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Reply: Severe Headaches with Bowel Movements
I had the same problems, turned out it was the amyltriptilene I was taking. Since I stopped taking it I have...More
Posted by nikki32a
Reply: headaches only when breathe through right nostril
The remaining monthly headache could respond to my over-the-counter drug, Migralex, which works well for...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Please help me understand this weird symptom list ...
Seeing a doctor ASAP is a good idea. Sinus infection is a likely cause, but magnesium deficiency and...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Headaches
I am obviously biased since I developed this medicine, but Migralex in fact is the one I would recommend...More
Posted by nyheadache
Headache meds
I like Ibuprofin
Posted by An_262134
Reply: Headches every day
Your headaches are called chronic migraines with medication overuse headaches (due to caffeine). Caffeine in...More
Posted by nyheadache
I am a nurse working with stressful providers, patients and coworkers. I have chronic migraines/ha's. I've...More
Posted by yaggievonne
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Reply: Migraine head ache from braces ?
Yes, braces can definitely cause headaches and the only way to find out is to take them off for a couple of...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: bad pain in left side of my head
Whenever a new type of headache or pain appears you should always see a doctor. He may order an MRI scan and...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Migraines
Botox prevents migraines, so it relieves not only pain, but also all the otehr associated symptoms. It is...More
Posted by nyheadache
11 year old son with chronic migraines / headachea...
My son used to have migraines and we seem to have gotten then under control with ciproheptadine. ...More
Reply: Viral Cephalgia? (Severe Headaches) - Urgent Help ...
Yes, he may be having a spinal tap headache, which is also called low CSF pressure headache. The cure for it...More
Posted by nyheadache
Brain pressure followed my massive nose bleeds
I run a large animal Rescue and passed out one day getting stalls ready for incoming storms, I was out for 2...More
Posted by bellas57
Includes Expert Content
Reply: It feels like my brain is moving when I jump. Any ...
Well as you can see I suggested intracranial hypotension (spinal csf leak) as a possible cause for this earlier...More
Posted by svenne
MRI results, I went for bad headaches...
Can someone help me with my husbands results, We cannot see my doctor for while. It reads.. IMPRESSION:...More
Posted by An_261798
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Reply: Head pain/pressure from sneezing, coughing or laug...
Hello, one year on is this treatment still successful?
Posted by nigelhj7
When i feel a migraine coming on, i lay down in a dark room with light off
Posted by An_261974
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Working for me
Just wanted to drop by and comment - I've had similar migraines - continuous for the last 2 months horrible in...More
Posted by mqu11
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Reply: Migraines and ulcers.
Do your symptoms seem to be improving at all? I hope that you are feeling at least a little better!
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: My daughter has headaches like I do
Hello, Please just leave a message since the poll is not very clear to anyone. Thanks, meaningfulc1952More
Posted by meaningfulc1952

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Reply: migraine with vision loss
These visual symptoms are called migraine aura. Aura occurs in about 20% of migraine sufferers. One reason...More
Posted by nyheadache
Ice Pack for Migraines and Headaches
Hi - I've had migraines and headaches since childhood. My mom always used to make a bag of ice for me and...More
Posted by headachehat
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migraines & headaches
I find that if I have a migraine if possible go to bed turn all lights off so it will be as dark as I can...More
Posted by brandy1203
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Reply: Migraine - start while sleeping
yes, i hate this migrane too. they are traitor and will attack when you are not expected it. Even though you...More
Posted by demissio
Reply: Is this really migraines?
I have migraines about 2 week and have been on Topamax for a while now. But, honestly, I would not...More
Posted by demissio
Topamax vs Zonisamide
I have been taking Topamax now for over 3 1/2 yrs with great results for my migraines. But since last...More
Posted by prayersngrace
Reply: Pain control is way out of whack - what would you ...
I wish I had a super-clear answer, but I'm just writing to offer some support. I sympathize and...More
Posted by jadeopaliris
Reply: Migraine Diary
Hi there. Two different doctors of mine recommended I keep a migraine diary, but 2 different ways. The...More
Posted by jadeopaliris
Reply: Glucose levels and fruit
This isn't very helpful on a migraine board. Cheese and nuts are triggers for many of us, but thanks anyway.
Posted by rosielou
Reply: No relief. HELP.
This is just a suggestion. It may be that you've been overmedicated with drugs that aren't useful for...More
Posted by frozenface

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Migraine Prevention MedicationsExpert
Which medications work for migraine prevention? This question comes up all the time, so I've made a list of some of the medications we use ... More
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