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what is going on!?
Ok this will take a bit to type up...and will have typos. I had my first child at 40. I had my tubes...More
Posted by valeriesmith71

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Hot Flashes
Is there a list of ingredients (skin care, lotions, shampoo's, soaps, etc.) that may cause hot flashes?...More
Posted by cypress2014
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New to this community and have sore nipples
Hello ladies! I'm almost 59 and haven't had a period in 15 months. I'm not having too many problems really...More
Posted by suzie0156
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Surgical Menopause
I recently had a full hysterectomy, they took everything. I am 45 and was not pre-menopausal prior to my...More
Posted by hollyboobeau
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..the other menopause symptoms...
I have it all....the hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia...all the lovely physical stuff that comes with this...More
Posted by carina61
..the other menopause symptoms...
I have it all....the hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia...all the lovely physical stuff that comes with this...More
Posted by carina61
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I am 52 and in peri-menopause, I assume, as I have had startlingly heavy periods for the past few months....More
Posted by An_260150
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Perimenopause, thyroid problem, hormones =:oO
I am 46. All of these symptoms started after I had and ovary removed last year. I start each cycle with a...More
Posted by michelle45
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Oh My Breast!
I'm 57yrs & had a hysterectomy 14yrs ago. I now have sciatica on my right side & sometimes I have a...More
Posted by lamb57
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having a period last to long
I have not had a period in 5 month and now i have been on a period for 3weeks,should i be worried
Posted by lgt1966
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Severe lower back pain...menopause symptom?
Hi ladies - I'm 50 and new to menopause (3 months), forced on me thanks to cancer and the prophylactic...More
Posted by socalgirl99
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Sudden bleeding
I'm 53 and have not had a menstrual cycle for two years. This morning I woke up with severe cramps and...More
Posted by An_260049
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Embarrassed to ask but I need to know...
I am 50 and had a hysterectomy 19 years ago due to health issues. After a 5+ year period of complete...More
Posted by An_260000
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Cramping during perimenopause
My period went off about 13 days ago and I'm still having cramps! It's a very dull, constant ache (in the lower...More
Posted by tie1978
Herpes Over 50
Can Herpes show up 28 years later?
Posted by Anon_172447
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Menopause Weight gain
In February I quit smoking after 30 years; in March I found out I am in Menopause; since then I have gained...More
Posted by minnesotadh
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Fishy vaginal odor
Can anyone offer advice on fishy vaginal odor that does not go away. Please help!!!! I'm...More
Includes Expert Content
58 Not In Menopause, Gynecologist Havoc
I am 58 years old and have just been told via blood tests that I am NOT in menopause yet. I have been...More
Posted by abbracadabra
Includes Expert Content
Had my uterus along with cervix removed in 2000 hence has no period to alert me of menopause onset. My mother...More
Posted by lamb57
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Leg pain with hot flashes
I have several hot flashes a night with leg pain before the hot flash. The leg pain is in both calves and...More
Posted by constanceg
Includes Expert Content
menopause symptons
I am a 52 yrs. old. I have not had a period for about 3 yrs. or so. I have had hot flashes for quite some...More
Posted by slaw1962
Chest pain and hot flashes
Hi- I've just read the post and have just begun experiencing chest pain at 41. I was hospitalized, got...More
Posted by praymore1

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Why am I having chest pain? My right is hurting from shoulder to ginger tips, but more at my elbow, why ?
  • Always check with your doctor when you have chest pain with sweat
  • Hot flashes can be helped with some herbs, but everyone is differ
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balance cream (Kokoro) and Phytoestrogen Complex 1...
Does it make sense to take these two together? When browsing through the vitamin shoppe website it said these...More
Posted by tamrenraw
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menopause mimics heart attack
I am 38 and people including doctors are telling me I am too young for menopause symptoms. I have to think I...More
Posted by higherpowr
Includes Expert Content
Post Menopause Clotting
I have not had a period since February 2013 (20 months). I went to my primary care physician for a physical...More
Posted by An_259768
Includes Expert Content
Mood Swings
Does anyone know of anything that helps with mood swings? I suffer them terribly.... I would love to know if...More
Posted by moodybloo
Includes Expert Content
progesterone withdrawal bleed?
Hello-I posted a few weeks back about norethindrone for irregular bleeding. It worked wonderfully while I...More
Posted by wilberry228
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Non Estrogen Advice
I am turning 47 next month and I have been in full menopause for 2 years. I started with the miniville patch...More
Posted by wenfri67
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regular periods at 52
Hello, I just turned 52 have regular periods although very light and only last a couple of days. The have...More
Posted by An_259656
Dr Appt today with Ob
Thank you everyone. I don't have my cervix, it was a total hysterectomy due to stage 4 endo (I was told) and a...More
Posted by ameliaps

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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Menopause - Younger Ages
For those of you out there that are going/gone through menopause at an early age, Yes it happens. It's unusual but it happened to me. I ... More
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