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Androgel withdrawal
I have been taking Androgel for several years after my doctor diagnosed me with hypogonadism (low...More
Posted by britboy63
HI I HAVE excema already but ive been getting bumps on my skin it itches,red raised bumps im not sure what...More
Posted by kara420
Left testicle is growing!!!
Hi, I'm 30 years old. A few months back I noticed my left testicle growning in size. Since I didn't feel no...More
Posted by An_255641
Low T level, is it time to change endocrinologist?
I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with low testosterone in November by the PCP. My testosterone level was...More
Posted by An_255624
I am a 38 year old married male. I have recently developed an itchy rash on my scrotum. I've tried a couple...More
Posted by zachery75
I don't know what is wrong with me. Doctors say I ...
Hello members, I am a 24 year old male from India. my weight is 98 KGs (216 lbs) and my height is 181 cms. ...More
Posted by abhijeetv
ultra sound
Hi All, I am new to this and I hope I will find some answers/info on my following health concern. My doctor...More
Posted by marv3
my left testical boll quite high and right boll is...
hi there i m 29 years old yesterday i just noticed my left testical boll is quite high and right side boll is...More
Posted by An_255371
Iliac aneurism
I could find nothing specific to my question, so here I go in here. I have a right iliac aneurism, and i...More
Posted by chopperbobby
CBC Resuts inconsistent. Should i be concerned?
hi, [br>[br>I have been having a lot of different kinds of symptoms over the past year that are...More
Posted by jacobson00
Vasectomy and Coumadin Therapy
I have made the decision to get a vasectomy. I am 45 years old and recently divorced. I just want to make...More
Posted by imapoboy2
Testicle /Groin Pain
I am a 26 male. About 4/5 weeks ago I visited the Doctor with a dull pain in the right side of my groin/...More
Posted by irishguy2014
is there anyone on here with klinefelters syndrome...
Every post on here I've read is from some man around 50 who had naturally lost his testosterone with age,...More
Posted by An_254941
Mystery condition
Hi I am a 26yr old sexually active male, and for the past 6 years I have had a condition in which I...More
Posted by alexg1986
Sharp pain, left side of the chest.
I've felt like crap all week.. It's started with a headache, that I've had since Monday night. I also had a case...More
Posted by webdev
Severe itching when temperature rises all over bod...
I will cut a long story short and give the facts of what i know and what i have done - I get severe...More
Posted by dantheman123
I am 40 yrs old i got married 7 yrs past, now for an year i have no sex libido to satisfy my partner, pls...More
Posted by natrajsatish
Rebuild aging muscle through weight training
I am a 72-year-old man with very visible muscle loss in arms, shoulders and chest. In other words where there...More
Posted by An_254486
Right Leg Feeling of Buring
I have of sometimes on my right leg of a burning sensation and it comes and goes, and sometimes it feels...More
Posted by santiago56
This is a hellish nightmare!
I have officially reached the limits of my ability to endure this alien invasion of my nether regions!!! ...More
Posted by An_254467
Question :
I am a 20 years old male i always had a very very small right testicle and a normal left one and the right...More
Posted by An_254447
Sudden irregular heartbeat
My 40 year old husband, with no surgeries, only takes baby aspirin has been having the following symptoms...More
Posted by An_254418
Prostatitis or something else? Please help!
Two months ago I was diagnosed with an inflamed prostate, and I was on antibiotics for two months. My symptoms...More
Posted by gooey
Stuffed food into mouth and chewed...gums are sore...
howdy folks. i ate pasta with peppers (uncooked, which were hard) and stuffed bite after bite into my...More
Posted by guestvisitor1
Low Testosterone Causing Serious Issues
For the better part of the last year I had been going through a lot of symptoms (Always tired, No libido,...More
Posted by An_254187

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Yoga and Aging
I'm a female who has found that yoga really helps prevents the aches and pains as I age. My body feels very young and I am 51! More
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