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63; Not in Menopause; Still Having periods and Nev...
I would appreciate some perspective regarding my current physical state. I had my first and...More
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perimenopause and rash
I am 44 going through perimenopause since 36 with hot flashes. I started about a month ago with itching...More
Posted by jennifer77jazz
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New to this
first off, let me say that my beautiful, loving, sweet, princess wifey is my very highest priority in life. ...More
Posted by imjustaguy
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I am 55 years old, no period for the past 13 months, Can I get pregnant if I have unprotected sex?
Posted by An_260589
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menopause and foliculitis
Has anyone has problems with foliculitis during menopause? In September 2014 I begin experiencing a breakout of...More
Posted by st1960
Advancing Health after Hysterectomy
I wanted to share with our community the formation of a new organization. Millions of women in...More
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Last period was over a year ago
Hello, my last period was December 9, 2013. On December 16, 2014, I started having some brown spotting. This...More
Posted by An_260570
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Thickened uterus
I'm 63 years old I have had a small mount of spotting. Had a ultrasound & it showed a thickened uterus, It is...More
Posted by sep12
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Age 43 pre menopause
I am worried about my mom. Lately shes been feeling tired, headaches, sneezing + coughing, and she gets...More
Posted by carolinaaaa
Menopause stomach sweat glands
Hi I posted awhile ago. What I thought was odor coming from the vagina it's not my problem. I read...More
Posted by purpleangel001
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Bad vaginal odor when using estrogen
I am post menopausal. I had a a bilateral ophorectomy two years ago. When sexual intercourses became painful,...More
Posted by An_260539
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Vaginal Bleeding at 64
Good Morning, I'm 64 yrs old and suffer from extreme vaginal dryness, which I associate to Sjogren's. (I also...More
Posted by carmie21
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Menopause? Strange things happening, Help
Hello:-) I'm new and hope I'm posting in the right Place. I have not had a period for 6 months And dr...More
Posted by dogmom777
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Very strong vaginal order
My vagina smells like it's rotten even after baths, ministry I've tried vinegar and baking soda, nothing...More
Posted by An_260491
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premenapause or pregancy symptoms
Hi, Im 51, had reg. menses the past 6 mos, but partner & I thought it was almost impossible to conceive....More
Posted by mikalee
Menopause twice
I went through menopause at age 50. I recently had a total hysterectomy at age 55. I am having hot flashes,...More
Posted by kbarkus58
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How to relax about not using birth control
I'm 55 years old. I'm at 2 years with no ovulation based on my BBT charts. (had spotting during this year due...More
Posted by An_246914
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Perimenopausal and PAINFUL NIPPLES
Hi ladies, I just turned 50 years old and missed my period last month for the first time, other than birth...More
Posted by sherryboyce
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Stenosis of the cervix
Hoping Dr. Minkin sees this - my story is identical to others in that I have newly diagnosed cervical stenosis...More
Posted by rsharonn
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No period since March 30, 2014
Hi, my period stopped the last day of March in 2014. There have been no periods at all. I went to wipe today...More
Posted by njdesigns
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mood swing management without drugs?
I recently started recognizing that this feeling of madness is really just extreme mood swings with a...More
Posted by tightropewalking
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Another menopause
do women go through a second menopause years after a hysterectomy?
Posted by An_260290
Includes Expert Content
menstrual cycle 7 years after menopause
Good afternoon, My last cycle was in Jan 2007 while on my way into Iraq. For the past month my chest has been...More
Posted by julieh918
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Mirena at 48?
2 weeks ago I got the Mirena IUD because my husband and I are in the midst of getting a divorce and I still...More
Posted by mixedupmama
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irritability and mood swings
My greatest problem with menopause is mood swings. Something small can make me really irritable. What can I do?
Posted by wejone
I having been cryinf, I cant sleep and feeling depressed. I haven't been to work in 4 days. Hot flashes,...More
Posted by An_260224
what is going on!?
Ok this will take a bit to type up...and will have typos. I had my first child at 40. I had my tubes...More
Posted by valeriesmith71

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Hot Flashes
Is there a list of ingredients (skin care, lotions, shampoo's, soaps, etc.) that may cause hot flashes?...More
Posted by cypress2014
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New to this community and have sore nipples
Hello ladies! I'm almost 59 and haven't had a period in 15 months. I'm not having too many problems really...More
Posted by suzie0156

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Menopause - Younger Ages
For those of you out there that are going/gone through menopause at an early age, Yes it happens. It's unusual but it happened to me. I ... More
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