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You really want to attract money
Now you have to begin with the first step in my formula that I reveal my book attract money now and that...More
Posted by karlajoyce
The Connection between Exercise and the Brain
Classes attended precedence the so-called s NRIs work on serotonin and/or pan-African front flagellation to...More
The make it important I don’t think you can go i...
The make it important I don't think you can go inside a meditation how's that the body workout that then...More
Posted by CaitlinHenrys
Reply: almost passed out roller coaster ride, what health...
Hello. First, if it has been 9 years since you have been to a doctor you need a complete physical and...More
Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Testicle size are not same
Hi Your OK as men and not boys, we are all the same one bigger than the other and as you have seen if you look...More
Posted by nohard
Testicle size are not same
My testicels size are not same. my left testicel is big than the right plz tell me about this" because i have...More
Posted by An_263911
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Reply: 2nd opinion on Cremasteric Reflex Diagonosis?
I'm 49, 6 ft tall and weigh 215 pounds. I've never had much hang/dangle, but of late the testicles will not...More
Posted by An_263901
Reply: Pain in arms when exhaling!!
I have that right now , everytime I exhale my arm hurts like the blood vessels hurt ,exactly as you typed it
Posted by alexlive89
Reply: Treating ED with Chiropractor
Hi Guy, OK if you google this, organic ED and chiropractor your find some answers your looking for. But after...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: ED While Standing
Hi ManyDave, Just try the above, just google those titles that's there, no worry if its does not work for you...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Staying hard during sex.
Hi Yes just keep of the sodas as your doing, keep away from alcohol, keep away from fast and junk foods there...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Painful bump on inner thigh, please help!!
It could be a cyst or an ingrown hair, but we can't really tell over the internet.
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: Large rash on both inner thighs.
Based on what you say about your symptoms, it sounds like jock itch. While you are using Lotrimin and Gold...More
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: ed following a car accident
Hi As it was your back and neck, it could well be nerve damage, if its recently just give it time, if it was...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: ED Protocol... Scam or does it work?
I am not a doctor, and you should check everything with your doctor. However, I also dropped Lisinopril...More
Posted by An_263674
Reply: How To Approach Someone About Erectile Dysfuction
Hi Just be frank with him, tell him what he told you, ask if its got better, he could come here for help,...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Cannot orgasm
Hi Jeremy, Well this could be all down to the way your masturbating, if your a grip of steel man? if so that's...More
Posted by nohard
Erectile dysfunction with no cum
Im 40 years old have not been able to get an erection for over 8 years know I can use a pump and rings but...More
Posted by An_263612
Testicles pain
I am having testicle pain an my right testicle is bigger than d left side I had a scan an resulted in stone...More
Posted by An_263610

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Reply: Question: testicles not the same size
Even am with the same problem my right one is big n left one is small but I have a pain in mine right one I...More
Posted by divaakar1
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Reply: Avodart vs. Flomax?
Hi Dr.Marks. GSK makes Avodart. Also available is a drug called Combodart and one called Duodart. These are...More
Posted by dlsnyder7
I have low Testosterone, and occasional E.D. So I use Viagra, but it's not covered on insurance and I pay $25 a...More
Posted by dno1960
Reply: Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra
I take Cialis, I get a hard-on, but it doesn't help with the not wanting/needing sex. LarryMore
Posted by oldbiguy

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When I was on Active Duty in the Far East when I was in my late teens and early 20s, the women there didn't...More
Posted by oldbiguy
Reply: Creatine Linked to Testicular Cancer
Wow, this is really interesting. Two of my best friends (ages 26 and 30) use muscle-building...More
Posted by lonealaskangypsy
Reply: Having problems in bed...
Hi Try this don't stop and just go all the way, just to see if you can get past this pain barrier, it could be...More
Posted by nohard
Exclusive: Obama on Antibiotic Resistance
Each year, 2 million people get sick and 23,000 die in the U.S. because the antibiotics we have don't work....More
Posted by atti_editor
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Midlife Fitness May Be Cancer Fighter for Men
"Fit middle-aged men appear less likely to develop lung and colon cancer in later life than their...More
Posted by atti_editor
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I'm with John on this one -- a penis health creme is probably the way to go. Just like skin on the rest of the...More
Posted by jamie765
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Similar situation, if I may recommend Mayo Clinic – search on dercum’s disease
I can relate to your frustration! I too was in a car accident and afterward ended up with some lumps appearing on my lower back in the area ... More
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