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hot flashes at 65
periods stopped at age 49-sailed through menopause with no a flash-now i am starting them at age 65????????????
Posted by lynfos
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Increased effect of alcohol during Perimenopause?
I am 51, and have been in that "lovely" phase of life (Perimenopause) for many years... Actually...More
Posted by lightatendoftunnel
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signs of menopause ??
Hi I'm new here and not sure if what I'm experiencing is start of menopause? Im 47 years old last period was july...More
Posted by dmwmw
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Early Menopause- New Diagnosis
Hello, I am Post Menopause prior to 40 years old. FSH 141. No ovarian tumor/pituitary tumor. The weird...More
Posted by tooearly1974
Chest Pains with Hot Flashes
I can't say I have the chest pain, but know our bodies are ever changing. A friend of mine suggested I take...More
Posted by amccloud05
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Menopause & bleeding after sex
I've gone thru menopause. I'm seeing a guy who is good sized, and wonder if I should be concerned. The last...More
Posted by An_259048
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Menopause onset while on the pill
Hi, I recently discovered that my mother began menopause at 42 and my grandmother at 43. I'm now 2 months...More
Posted by jfink71
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Progesterone Symptons
I have been on Norethindrone 5mg for a month. Can you tell me if these are symptoms from this medicine.I am real...More
Posted by annb54
Has anyone out there had experience with headaches, dizziness, hot flashes and gas? I also have neck issues my...More
Posted by spiwe
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Menoquil and Effexor
I have been taking effexor for several years now. I was taking it even before I had a complete hysterectomy...More
Posted by tjschatter
Includes Expert Content
Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and mari...
My mom is currently on a 46 day round of bio identical hormone replacement therapy. After the 46 days she...More
Posted by An_258997
Includes Expert Content
Period after 18 months
HI I am 50 and hadn't had a period in 18 months, last December I felt for sure I had ovulated, and sure enough...More
Posted by uboo64
Includes Expert Content
Lupron Depo and Depo Provera
Hello, I am really concerned and just looking for a answer. This January 2014 I was supposed to receive a...More
Posted by itserine
Includes Expert Content
Perimenopausal and Mood Swings. Need Help
Hello all, I've been perimenopausal for years and have been taking progesterone and vivelle dot for Estrogen....More
Posted by bpcookie
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Help pain
I had a hysterectomy a few months ago and they also removed ovaries. Ever since the surgery I felt...More
Posted by watkinseleven
Help pain
Tip Description
Posted by watkinseleven
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Vaginal Dryness
I had a hysterectomy in 2007. I don't have an issue with being totally dry, but I have issues with getting wet...More
Posted by cklkdl
Includes Expert Content
Something was wrong
Today I had a sonohysterography and something went very wrong. My cervix was very tight and the fertility...More
Posted by lavinajoy
Includes Expert Content
Is total loss of interest in sex after menopause n...
My wife has lost all interest in sex after she went through Menopause and her doctor stopped hormone...More
Posted by stephensid
Includes Expert Content
Profuse sweating
I had a total hysterectomy in 2005. Initially I did well. I was never prescribed HRT. Then around four years...More
Posted by baytan2
Includes Expert Content
Progesterone Symptons
Can you tell me if taking progesterone can make your period last longer?I have been having a very light period...More
Posted by annb54
Includes Expert Content
Light Bleeding at Menopause
Thank you for this community. I'm on my 5th year of menopause and enjoying it. But for more than 2 weeks...More
Posted by An_258845
Includes Expert Content
Joint Pain
I have been 1 year without a period so I am finished with menopause, from my understanding. Last month, I...More
Posted by caraleame
Includes Expert Content
hot face at night?
Hello I am new here I have been experieneing hot cheeks so hot just on one side moves from side to side i...More
Posted by boots531956
Includes Expert Content
Has anyone tried the OTC product i-cool for hot flashes?
Posted by cheaptrickfan
Includes Expert Content
what do i do
I am 41 and a yr into Pre menopause I've kinda gotten use to the crazy menstrals but this month has been the...More
Posted by kimmiec_73
Includes Expert Content
Taking progesterone
My doctor put me on progesterone about three weeks ago. I am 59 and still having a light period every few months...More
Posted by annb54

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Darkened Skin above my lip
What can I do about dark skin above my upper lip. I have gone through menopause already. I have tried skin bleach to no avail. What do I ... More
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