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Reply: Do You Have the Strength?
Only argument I'd have with what you say, Doc, is that regular gym training 'sounds...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: To Manscape or Not To Manscape?
For a long time it was just my head/face hair that I took care of -- now I have moved...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: Ejaculation during DRE/Prostate exam
Hi An_247495 -- what you described having happened with you is that you had a nice anal...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: Being a Man
I think being a man today can be accomplished by a far wider range of models than was true...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: Just for fun: Your first car?
I've lost some grocery items in the car sometimes only to find them later -- but nothing ...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: mens health
Get yourself checked out by the doc -- but yeah, that stuff you're eating isn't helping...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: Building Chest Muscles
I would do some good form push-ups and a variety of dumbbell exercises -- presses and flys...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: I couldn't avoid self sex
I agree that it would be helpful if we knew a little more about you and how familiar you...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?
There's one thing a guy can do for penis enlargement if he is overweight: and that's to...More
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: Weight Loss
Glad that you have made the progress which you have done and can feel come muscles...More
Posted by gymrat44