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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.

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HELP! I have a couple of permeant bumps on the tip...
Hello, here is a little about me. [br>I am almost 26 years. [br>I am uncircumcised. [br>I've had...More
Posted by petrospain
Reply: Father son behavior.
nohard, I have known a few mothers that would bath their sons. Up till their senior year of high school after...More
Posted by An_262903
Reply: Phyisicale exam
Guy's which do you prefer? Stripping naked before the doctor enters the room. Or stripping / pulling your...More
Posted by An_262903
Reply: What Gets a Rise out of You?
I get a rise when i see redheads. I don't know why but it really make me horny. My wife is a blonde and...More
Posted by dennismgarcia
Reply: lost size no semen forgot this my penis is inverte...
Hi Try this link, and if you google inverted penis, the are some things from the UK's Chanel 4 on it. ...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: Favourite Porn site or star?
Nice man! Good pick! How's your physique going? Good enough to rival Ryan Rose or Darius Ferdynand? You should...More
Posted by fitjock
Reply: lost size no semen
Hi So from what your doctor has said about weight, have you gained 60 pounds then, they say for each 10 pounds...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: Cant maintain an erection ! HELP !
it's really normal nothing to worry you can try again next don't get to rush try to control your breath start...More
Posted by deline80
vyvanse shrunk my pennis?
hello ,well today my friend me to try some meds, i just found out that their vyvanse!! well my pennis got...More
Posted by iineedhelp
Reply: Problem with premature ejaculation. Can't seem to ...
To be able to stay in control you need to take your mind away from your penis - otherwise it won't take...More
The Sex Strategy Specialist at
Posted by jacqui_olliver
3 Best Exercises to Improve Sexual Function
Viagra doesn't provide a long term increase of blood flow and it can have some nasty side effects. Use...More
The Sex Strategy Specialist at
Posted by jacqui_olliver
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Reply: loss of penis sensitivity
You may have damaged some of your nerve endings which is leading to the loss of feeling. Using a good penis...More
Posted by seanhh
Reply: Walking in on my Son
I was in 5th grade when I had my first sleep over and went to my buddy's house for the weekend. His parents...More
Posted by cirrus173
Reply: watching family member
Great story there. Seeing another guy's erection does it every time. Sometimes it's great for men to share....More
Posted by exprzzionz
Reply: My husband had sex with other men
Hi Then miss out the first bit of my reply, above and carry on from the bottom. If you and you daughter leave...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: First BJ
Stpetebob, you around? My first .. Book store in Dallas.. Didn't know what the whole was for.. Kept watching...More
Posted by texas7tl
Reply: How many married guys have had sex with another gu...
Stpetebob...I tried your email but it's been deleted.. Texas7t
Posted by texas7tl
Reply: married man likes sexual escapades with other male...
No you are not alone.Your story sounds similar to mine.I worked with a man for 8 years( he is married has a...More
Posted by An_261916
Reply: Is this board dead?
Hi You just have to think with all these guys now getting married, there so much to do, hoover, do the washing,...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
My partner and I celebrate 27 years together this ...
Any other male/male couples been together for quite a while? It's not always been easy, but, it has been worth...More
Posted by mansman
Reply: What do the men think of women posting?
I hope you do, I think there would be interest in it from the female community. They deal with a lot of...More
Posted by exprzzionz
Reply: So confused
I agree brother , took the same words out if my mouth
Posted by oldman52
Reply: Married and struggling with my urges
If you love your wife as much as u say you do then it would be cheating no matter the sexual orientation. I feel...More
"Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing."
Posted by hpark3
Reply: Underwear Question
Posted by oldudetoyou
Reply: phimosis problem
My first question would be, do you get full retraction when flaccid? Assuming you do, hygiene should not be...More
Posted by An_261382
Reply: lingam mass\edging
Wear a comfortable cockring,one that squeezes your shaft without discomfort.The veins on your penis should...More
Posted by oldudetoyou
Finasteride affecting ejaculation
I am 38 year old male. I started to take propecia - finasteride 4 months ago. It seems to be working for the...More
Posted by An_261372
Reply: Penis Sensitivity
I think most penises get sensitive after orgasm but if you wait a while u should be good to go. are you not...More
Posted by hpark3

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I'm a GWM (gay white male) with a recently discovered meningioma (outside the brain cover) tumor.It is difficult to live with. I"m a retired ...More

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any body help me
Simple prescription male sexual desire, which I should be very short.For help please. More
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