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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.

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Reply: Fleshjack
Just got mine this weekend, wow!! It feels like a real mouth!! And I LOVE getting Sucked! ...More
Posted by cirrus173
Reply: Freeballing!
I love free balling in m sleep wear, especially during sleep overs. ...More
Posted by cirrus173

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Reply: Underwear Question
I'm wearing these today, except mine are black and red. ...More
Posted by cirrus173
Reply: Male family bonding
U already get a sneak peak! Lol! Still want more? j/k anyways, to be honest that's not me. That's my...More
Posted by cirrus173
Reply: Perfect "Junk" Size
What feeling? Lol sorry got lost.
Posted by cirrus173
Reply: Condoms in Fridge
Watch that your condoms don't become brittle when cold and break. That could cause major problems for you.
Posted by Anon_1131
Reply: Nice Erection at Nude Yoga This Morning
Gymrat44 - Well, I am envious of your class and all I can say is sign me up. Let us know how your next...More
Posted by brobostonmale
Condoms in Fridge
Want to buy a pack of condoms. My room can get kind of hot when I leave. Should I leave them in the fridge?...More
Posted by bulls235
Reply: Masturbation Corner: share anything to do with mas...
Good job on discovering it How old are you now? More experiences are welcome!More
Posted by fitjock
castration as a sexual turn on
I have amoung other fantasies the desire to be castrated, physically having my genitals removed. This has...More
Posted by tonixian
Reply: Chemical Castration
Your first start is with your general physician. From your share I figure you don't have one. You should seek...More
Posted by tonixian
Reply: I cum after 1 min! Help!
Play with yourself like 15 min, before you have sex with your girlfriend. You'll last much longer the...More
Posted by davidjones1985
Reply: Favourite Porn site or star?
I used to be a fan of Jenna Jameson, but these days I don't really have a favorite one. I usually just...More
Posted by davidjones1985
Reply: Work Jerking
I find it great that many people love to jerk as much as I do I'm in my teens... sooo where do you clean up...More
Posted by fitjock
Reply: Excessive Precum
Hey Aron. And there I was looking for some ways to increase the precum volume I make. LOL Wish there was...More
Posted by stinger7
Note to self -- and to my brothers
Please remember the next time you are cutting up hot chili peppers to WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY afterwards...More
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
Posted by gymrat44
Reply: The Jelq Exercise For Natural Penis Enlargement
exercise is one of the best option for penis enlargements. If any person did not getting long penis then...More
Posted by ryansmithgb
Reply: Erectile dysfunction
You could have the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. But you should not worry so much since there are...More
Posted by allyson12
Reply: Decrease in a mans sex drive with age
Basically, one of the reasons why a man losses his libido is due to sexual problems like ED. I can suggest...More
Posted by pinkpants78
Reply: Generic Viagra for Increase Men's Sexual Power
So far Viagra has been surpassed by other existing ED pills these days due to some side effects plus the...More
Posted by pinkpants78
Reply: Erection Time
This generally differs from one man to another... Howevr if you have certain sexual disorders like ED then...More
Posted by pinkpants78
Delayed Ejaculation Problem With Penile Implant
I wonder if anyone else who had a successful penile implant(mine was 7 years ago) has trouble ejaculating...More
Posted by An_255222
Reply: Public Masturbation
Seen a lot more of this in urinals and public restrooms lately. (Anyone else?)
Posted by rob15lov
Work Jerking
Been a fan of this site for years. I check in at least weekly to see if any new post are available. Thanks to...More
Posted by bud41
Reply: Married and fantasise about guys
I don't want to go out on a limb and tell you it is normal, but I don't think it is as uncommon as you may...More
Posted by Anon_880
Erection time???
Posted by Anon_1131

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  • Five to ten minutes
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Reply: married man likes sexual escapades with other male...
I think what "nature urges us to do" is getting farther and farther from what we are "able" to do (given society...More
Posted by askmk
what do you want to know?
Posted by socalvpdude

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  • Have sex with your partner.
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Reply: Your Body! Show us your progress and idols :)
No! I just want to get motivated and stuff. The second one is kinda weird... I'm saying that you should us your...More
Posted by fitjock

Spotlight: Member Stories

Married for 15 years, with one child. I am fascinated by breasts and vaginas, especially my hot wife's (she's still amazing and physically at...More

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Kindly help me
Dear Sir/Madam Iam suffering from below symptoms from past 4.5 yrs 1. After wake up from bed at early morning a. Slight shivering in ... More
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