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Reply: 100 % Straight or Homosexual
HD, I saw this as a one sided survey and skipped it too. We all have grey areas where we...More
Posted by jrocker85
Cut/Uncut -How do you feel about your penis?
I often wonder what it would be like if my foreskin was never removed. I didn't give it...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: I have gay urges....
It's a small world and you don't know how small until you do something like that, I...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: Ning or Yahoo
There were groups but these are no longer active sites. I think it was MSI or something...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: Exhibitionism
I love being trimmed and shaved but have to admit that there is a comfort cost for me, So...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: Public Masturbation
I just participated and I'm very much relieved now, I have had a back-up for quite some...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: Toys? Props? Etc? Anyone have a favorite? Or some...
I have a gel 'figure 8" that you insert the penis in one hole balls in the other with a...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: A guy checking me out
It wasn't me unless you were the guy at the KoP Ballys that had a hard-on it was too hard...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: annual check up
This exam should be as commom as a blood and urine test, I have annuals and so far have...More
Posted by jrocker85
Reply: Manscaping...
Hairy D. It was an at home laides waxing kit. My wife put something in the microwave and...More
Posted by jrocker85