has anyone tried the OTC product i-cool for hot flashes?
Posted by cheaptrickfan
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what do i do
I am 41 and a yr into Pre menopause I've kinda gotten use to the crazy menstrals but this month has been the...More
Posted by kimmiec_73
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Taking progesterone
My doctor put me on progesterone about three weeks ago. I am 59 and still having a light period every few months...More
Posted by annb54
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Nonstop bleeding
I have had my period for two and a half weeks. It started with spotting for four days then bleeding ever...More
Posted by mitinytoes
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Continuous heavy bleeding.
About 8 months ago, after missing my period the previous month, I started bleeding, I thought it was just my...More
Posted by An_258757
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Vaginal dryness and Painfull Intercourse
I can't take any estregen because I had a blood clot in my leg and the ddoctor will not prescribe any meds...More
Posted by An_258750
is it normal
am 41 and a year into pre-menopause and i understand that my menstrals are whacky now they start early,...More
Posted by kimmiec_73
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What is a calcification along the lower uterine segment?
Posted by maddatmeno
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My D&C
My dr.was only able to get very little tissue samples. My cervix was closed. He said, he will send me to a...More
Posted by maddatmeno
Severe perimenopause symptoms
I am 47 and 1 year our from a partial hysterectomy. I still have both of my ovaries but had severe...More
Menopause Blues
I had no period for elevan wonderful months. Than,cramping and lower pain for 2 weeks and yikes, I got a...More
Posted by maddatmeno
Menopause Blues
I had no period for elevan wonderful months. Than,cramping and lower pain for 2 weeks and yikes, I got a...More
Posted by maddatmeno
Cramps after a Hysterectomy
I had a complete hysterectomy over 20 years ago but lately i have been getting cramps. This month it is at...More
Posted by zmichelle
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Rectocele and Vaginal Tear
I'm 57 and postmenopausal and also have a very bad Rectocele. I've just recently noticed a very bad tear that...More
Posted by An_258629
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I need help please
I'm not sure what to even ask, I'm 35yrs old and feel like I'm losing my mind! I've already been dealing with...More
Posted by kerri3t
Includes Expert Content
Hot Flashes and Lightheadedness
Hi all! I just turned 50 and was finally confirmed menopausal at my last check-up through an FSH test....More
Posted by An_258577
Back Under a Slightly Different Screen Name....
WebMD deleted my account because of a misunderstanding with an inquiry I sent via email. I wish that they had...More
Posted by ajk_1962f
Incessant Itching
I think it's so sad that I've been to a Dermatologist and my OBGYN and no one has even mentioned that Menopause...More
Posted by kdub420
It has been about 10 years since I had my last period. I am getting hot flashes, depressed, crying, etc. Am I...More
Posted by An_258527

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Postmenopausal bleeding while on SSRI
I have been on Lexapro (Escitalopram ) for four months for a depressive state. I began experiencing symptoms of...More
Posted by webizen
Posted by bejeanntte
Menopause and Hot/Humid Weather
As bothersome as (peri)menopause symptoms are during cooler weather, it's been brutal during the hot and humid...More
Posted by ajk1962f
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armpit burning/pain
does menopause have anything to do with armpit burning/pain
Posted by headbw53

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for all menopausal womenExpert
Fiction: Only women who no longer have a uterus should consider using esdtrogen-alone therapy (ET). For women with a uterus, the option ... More
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