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Reply: daily use of Calias for penis
Thanks. What do you like?
Posted by oldman52
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Reply: Jock Itch Problem!
Like many of you I had a terrible case of jock itch last summer. Like everything else they evolve and become...More
Posted by cghenderso
Reply: testicular pain
Hi some links below to ponder through see if anything throws up a clue. But if your work is heavy work, it could...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Valentines day limp noodle
Hi Its your meds there sex killers, your only way out would be to find a natural way of getting your HBP under...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Cialis versus daily Cialis
Cialis worked better for me than Levitra or Sildenafil. The only thing I didn't like was retrograde...More
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: Hair Loss at 25
You have alopecia or male pattern baldness, and almost every men can experience it due to increased DHT...More
Posted by abbymccluremyf
Reply: I think I have PE...
Ive learned that dapoxetine works to cure PE. But I suggest you let your doctor know first about...More
Posted by marksummerfield313
Reply: ED in young male
Hi You really need to stay focused, when your with your g/f just try being naked with her, get all warm and...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: pain in right side of penis/groin area
Hi Have you been doing any heavy lifting lately. or moving things from awkward angles, if so you have a strain,...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: erection problems with ed
Hi, Trimex may be the thing for you, its for injecting, but have you tried pumping and using a torsion ring to...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: sex
Hi Sounds like you have been over masturbating, say 3 to 4 times a day, then its hit your nerves, and memory,...More
Posted by nohard
Pain on side and no relief in sight
Hello I was wondering if anyone ever had this issue. I have had a problem for at least 13 years or so now and...More
Posted by An_261252
Penis numbness
I would like your thoughts on this. I'm experiencing a decreased feeling or partial numbness on the top of the...More
Posted by hawkhq
Rash on inner thigh?
So I have eczema and I think that's what thus rash is. But I'm not sure If I can treat it with my regular...More
Posted by jackth
Reply: Very worried please help. Serious replies only
And what was the diagnosis----if I may ask?
Posted by mrtwister
Reply: Rash on legs with pus and blood
I have psoriasis but I never get pimples for blisters on mine. If he has a discharge it sounds bacterial in my...More
Posted by hpark3
low t
just discovered i have low t. i am 60 and hae had several back surgeries. last few months i have...More
Posted by willyjhopuky
Reply: husband with ED
Hi, that is a real problem. sounds like it can be a couple of things maybe low testosterone causing no...More
Posted by kingharold
I'm with John on this one -- a penis health creme is probably the way to go. Just like skin on the rest of the...More
Posted by jamie765
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Reply: Big blister
Diagnosis or medical advice is prohibited in all WebMD communities. Your friend needs to see a doctor for...More
Posted by An_255018

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My testosterone checked results
Hello I went to blood test because my low sex drive, and here's the results: ...More
Posted by precise
erectile dysfunction
Iam 34 and I have been suffering from this for prob about ten years, sometimes has been decent but most of...More
Posted by wishful00
Reply: right teticle smaller than left
Hi Find some picks on the net, your find all guys are the same with the left one hanging lower, and the right...More
Posted by nohard

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Reply: ED phsical or physiological ???
Hi from the way you put it its, round the wrong way physiological and then physical. Its just your...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: What's Going On With My Nail?
Atti is right. You really need to get it checked by your doctor. I don't want to scare you but you can get...More
Posted by bigred53
Penis Head Cold
this has been happening for about four months now, the head of my penis will be significantly colder then the...More
Posted by An_260725
Reply: Left testicle larger, different shape than right
One of my testes is about the size of a grape the other about the size of a walnut...never really paid much...More
Posted by jrgoochy
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Reply: Weird peeling on the head of my Penis. Not sexuall...
Possibly a yeast infection or sensitive skin reaction. An over-the-counter antifungal cream can help if it...More
Posted by john_dugan
prostatitus and epiditimitus issues long recurring...
Hello, I am 37 yo male who has been struggling off and on with the above referenced issues since about age...More
Posted by An_260665
Reply: In need of some clarification
If you are sure you don't have an STI, then its look like chronic cystitis. It will be better if you get in...More
Posted by safetypills

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Help for paraphimosis!
My husband woke with a painful penis 2 days ago that was swollen abnormally. He saw his primary yesterday that prescibed steroids and ... More
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