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I am at a point in my life where it seems nothing can go right for me. My only family are my two children who live far away from me. I have made some mistakes in my life that put me in this position. Almost homeless, unemployed and lonely. Every day is a struggle, some days there is very little to eat....and two weeks ago I started getting menopause symptoms! OMG!! I am overwhelmed by this! I am a very frightened 46 year old woman who would normally never reach out like this, but I have never felt this way or been so scared and miserable. I have no one to talk to who can understand this. I have a friend who suggested doing this, he is a good person and always helps me out and has good advice, but when I unloaded all this on him he quickly said "No way I can help in that department!" and then suggested finding a support group. So here I am. I am in total despair and I am ready to swallow my pride and reach out for help. PLEASE contact me if you feel like you can help! And thank you for considering me.

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For more information, visit the North American Menopause Society website