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Married with 3 sons. Raise by a divorce father that was only 17 years older than I. Therefore we shared many good times and open discussions about life. My wife is 10 is younger than me. I enjoy sports and physical activities. I choose the same profession as my father because we want others to enjoy a full healthy life. I have been sexual active with females since a teenager. But did not married until late twenties when I knew I could be please with only one woman in my bed. I enjoy talking and sharing my thoughts with others. Therefore the boards are great to learned others life's experiences.

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Reply: heat rash???
Dude, std testing would be based on your sex partners. If you scoring with a number of...More
Posted by hairyd
Reply: Please help
I would advise to see a doctor, explain the info above. He will do blood test and advise you...More
Posted by hairyd
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Over 50 and easily crying at movies
Anon call your doctor's nurse and request a lab appointment. Your estrogen and testosterone...More
Posted by hairyd
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Sex after hip replacement
Your PT is a good person to discuss sexual positions. They know how high and wide you are...More
Posted by hairyd
Reply: Dry mouth and itchy anus
I would vist a doctor. It could be a yeast infection. May have been shared my a partner. Or...More
Posted by hairyd
Reply: penis is itchy, and i dont play sports and havent ...
db is right, you my want to have a doctor check, if you have the money or insurance. Be...More
Posted by hairyd
Reply: bumps on penis head
If you ARE looking at it and do not know. You need see a doctor. Did you use a diiferant...More
Posted by hairyd