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Joined: 02/24/2013
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I was born and lived in a very small town called Durant for 6 years.. This is in the state of Oklahome, and my family on both side were staunch southerners from Arkansas and Alabama. My dad went to SF California to work in the shipyard and we followed after 6 months. That's when I started ,though not right away, being interested in the male penis. It was my mother's divorced from my alcoholic dad that we were put in a foster home for two years. This was a Spainish speaking home that abused us both physically and mentally. While there, I was molested by a jr. high boy that was in the home for 6months. All this trauma made me think about a God that could help if I went looking for HIM. Afterwards we were put back with my mother and her new husband who grew up with his farming family in Enid Ok. It was there with my parents that I went to a baptish church and ask for Jesus to enter my heart.. My parents did not go to church because back home in that old country church of God my mother attended she was hurt my a person who challenged her Chrisitanity.

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