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Help plz
Help ! Last few nights I've been getting the worst headaches of my life!! Always around 2am straight thru my...More
Posted by melllll
A good read for overall migraine conditions More
Posted by mrsbio
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Reply: Migraine - start while sleeping
Hi! I'd like to ask what exactly did the CT scan show on the right area of your brain? I sort of constantly also...More
Posted by mrsbio
Reply: Constant light headache for 3 months and post nasa...
Hi, I wouldn't hop from one doctor to another. At least not just yet. Sometimes it takes more than one...More
Posted by An_259782
Reply: Migraine
Absolutely! Most people think 'oh, a headache, wow'... there is nothing that compares to migraine pain....More
Posted by rosemirrors6
Migraine triggered by alcohol
I have noticed that only 1 small glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage will trigger a migraine the next...More
Posted by An_259731
Reply: Migraine with aura
I've had the same aura episodes. My Dr. said they are optical migraines; they may or may not have pain; treat...More
Posted by pj217
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Reply: Colloid cyst headache?
Have you had any other doctors look at this or are you still treating. Have you had any MRI's since 2005?
Posted by thesnowangels
Headaches that wake me up
Hello everyone! I have a question about headaches that wake me up more than once during the night. I'm 34...More
Posted by shirley_ward
Reply: Chronic Migraine
Hi there and thanks for your response. I am so sorry to hear of your migraine pain. Only another migraine...More
Posted by rosemirrors6
Reply: 24/7 headache for 10 years plz help
I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend rain soul!!!! It instantly hits the blood stream and will start working! It...More
Posted by An_259594
Headache Tip
I've had chronic migraines for about 3-5 years now. Prescription drugs do help sometimes, but they mainly...More
Posted by An_259586
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Reply: Occipital pain
Yes !! I have had chronic Headaches for about 9 years now.When I first started getting the headaches it wasn't...More
Posted by webelnv
Reply: People just don't understand
My husband has always had migraines (about 1-3 year) and I was the person that said just take some...More
Posted by MMAlexander
Reply: Question
Hi Paula79673, This news article from a while back says that a study found the risk of painful headaches...More
Posted by atti_editor
Cold medication relieve for migraine
I have suffered daily migraines/headaches for over 25 years and commonly in my youth. A phenomena that I...More
Posted by An_259534
Reply: AC and Massive Headaches!!
Thank you so much! I will for sure try the fleece cap.More
Posted by 2morewaves
Reply: Am I alone in this?
Have you seen a neurologist specializing in headaches/migraines? There are a lot of good treatments that might...More
Posted by rosielou
Need Suggestions.
Hi All, im having migraine from last 4 years but now a days it gets triggered due to sweat in head, and it is...More
Posted by An_259514
Reply: headache
Yes I have used a combination of benydryl and tylenol and it helps sometimes
Posted by trolleyswife
Reversible cerebral vasospastic syndrome
Hello. One day during exercise(weight training) I experienced th worst headache of my life. After medical...More
Posted by nader093
Reply: crippling migrane unknown cause
that is a good idea. I will definitely be bringing it up to her doctor. since my post we had gone to the ER....More
Posted by tarron777
Temporal pain
I have been sick for five days now, with what is believed to be coryza. While I had my cold I took alka seltzer...More
Posted by sunbumm
4 Year Dull Headache
I have had a dull headache off and on for 4 years now on the left side of the back of my head. It varies in...More
Posted by scott12345
Thunder clap headache
My husband has just been diagnosed with ThunderClap Headache. They have not toldus what caused or what...More
Posted by crystalabunny
Reply: Headaches everyday for a year and weight loss
Hi,Tyler. I think that unexplained weight loss is always worth a good work up, especially in an otherwise...More
Posted by ginpene
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Reply: It feels like my brain is moving when I jump. Any ...
I suffer from mitral valve prolapse in the left ventricle thus having irregular heartbeats and using...More
Posted by ghanim94
Pain relief for migranes just out of reach...
Hello, I have a huge past with migraines. I have gone to many doctors ever since I started getting them in...More
Posted by An_259357
Reply: Migraine Exercise Trigger
You should read this More
Posted by jacobedward02
Strange Daily Headaches
I have been down a long road w/ headaches. Diagnosed with migraines in the past, but then got a handle...More
Posted by floatingspirit

Helpful Tips

I am a healthy 13 year old male and I have recently been having had pains. For the last 6 months i had intense head pain. I head random ... More
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