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Reply: 5 year old has persistent vomiting and headache wh...
My 14 year old niece has been suffering with migraines since she was 18 months old. Unfortunately, they are...More
Posted by joanne2554
Reply: Feeling Faint, NuvaRing
Did you ever determine what was going on with you? I've suffered with the same condition for years and I...More
Posted by hayleygoodman
Reply: Botox treatments for Chronic Migrainnes
I have had migraines since 2009 when I had an ablation done for heavy bleeding. Went to several neurologists no...More
Posted by jlatta

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Anyone had experience with Botox treatments for Chronic Migraines?
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  • If not, what works good for you?
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Reply: Migraine & Hysterectomy
Ask your doctor for prescription of max-alt melts and fioricet. They are the only thing that helps my migraines...More
Posted by jlatta
Reply: Headache due to Gas and indigestion
Please see my reply to this post to see if it could possibly help you as well. I hope you find relief soon.
Posted by ohsoluvlee1
Reply: amitriptyline and weight gain
So glad to read ur post, I increased from 25mg to 75mg and I cannot see my feet. I've always been a size 12/14...More
Posted by mar11040
Reply: migraines causing slurred speech
Hi. I have something called Migraine Equivalent. No pain, but I suddenly either stutter or slur or can't speak...More
Posted by ginpene
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Reply: Shingles and Headaches
I have the same inquiry. I had one episode of shingles without the blistering and just a light rash from my...More
Posted by An_263945
Reply: Chronic Daily Headache
Botox is safer than any medicine you take by mouth and I've been injecting for headaches for over 20 years....More
Posted by nyheadache
I felt my brain jiggling in my head.
I was sitting down watching TV and when I got up, I felt my brain shaking in my skull. This is the weirdest...More
Posted by bionerd
When i feel a migraine coming on i lay in a dark cool room with a wet washclothe on my face.
Posted by An_263875
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place a cool/warm compress on your forehead
Posted by patricia24554
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Reply: Tension Headaches
Hi sukie1, This slideshow has some good suggestions on how to treat tension headache pain -- I'm sure...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Adipex-P for Migraine Control
Posted by bjam95
Reply: oxycodone for my headaches
Hi Romero, I totally get where you are coming from. I have never been into pills either. I have been...More
Posted by An_254949
Reply: Migraines and the Full Moon
I get migraines during full moons. I know when the moon is on the rise before I check the moon charts.
Posted by undefined
Facial Pain When Sleeping On Stomach
I am a 25 year old male and I am a stomach sleeper. For the strangest reason I have to alternate between...More
Posted by pinkfloyd90
Reply: headache..pressure behind eyes
Sounds like tension headache to me.
Posted by sukie1
Reply: Hope for Migraine Sufferers
I would stay away from butterbur because it can cause liver and other problems. Feverfew is perfectly safe...More
Posted by nyheadache

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Would you commit to taking natural supplements DAILY, if it help prevent migraines from happening?
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  • No, I'd rather take a pill that stops pain when I get a migraine.
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Reply: Natural headach relief
I would also add magnesium since half of migraine sufferers are deficient. Boswellia and feverfew can also...More
Posted by nyheadache
Pain 24/7 disability
I am 30 years old, and have been suffering from migraines for about 20 years. As a child, the migraines...More
Posted by crimsonrunnel
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Reply: Head pain/pressure from sneezing, coughing or laug...
What exactly is chiari malformation? I have been experiencing this same thing since November of 2014. The...More
Posted by jocrobles
turnoff lights and lay down in a dark room helps.
Posted by patricia24554
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The Migraine Cure - The Dzugan Method
Has anyone read The Migraine Cure by Dr. Sergey Dzugan? In it he claims that in the course of treating cancer...More
Posted by jodiannz
Reply: Daily Migraines
Hi, I have been suffering with CDM (chronic daily migraine) for 6 years now. I see an acupuncturist at least...More
Posted by jodiannz
Reply: First migraine
Dear Helpmedecide, I feel for you! I have had chronic daily migraine for 6 years, and when I say daily,...More
Posted by jodiannz
Reply: Can a person get shingles more than once
Most of the time if you've had shingles once you probably won't get it again, but in some cases it can come...More
Posted by atti_editor
Headaches from allergys
Posted by An_259704
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Reply: Strobes from painless migraines
Yes, there is treatment for migraine aura, or what you call strobes. We usually start with a magnesium...More
Posted by nyheadache

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My Dr. has me on Gabapentin 300 mg - 1 capsule three times a day. It was working great until my sister got sick and then passed away. Due ... More
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