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reducing the heat
I refuse to use hormones to conquer my hot flashes but some days I swear I will do anything... menopause seems...More
Posted by VSawicki
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Darkened Skin above my lip
What can I do about dark skin above my upper lip. I have gone through menopause already. I have tried skin...More
Posted by Anon_228818
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had a hysterectomy a year ago now i have vaginal stopping once in awhile More
Posted by noeye
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HCG diet and period interruption
I am 46 years old and on the last day of 36 days of the HCG diet. I lost 14 lbs, although experienced 4 or 5...More
Posted by sabine665
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Hormone Testing
The first thing I would do is get your hormone levels tested - not by a blood test but by the much more...More
Posted by DP60185
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Menopause Survival Guide
Hi everyone, 'New Menopause Research' have published a survival guide for menopausal women. When the...More
Posted by MariaD2490
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hello, i'm 50 years and my FSH level is 51.9. My gyn dr suggest that i don't need low dose birth control...More
Posted by cilla1960
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hot flash respect
I am not a woman,nor in menopause or a doctor but because of pain meds. I have to take I have a complete...More
Posted by An_205694
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Menopause Resource
I wanted to make you aware of a free menopause system that will not only help the members immensely. You...More
Posted by mary_skyers
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perimenopause and bleeding
Yes, so much spotting, bleeding, etc. I went on the pill for several months, stopped them and my periods...More
Posted by jroady
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urinary tract problems
I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this info but I think it's something that might be useful to...More
Posted by mawillis58
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menopause treatments
My gyn recommended St. John's Wort for mood and hot flashes and Melotonin for sleep problems - they really...More
Posted by wadodson
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a simple solution for sleeplessness
I just read all the comments and I know they are 3 months old...but in the event this conversation heats up...More
Posted by sbwhp579
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I feel good today
It took me years to find something to help me sleep, and reduce my symptoms. Alteril is great!! Although I...More
Posted by An_205693
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Try Bio-identical Hormones
I want to shout from the highest mountaintop about the benefits of bio-identical hormones! Yahoooo!...More
Posted by SkittyCat;
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I've heard the radio spot too about the natural wa...
I'm 46 and I'm getting nite sweats. Is this the beginning of menopause? I'm looking for a homopathtic way to...More
Posted by meowfive64
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Healthy Foods help with Menopausal Symptoms, Try cutting out Salty foods, and cut down on the amount of...More
Posted by gorettianne
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How to load photos on WebMD
WebMD has created a guide to assist you with loading your photos. Photo upload guide More
Posted by Lainey_WebMD_Staff
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Menopause - Younger Ages
For those of you out there that are going/gone through menopause at an early age, Yes it...More
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i have been taking black cohosh for approximately ...
have been taking black cohosh for approximately one year, for post menopausal symptoms,i have a family...More
Posted by An_205691
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a major tip for sufferers!
I am unable to take HRT (had my share of that stuff in infertility) so now the hot flashes &...More
Posted by lisamomto4
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Advice from a friend...
Posted by Powersurges
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Sudden Perimenopause Symptoms Upset
I have reviewed an e-book on Women's hormones and the pro's and con's of many management techniques and...More
Posted by MargitRobson
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my period
I was placed on the same meds as yourself,I got worse before I got better.I took 10 mg. once a day for 10 days,...More
Posted by mom7124
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Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for...
Fiction: Only women who no longer have a uterus should consider using esdtrogen-alone...More
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help for sensitive nipples
I just read that progesterone cream applied to the nipples helps. You can get it at the health food store. I...More
Posted by michihunt
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Menopause, Weight Gain, and Exercise Tips
Menopause, Weight Gain, and Exercise Tips from the WebMD Menopause Health Center More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
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if u want to sleep better...
i'm sharing a tip it's about a new pj out (my sister-in-law) just sent them to me...its called 'Goodnighties'...More
Posted by An_205695
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How long does bleeding last ... up to how many day...
It's funny I started having sypmtoms like hot flashes, but did not know what it was from. My cycle ends in 3...More
Posted by m1chrae
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Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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Menopause - Younger Ages
For those of you out there that are going/gone through menopause at an early age, Yes it happens. It's unusual but it happened to me. I ... More
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