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Supplements Containing Creatine Can Cause Testicul...
I take creatine. Recently I have read an article that it can lead to testicular cancer . My question is:...More
Posted by denim_cool
Melatonin and ED
Does the use of over-the-counter melatonin for sleep impact erectile quality and function? Further, does the...More
Posted by aris123
ED While Standing
Is there some sort of medical condition which allows me to get and maintain 100% erectile strength while...More
Posted by aris123
How to Find the Right Skin Moisturizer
Spy it doesn't have to be this might be covered spy about 10 million times now but this one I love and I...More
Posted by An_262498
You came W money for an extra 10 pounds
You came W money for an extra 10 pounds and I will leave the low 80 s rock you know and Israeli people may...More
Posted by lilliehill52
The you know low or high
The you know low or high and range and thesis what it looks like it's a point five counts he comes in this...More
Posted by bnvnbnc
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Reply: tingling sensation at the base of the penis
A penis health creme used every day might help with the tingle. A good creme will contain Vitamins A and E and...More
Posted by seanhh
Creatine Linked to Testicular Cancer
"Men who use muscle-building supplements containing creatine or androstenedione may have a higher risk of...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Supplements for Erectile Problems
Maddieshaee, Please remember not all men can use erection drugs, they can give some men like me very bad side...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: long recovery time
Hi Start with how healthy you are, not forgetting we are what we eat, so keep well away from fast and junk...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: I feel lIke the right side of my body is developin...
Dude your normal.. Each male reaches being a man at a different age. Some guys don't have any hair and a small...More
Posted by hairya
Reply: Weakness and generally tired
Have you been to see the ENT? Have you been tested for sleep apnea?
Posted by atti_editor
Erectile Hardness
I've been taking Cialis 5mg for quite some time now and to date currently take it on a daily basis. I used to...More
Posted by An_260563
Reply: Strange rash on head of penis
Buy a penis health creme my friend. Use it daily and you should see and feel a big improvement. These cremes are...More
Posted by seanhh
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Reply: Weird peeling on the head of my Penis. Not sexuall...
Hi Try this next time your dry just simple baby oil or olive oil these are the best you can get and really work,...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: testicular pain
Hi! There are some more information on this issue. Read here ...More
Posted by denim_cool
Exclusive: Obama on Antibiotic Resistance
Each year, 2 million people get sick and 23,000 die in the U.S. because the antibiotics we have don't work....More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: is my tongue healthy
Btw I haven't eaten meat since June Non-smoking non-drinking 18 year oldMore
Posted by chaython
Reply: What do I have?
I don't know but I hope your OK. If your still dealing with it PLEASE go see a doctor
Posted by waystomakepenisbig
Midlife Fitness May Be Cancer Fighter for Men
"Fit middle-aged men appear less likely to develop lung and colon cancer in later life than their...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Help. ED?
Hi Have a read through this link from earthclinic, you may find some cheaper help. ...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Can inguinal hernia cause testicular pain?
This was four years ago so Im not sure if you are still out here. This was r right after I had the same surgery...More
Posted by dididie
Reply: Porngraphy How Much is too much
Hi If your that worried, just masturbate without the porn then, at 20 you should be getting really good rock...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: daily use of Calias for penis
Hi, Use this safe and natural effective products : · HARDER,...More
Posted by fadi16
Reply: Recent Testosterone Therapy News
Hi The problem with taking TT is it will shut down mans testosterone making equipment for good, means this...More
Posted by nohard
uncircumcised husband and rash
About 3-4 weeks ago I the wife got put on prozac. My husband and i noticed with in a week, that after sex he...More
Posted by wildkatt71
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Reply: Jock Itch Problem!
Like many of you I had a terrible case of jock itch last summer. Like everything else they evolve and become...More
Posted by cghenderso
Reply: Valentines day limp noodle
Hi Its your meds there sex killers, your only way out would be to find a natural way of getting your HBP under...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Cialis versus daily Cialis
Cialis worked better for me than Levitra or Sildenafil. The only thing I didn't like was retrograde...More
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: Hair Loss at 25
You have alopecia or male pattern baldness, and almost every men can experience it due to increased DHT...More
Posted by abbymccluremyf

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sex talk
my bf and i can't have sex together. he can get an erection but he can't ejaculate. for long time i thought it was me but with on going ... More
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