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Pain in lower left waist..just above left side hip...
I am 43years old male. I am getting pain almost around the waist and expecially lower left side hip. It is...More
Posted by mayan786
Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra
I have been using Viagra now for a couple of months. I have seen here on the forum where several men have...More
Posted by An_249935

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testoserone levels
I have been on androgel for about 1year decided to drop off cold turkey it may be just a random act but i...More
Posted by jeeprubicon12
My Penis discharging a sticky material while talki...
I am Abbas and I want to know any remedy for a problem I am facing these days. Whenever I talk to my wife on...More
Posted by An_253757

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Hi, just wondering if there is any thing that can be done to stop mucus when you have COPD??? I can only...More
Posted by bathmaster7
Abt Testicle
Dear Dr. Smith, Hope you are doing well, this is imnigle, im 27yrs old, Actually my right side testicle is...More
Posted by An_253676
urology and my problems, please help!
Hi, I'm a 15 year old male. In about November of 2012 this problem started. I would go to the bathroom, but...More
Posted by An_253664
Epididymis or testicular pain??? 33/m
For the last couple months I have had a strange pain/discomfort in what I think is my testicular area but I'm...More
Posted by Anon_3321
TESTOSTERONE drugs are a bad idea?
I had low energy and am 64 years old. No sexual dysfunction, but tested with low T. Initial results with...More
Posted by KenZolr
Bumps in groin
I'm hoping someone can lend some insight to a problem I've been experiencing for a few years. I am a 24...More
Posted by YellowPerch
Cuddling is causing shoulder pain
My wife likes to cuddle with me by laying her head on my left shoulder. I love cuddling with her but lately...More
Posted by JazzcatME
Obese male
I'm actually posting this on behalf of my husband, whom I am very worried about. He is very obese (over 300...More
Posted by Anon_40480
Pain in my side
Hello everyone, I was curious about an issue I've been having. I'm overweight and I tend to come to the...More
Posted by aeterna85
Pain in the Upper Right side above groin
Have upper right side pain above groin - when pressed. Have done treadmill and elleptical exercise....More
Posted by NMNMNM
Swollen Pestis without pain
After doing elleptical and treadmill exercise I have my right testis swollen. I got ultrasound done and have...More
Posted by An_253443
Swollen Pestis without pain
After doing elleptical and treadmill exercise I have my right testis swollen. I got ultrasound done and have...More
Posted by An_253443
you need to see a skin doctor and they will probable prescribe valtrex.
Posted by An_253422
Is there a cure/
Posted by An_253422
Itch related to severe sunburn
I recently had an extremely severe sunburn that has since gotten alot better, but i am now left with this...More
Posted by bobandlisa
Mystery illness
40 year old male, for last 8 months discomfort in arm pits, behind ears along jaw line and discomfort in...More
Posted by Concerned71
What is this STD?!
I dated a girl for 2 years, it wasnt until 6 months in she told me she had an STD. What ever it is it...More
Posted by STABneedsHelp
facial hair growth
im 19 and dont really have that much facial hair. some on my chin, a little under my bottom lip, and a nice...More
Posted by An_253200
Health issue with kidney, chest
I am a 28year old 6'3 230lb male who exercises. I was running a few miles and i pretty much collapsed at the 1...More
Posted by elbroom7
Spermatocele or testicular torsion concerns
I recently discovered a lump on the top of my left testicle (I'm not sure if it's on my right testicle...More
Posted by AHintOfOregano
Androgel and elevated PSA - cause, effect and risk...
I'm 60 and been taking Androgel for a little over a year. My PSA at annual physical this year was 4.1 (but...More
Posted by DaDavid
testical size
I am 30year old and my rt testis size is 2.9x1.7 ams and LT size is 4.0x 1.8 cms, right testicle noted in...More
Posted by An_253090
spike in testosterone?
hey have been on trt for about three years with wonderful results... test level was below two hundred when...More
Posted by Billy436
hard ball/lump on left testicle.
a couple days (maybe four days, i think) ago i noticed a lump, or a hard ball, on the top of my left...More
Posted by An_253064

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after 50
GIVE your other half $100 AND ASK FOR A PAIR Of SOX go and sit on the Lani and with a beer in hand or scotch in hand enjoy the hour (or ... More
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