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Chest pain before mensus
Dear Mam, I am 45 yrs old and still regular in periods. In jan 2015 one morning i felt heaviness in the...More
Posted by An_262962
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Insonmia during menopause
I need advice/suggestions. I am 56 years old and now experiencing insomnia which is due to menopause. My...More
Posted by An_262961
Includes Expert Content
Pellet problems
I too am having problems with the pellets. I am 57 and prior to the pellets I was using cream...More
Posted by tmiller58
Includes Expert Content
Perimenopause; Menopause?
Dear Doctor, How happy I am that a forum like this exists! I have to admit that after my supra cervical...More
Posted by living2large
Includes Expert Content
Combi Patch?
Hello, This question is for Dr. Minkin. You've been so helpful to all of us ladies and we appreciate it....More
Posted by An_260980
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Birth control/ low libido in perimenopause
Hi I'm new to the group and have just been diagnosed as being perimenopausal. I'm 41 and have had severe pms...More
Posted by jessrauth
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help needed
I just started the beginning stage of menopause and I am having difficulty dealing with it. It started just...More
Posted by An_262701
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need help finding a replacement for cenetin, any suggestions?
Posted by onrylilsht
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Bleeding after menopause
bleeding over year after last period. pap clear.had ultrasound. At what wall thickness should I have a DNC or...More
Posted by ctred
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Two Different Opinions
I was diagnosed with menopause at age 39. My FSH levels were 111.8. My doctor prescribed JUNEL FE 1/20 . He...More
Posted by kiradavis74
Uterine Pain after menopase
I'm wondering if any of you found out what was the problem with the pelvic pain. Currently I am having the same...More
Posted by jjjcaw
Includes Expert Content
Vaginal dryness and frustration
Had been using coconut oil for 9 months and all of a sudden I developed a uti! Is it possible the coconut...More
Posted by An_262756
Includes Expert Content
Different Breast Size Post Menopause
I notice that my right breast is slightly smaller than my left. It's been 15 months since my last period so...More
Posted by An_262684
Includes Expert Content
8 Years in Menopause Cramping Tender Breasts Lower...
I am 49 years old and in menopause for 8 years. Going on week 2 of varying degrees of discomfort. Started as...More
Posted by ttt9016
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sex after menopause
I wonder if anyone else has this problem. I went through menopause about 8 years ago. I also filed for...More
Posted by An_256469
Feel like I am dieing
Please help me. I'm 59 and going through menopause. For the last week, I have hot flashes and nauseous and...More
Posted by momteresa5
Includes Expert Content
Feel like I am dieing
Please help me. I'm 59 and going through menopause. For the last week, I have hot flashes and nauseous and...More
Posted by momteresa5
Includes Expert Content
Sore Left Nipple
Very happy to have found this discussion. For about 2 weeks my left nipple has been very sore. I had my...More
Posted by gettingolder50
Includes Expert Content
Hello Everyone! I was diagnosed with rectal CA in 1999 at the age of 32...49 now (YEA!!!!) I have...More
Posted by dowhatyougottado
Includes Expert Content
worried about my period..
Hello I am worried I am 36 years old and haven't had my period for the last 2 months.. I am not pregnat...More
Posted by envybubbles
Includes Expert Content
Douching and menopause
I am wondering if it is a good idea to start douching now that I am entering menopause?
Posted by pennyirene
Includes Expert Content
Hi ladies, I saw my gyn yesterday and spoke to him about my low sex drive and he prescribed me Osphena. Last...More
Posted by An_260980
Includes Expert Content
Red, itchy face ?
was also wondering if this is a sign of peri-menopause? My face is almost all the time red and itchy..Like I...More
Posted by sjewell77
Includes Expert Content
49 yr old, not in a r'ship, no period for almost 3...
Hi all, I'm new to this community. Thought I could use some advice. I've had periods all my life, pretty...More
Posted by sjewell77
Includes Expert Content
The period that never stops
I found this board an am a little reassured but not entirely. I am 45 years old with two children. Around...More
Posted by johnjoshmom
Includes Expert Content
Menopause issues!
Anyone else have headaches off and on? I have skipped heartbeats,nausea, headaches and just feel fatigued! I...More
Posted by cariaz13
Includes Expert Content
Year without a period, now bleeding again.
I assumed I had gone thru menopause over the last several years. I never really had hot flashes or anything....More
Posted by juicyplum

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