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Joined: 10/28/2012
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I am a 44 year old lawyer from Pretoria, capital of South Africa. Been in a steady relationship for ever with 2 adopted daughters (my wife's kids). I am a Criminal Law specialist and love my work, all be it extremely taxing and hard. Love guys as well, but do not f***k around! Am faithful. Love this site! Can finally talk about issues which have chased and haunted me for many years!

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Reply: Cut/Uncut -How do you feel about your penis?
Absolutely love being cut - cleaner and you last longer during intercourse!
Posted by tallguy
Nicest place to masturbate
Where and when do you guys feel most comfortable and turned-on to masturbate?
Posted by tallguy
Reply: circumcised or not
Hi ASM! You still around?More
Posted by tallguy
Reply: Whats normal testicle size ?
Hi Greg, Still around? From RSA. You sound like quite an expert, thus want to ask you...More
Posted by tallguy