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Joined: 12/14/2011
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I am a straight, happily married with kids, liberated male with an appreciation of beautiful women and all they represent, and who also has an appreciation for the beautiful male body and all the pleasure it can provide. I appreciate all the honest stories being expressed by many on this board which proves that sexuality is a continuum, and most people do not fit into the boxes forced on us in this homophobic, puritanical American culture. I've had enough of a truthfully honest look at myself to know I don't fit into the boxes either, but I am "almost" inside the straight box. Never had sex with a man and don't plan to either, but I certainly won't have some puritanical right wing culture dictate what should and should not turn me on.

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Dear MrCounsel: Fact: your post is not helpful at all to anyone because it is...More
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