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Reply: Botched Prostatectomy surgery?
Everybody's different and some men get great results all other men have continued...More
Reply: Check up!
Probably you should see an internist .The best source for you is to talk to your...More
Reply: what can cause 1 testical to swell up 5 times its ...
This could be any number of things including very serious and potentially...More
Reply: The Secrets - What Do You Think?
Man and women talk differently and so that is where the problem is. For man it is...More
Reply: Doctors Check up
Usually we recommended to get a baseline prostate exam and PSA blood test...More
Reply: Question on varicocele
I think I just answered this other previous post. Unless there is testicular...More
Reply: Question: testicles not the same size
You should go see your doctor and if it is serious and it is not resolved go see...More
Reply: Question: testicles not the same size
Excellent points and I like the logic to explain why they do hang slightly...More
Reply: Creatine
I hate to stir up trouble but actually creatine is associated with some serious...More
Reply: Umbilical Hernia
The surgeon that did your umbilical hernia repair should give you very clear...More