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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.


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Bi gay striaght
Am I ? I've been trying g to define myself. I love women an attracted to wellendowed men. Reason I think...More
Posted by Cherrypol67
I must take 100mg of viagra for ed problem. After my lady friend and I get me hard, the erection is strong...More
Posted by smumba76may
I must take 100mg of viagra for ed problem. After my lady friend and I get me hard, the erection is strong...More
Posted by smumba76may
I must take 100mg of viagra for ed problem. After my lady friend and I get me hard, the erection is strong...More
Posted by smumba76may
Male Massage Edinburgh
Hi there, I am looking for good places to find gay male massage services in Edinburgh. There seems to be...More
Posted by starbs1
Are You Small Enough?
Based on my experience,If you want to get a bigger penis you have to take natural medicines without side...More
Posted by parvezalamsid
I am a healthy 44 years of age male who just recently divorced and realized that I no longer have pre cum. I...More
Posted by An_261965
Shame/anxiety over penis issues
Greetings~ This is my first posting on this forum- I just found this forum the other day. I am a 59 y/o married...More
Posted by snap309
Boner in the shower
Weather I'm in my own personal shower at home or in a public shower at the gym. I seem to always get excited...More
Posted by An_259241
Please help! Freaking out!!! Unable to orgasm !
Hi guys. I am an 18 year old male, and I have just had my ACL surgery on my right knee a few days ago. I was...More
Posted by birrman
I feel like i have too much pre-cum
I am a 25yr old male, i masturbate a lot, and i have a fair amount of sex. Everything i have read online...More
Posted by a1cmetalhead
HELP! I have a couple of permeant bumps on the tip...
Hello, here is a little about me. [br>I am almost 26 years. [br>I am uncircumcised. [br>I've had...More
Posted by petrospain
lost size no semen forgot this my penis is inverte...
along with the other i have l put on here my penis is inverted. meaning it goes all the way back inside me.i...More
Posted by dwm3958
vyvanse shrunk my pennis?
hello ,well today my friend me to try some meds, i just found out that their vyvanse!! well my pennis got...More
Posted by iineedhelp
lost size no semen
Posted by dwm3958
Phyisicale exam
Hi my name is Cory I have go to my docter for a phyisical exam. I'm wondering if striping down to my...More
Posted by An_262556
My husband had sex with other men
Last week I just found out that my husband was having sex with other men for the last 6 years. He admitted...More
Posted by An_261816
My partner and I celebrate 27 years together this ...
Any other male/male couples been together for quite a while? It's not always been easy, but, it has been worth...More
Posted by mansman
What do the men think of women posting?
What do the men on the board think about women posting? Do you feel that they should or shouldn't? I thought...More
Posted by An_259795
Problem with premature ejaculation. Can't seem to ...
Im not the most experienced with the opposite sex but im comfortable with woman. I don't understand why I can't...More
Posted by hpark3
Finasteride affecting ejaculation
I am 38 year old male. I started to take propecia - finasteride 4 months ago. It seems to be working for the...More
Posted by An_261372
Cant maintain an erection ! HELP !
Good day everyone,first of all excuse my english,I am not a native english speaker. This is my story, Im 22...More
Posted by derekjook
lingam mass\edging
for the last month or so I've been doing a self lingam massage\edging with warm oil to help recoup time and...More
Posted by rickro
Married and Met A Guy - Its Getting Serious
I am married and recently met a guy on a business trip who casually blew me after meeting online. This...More
Posted by An_260926
Medical dependability of Sildenafil Citrate
Knowing Sildenafil Citrate Sildenafil Citrate was discovered initially by Nicholas Terrett, Andrew Bell and...More
Posted by simoncutt
Penis Sensitivity
After having oral sex with my partner and having a happy ending. The tip of my penis is very sensitive. I...More
Posted by qababy54
ok, so i've been experiencing weird things going on with my penis, im 20 years old and getting and...More
Posted by An_260725
touched while sleeping
I have a friend who I get along with well generally. However, recently something happened that has changed...More
Posted by An_260680
How many of you were spanked as children or teens?
How many of you were raised in families where you were spanked or paddled as children or teens? Would you say...More
Posted by An_259795

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58 year old male married for 38 years to the same wonderful woman I met in high school. No children. Have four legged children. 1 boxer, 2 cats. Very ...More

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any body help me
Simple prescription male sexual desire, which I should be very short.For help please. More
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