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Married w/ kids. I love being an exhibitionist and love to read thru and post on men's sexual issues.

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Reply: I'm wondering what's next
Did you enjoy him doing this and want him to do it again? I'm assuming he enjoyed it since he...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: shooter or oozer
I am somewhere in between. I shoot, just not too far. The most I remember in recent history...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: Ow! Pubic hair grooming injuries on the rise, rese...
I've been shaving it for years w/out incident. Nair type products can burn (especially your...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: Asses are things of beauty to me...
yea, a nice plump athletic ass is always great to see. Women generally are not hairy, so I am...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: Erection at the Doctor's office
Well I've heard of some guys who get embarassed because they get "shrinkage" when they go to...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: Underwear Question
I usually wear lowerise CKs. They fit great, keep everything in place and look good too! I'll...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: question about using the sauna after the gym
I mostly go to the LAF in S. Miami. There is usually something going on in the sauna or...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: What happened to the Man to Man Topics board?
I was just there and it is still in my list of communities. Here is the link: ...More
Posted by gq12
Reply: i may be jealous...what can i do to get over this ...
it would be much easier to comment/respond if you would just say "I am a straight male", "I am...More
Posted by gq12