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menopause mimics heart attack
I am 38 and people including doctors are telling me I am too young for menopause symptoms. I have to think I...More
Posted by higherpowr
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Post Menopause Clotting
I have not had a period since February 2013 (20 months). I went to my primary care physician for a physical...More
Posted by An_259768
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Mood Swings
Does anyone know of anything that helps with mood swings? I suffer them terribly.... I would love to know if...More
Posted by moodybloo
Includes Expert Content
progesterone withdrawal bleed?
Hello-I posted a few weeks back about norethindrone for irregular bleeding. It worked wonderfully while I...More
Posted by wilberry228
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Non Estrogen Advice
I am turning 47 next month and I have been in full menopause for 2 years. I started with the miniville patch...More
Posted by wenfri67
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regular periods at 52
Hello, I just turned 52 have regular periods although very light and only last a couple of days. The have...More
Posted by An_259656
Dr Appt today with Ob
Thank you everyone. I don't have my cervix, it was a total hysterectomy due to stage 4 endo (I was told) and a...More
Posted by ameliaps
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Scared 6 years after hysterectomy
Hello, I am so worried... I had a hysterectomy in 2008 after 5 miscarriages 2 of them around 15- 18 months. I...More
Posted by An_259637
anyone tried menoquil, if so how is it working ?
Posted by An_259614
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hot flashes all the time
I have been feeling like i am having hot flashes all the time non stop what can i do??????
Posted by rogerlisa66
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Menopause and Menstruation
I am 47 years old and have been experiencing symptoms of perimenopause for six years. In the last year or so,...More
Posted by revbeth
Includes Expert Content
hot flashes
im 19 years old and my face always gets real hot and i dont understand why when its cold outside
Posted by barbara03
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What's your opinion on Duavee?
My gynecologist is highly advocating I go on Duavee for 8 years for my menopause symptoms which are at this...More
Posted by dkazmercyk
Includes Expert Content
Hello, my mother had breast cancer in her early 40's, I lost a sister to ovarian cancer in her 30's and I had to...More
Posted by 112997
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postmenopause,sore nipples,etc,now spotting.
I am 55 and my last period was 2 years ago.recently I had very sore nipples for like 2 weeks,i also noticed a...More
Posted by nanabren
Posted the bellow post under WebMD Community about hair loss during menopause. New to site
Posted by lynn1960
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WebMD® Menopause Community
I have been going through menopause for 9 yrs now. I am 54 now and began when I was 45 (last period). Have...More
Posted by An_259474
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Menstrating after a year
I have not had a period since July of last year. I started my period this morning and I believed I was in...More
Posted by luvmychis
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Norethindrone dosage
Is 5mg 2x/day for three weeks a normal starter dose? I was put on this for irregular periods, and to thin...More
Posted by wilberry228
Includes Expert Content
Bleeding after coming off progesterone
I was on progesterone for about two months.My doctor has decided to take me off .Two days after stopping my...More
Posted by annb54
Includes Expert Content
chest tightness
I saw this mentioned but it was a post from 7 years ago. I experience hot flashes and night sweats During...More
Posted by konagirl76
Includes Expert Content
Hi everyone, I am a 52yr old who has been in menopause surgerically since 34yrs old due to removal of a...More
Posted by capricorn28
Includes Expert Content
Prempro, Sweats, and Flashes
I have been on Prempro going on three months now. I hope I made the right choice... The night sweats and...More
Posted by imaztribabe
light spotting
Hi I'm 46 and haven't had a period for over 6 months. I've been separated from my husband for 2 moths. I've...More
Posted by bernieortiz
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starting a period a week after stopping one
I am 51 years old and believe that I am premenopausal. My question is this: I had my period on 9-12-14 and it...More
Posted by An_259359
Sore nipples
This discussion thread was so very helpful. I had my hysterectomy at 43 and all was fine until I hit about 68....More
Posted by hwood43
Includes Expert Content
Feeling Nervous
Hi there: This is my first post so I hope it works. I just turned 51 and have been through menopause for...More
Posted by An_259305
Includes Expert Content
What Should I Do
My name is John. I am 45 and my wife (38) believes she is going through Perimenopause. I say "believe" because...More
Posted by john29
Includes Expert Content
Flashing, frustrated & Confused
I am a little frustrated. I am 50 yo & have had off & on flashes for over a year but have had...More
Posted by flashinglately

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