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Reply: Head pain/pressure from sneezing, coughing or laug...
5 years ago you posted this headache response......and it seems i am aquiring these same symptoms.......what...More
Posted by singslo
One sided migraines change
I have had migraines since I was 17 and am now 58. They have always bbeen on the right side. Just a few weeks...More
Posted by cindyt58
Reply: Don't know what's causing these headaches
Hi racergirl, Have you been seeing a doctor since 2013? Are you on any medication, the tingling in your...More
Posted by rosielou
new here
Hello all. Grateful to have found this board. I am a lifelong migraine sufferer but my condition has...More
Posted by headacheoverload
Yes, all those are pain symptoms of migraines. Please turn off your caps lock when writing in this forum....More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: alleve
Posted by Anon_10033
Reply: severe head and neck pain everyday
Also my Neuro hasn't gave me any medsbto help I go to bed with headache I wake up with one about...More
Posted by mommyoffive14117
Reply: Head vibrations
I feel like I have those too. Are yours more like pulsating or like hearing your heartbeat in your head?
Posted by racergirl5
Reply: Chronic noisy headache
And what exactly might that proper medication be? I don't mean to be abrupt or rude, Compoundia, but I've been...More
Posted by carton
Reply: Dizziness continues after worse headache ever
Thank you for your response. I did see my primary care physician three weeks ago. My optic nerve was fine and a...More
Posted by tmw148
migraine with bowl movement
have searched this subject but most recent post about it was 3 years ago. History, never had a migraine before...More
Posted by wb2015
Reply: Constant Headache & Nose Twitching
Hi Taylor, Did you ever figure out what was going on with this? I have had a headache for days and the...More
Posted by kmurphy1978
Reply: Persistent Migraine W/Flu Symptoms
I certainly hope by now your wife has gotten the relief she so desperately needed. I just wanted to add...More
Posted by Anon_10033
Trying to find Ocular Migraine community
and information on whether others have ocular migraine auras alternate eyes. thanks, ms
Posted by fedupgud
Generic Topamax
I was on topiramate for migraine prevention, starting out on half a tablet for the first week. One day...More
Posted by debburrington
Generic Topamax
I was on topiramate for migraine prevention, starting out on half a tablet for the first week. One day...More
Posted by debburrington
Reply: Occipital Neuralgia?
Treatments for occipital neuralgia are unpredictable. With nerve blocks, the steroid starts working in about...More
Posted by cybermom67
Reply: Chiari
Hi, I am an RN. You can go two ways. Disruption of the pain pathways either by a neurotransmitter device,...More
Posted by havaneselover

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My daughter was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation at a young age which required 2 surgeries. She lives in pain daily. My question is there any exercises or options other than medications that could eleviate the pain ?
Topamax and Memory Supplements
Posted by shairo

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Does anyone take Topamax (Topiramate) for Migraines and using memory supplements? I just want to know if it's safe to mix, because I have noticed it affects my memory, which is one of Topamax side effects.

Thank you.
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Reply: Quick sharp pains on right side of head
Hi, The only thing that comes to mind are the ice pick types of migraines. Why don't you look them up and...More
Posted by rosielou
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Reply: Shingles and Headaches
Have you found anything out? Its 11/1/14 I just spent a week in the hospital with my wife. She has had...More
Posted by shinglezsuck
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Shingles and Headaches
My wife has had shingles for over 4 years and she has had a migraine for 7 days. Spent 6 days at the...More
Posted by shinglezsuck
Reply: 4 Year Dull Headache
even i use to have head ache every time when i think more about any issue . when i'm busy in work also
Posted by dermecure
Reply: Migraines in the middle of the night
Hi. I am plagued by headaches after about 3 hrs of sleep. I bought a special pillow to keep my spine in perfect...More
Posted by mondk
Migraine For over 48 hours!
Hi, I have had migraines most of my life but never very often. Tuesday afternoon a migraine started. I took...More
Posted by jack5613
Reply: Constant light headache for 3 months and post nasa...
Thanks Kris for your reply! I'm happy that you find the cause of your headaches so you know what to do! I...More
Posted by bimmer85
Thunder clap
My husband has been to the best dr's around our area , and they still dont know what is going on , started 6...More
Posted by japanmom
Reply: Help plz
Oh my, you poor dear. You need to see a doc. If no insurance get to the ER. Good luck. gp
Posted by ginpene
I've had my retainer on now for about 4 months mig...
After suffering from headaches in the middle of the night (I wear my retainer when I sleep) for almost 3...More
Posted by lifesthebeach
A good read for overall migraine conditions More
Posted by mrsbio
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Migraine Prevention MedicationsExpert
Which medications work for migraine prevention? This question comes up all the time, so I've made a list of some of the medications we use ... More
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