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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.

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Reply: Wanna get fit and bulk!
I want more tips! I really want to get ripped so please help me! I want to get fit and bulky with a six-pack...More
Posted by fitjock
Reply: Asses are things of beauty to me...
What sports should I do to get a fine ass? I want to do a team sport and make sure I get some girls on the way More
Posted by fitjock
Reply: Freeballing!
Place it where you like it the most. Down the left or right or up. Depends on your size. And most of...More
Posted by tylakeland

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Do you freeball?
I agree with Dave. You are worth being healthy and happy. If you don't feel you can talk to someone in person...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: What Gets a Rise out of You?
buddy.. if was to see you doing that.. . .I would nut all over the wall
Posted by texas7tl
Reply: Male family bonding
I use to go to a gym that the original model of Bowflex went to.. He would sit in the steam room , no towel on...More
Posted by texas7tl
Reply: Circle Jerk
This is definitely hot!!!
Posted by theone0221
Reply: Masturbation Corner: share anything to do with mas...
I'm 67 and retired for 10 years and I use to work shifts Occasionally, when driving home from midnight and...More
Posted by barefoot3us
Reply: The Jelq Exercise For Natural Penis Enlargement
Hi, Ive seen the discussions about Jelqing for the first time and noted that you provide sound advise to...More
Posted by pitzmyaki
Reply: Dildo
Keep trying and always use lots of lube. If you can hit your prostate you're going to love it. I have a...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: gym / locker room
Yes! I'm a guy, I'm competitive blah blah... I like to see what other are working with, and how I size up....More
Posted by An_257784
Reply: Should I shave?
It's all about what you want. I shave my testicles and base of penis because I don't want the hairs getting...More
Posted by An_257784
Reply: Fleshjack
I have one called the wet Pu**y, but its not as good as spit on di*k. I don't think anything is better than...More
Posted by An_257784
Reply: Perfect "Junk" Size
Mine is about 8 inches, quite thick but it curves a bit up. However, my big complain is the three inches...More
Posted by theone0221
Reply: watching family member
Yeah Im just doing what I normally do, but with my kids and its great to get out to do guy stuff. And being...More
Posted by marrmilguy
Reply: Physical
NO way could I have a exam with a female doc or female assistant..
Posted by texas7tl
Reply: Work Jerking
It's amazing when you're gooning out and in the zone. I swear it's almost an out of body experience if you do...More
Posted by buttfuzz
Reply: Father son behavior.
You have no reason to be embarrassed about being naked in front of each other and certainly no reason feel the...More
Posted by sun44
Reply: Nice Erection at Nude Yoga This Morning
Sounds like a great yoga class. I sure would like to learn how you found out about this class. I wonder if there...More
Posted by sun44
Reply: Erectile dysfunction
You should confirm your condition if it is ED or not by having a physical check up with your doctor. If...More
Posted by emmersonweyn123
Reply: Erection Time
It generally depends for every male. However for thos with ED this might be far more difficult than...More
Posted by adelestephensonguy
Reply: Walking in on my Son
LOL! His Dad sound real cool!! Was this at night at his house, were you both naked in his room or had it just...More
Posted by rob15lov
Reply: Underwear Question
Ok, so if I am at work.... it's a pair of dress slacks..... anywhere from Docker type pants to pants made out...More
Posted by stev1022
Reply: Condoms in Fridge
Watch that your condoms don't become brittle when cold and break. That could cause major problems for you.
Posted by Anon_1131
Condoms in Fridge
Want to buy a pack of condoms. My room can get kind of hot when I leave. Should I leave them in the fridge?...More
Posted by bulls235
castration as a sexual turn on
I have amoung other fantasies the desire to be castrated, physically having my genitals removed. This has...More
Posted by tonixian
Reply: Chemical Castration
Your first start is with your general physician. From your share I figure you don't have one. You should seek...More
Posted by tonixian
Reply: I cum after 1 min! Help!
Play with yourself like 15 min, before you have sex with your girlfriend. You'll last much longer the...More
Posted by davidjones1985
Reply: Favourite Porn site or star?
I used to be a fan of Jenna Jameson, but these days I don't really have a favorite one. I usually just...More
Posted by davidjones1985
Reply: Excessive Precum
Hey Aron. And there I was looking for some ways to increase the precum volume I make. LOL Wish there was...More
Posted by stinger7

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I am who I am, 45 man. slim, cowboy type of guy. Not into the gay scene. Just one who like the company of another guy. dudesnude, or realjock, or face...More

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Kindly help me
Dear Sir/Madam Iam suffering from below symptoms from past 4.5 yrs 1. After wake up from bed at early morning a. Slight shivering in ... More
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