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Reply: Male Menopause
Most men being treated with testosterone are not being treated correctly or with...More
Reply: Chest pain
Sounds like probably just some inflammation of his lungs or the lining but not...More
Reply: concerned
Diabetic men are more susceptible to infections. If you have any concerns you...More
Reply: Facial hair and growth
Everyone is different, even within offspring of the same father. This is totally...More
Reply: What About Prostate Massage
My experience as a urologist is that the best way to empty out the prostate gland...More
Reply: lumpy beads in semen
Clumps are normal for some men, at some times- often varies with many factors...More
Reply: my husbands testicles are red
Allergic reactions can cause what you describe, as can reactions to soaps,...More
Reply: Do guys get holiday stress? Give us the lowdown.
Holidays bring out stress- many men create unrealistic expectations for the magic...More
Reply: Ejaculation & Prostate
This is a common question. In general, regular use of any body part the way it...More
Reply: Pelvic floor muscle !
Like any muscle it needs to be exercised to gain strength. If a ligament or...More