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Reply: Migraine - start while sleeping
Hi your symptoms mirror my own and I have been having them for years. Mine have progressed now to include...More
Posted by mariella54
Reply: Headaches since orthodontic braces?
My daughter starting getting headaches a month after her braces were put on. They seem to be effecting her...More
Posted by 3shelley
Reply: Excedrin Migraine
Actually, because it contains a large amount of caffeine, Excedrin can make headaches worse.
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: headache hell
Try taking magnesium glycinate, 400 mg daily, along with B complex vitamins, and also talk to your doctor...More
Posted by nyheadache
Reply: Sumatriptan and kidney disease
I too have had migraines for over 4 years now and have been taking imitrex (sumitriptan) 4-8 times a month for...More
Posted by srmlarry
Pain control is way out of whack - what would you ...
So, I have tried everything, and I mean everything, conventional migraine meds like Imitrex, treximet,...More
Posted by purityspring
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Reply: Migraine during sex
I have been diagnosed with Intramedullary Spinal Cord tumor in Nov 2014. Neurosurgeon have advised wait and...More
Posted by rm1976
Spinal Cord Tumor (C7 - T1) and Headaches
I have been diagnosed with Intramedullary Spinal Cord tumor in Nov 2014. Neurosurgeon have advised wait and...More
Posted by An_261398
Reply: what should i do about daily headaches?
Here is a partial list of treatments to consider and discuss with your doctor: Regular aerobic...More
Posted by nyheadache
I am a long time chronic migraine sufferer. I have been through the gammit of treatments from...More
Posted by purityspring
My daughter was hit by a car on February 22, 1995 it is going to be 20 years this month.She had major...More
Posted by triplespallet
Reply: Headaches From Somebody Locking Eyes With Someone
I totally know the "feeling" you are talking about.. Its weird..I call it a "HARD" headache...
Posted by christi35757wilson
Reply: migraines
Go to another doctor, there is no reason you should be treated like that. Migraine meds aren't narcotics. ...More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: Ceiling fans and headaches
HI, I know this sounds crazy but I had a ceiling fan installed in the room I sleep in 3 days ago. I have been...More
Posted by terry213
Reply: Chronic headache/pressure/ear fluid
I know this is a long shot, since this thread is so old... but I'm hoping you figured out what was wrong? I...More
Posted by mmarsh8806
Reply: oxycodone for my headaches
Hi I am lynette, and guess what we are in the very same boat, and so are my son and daughter. Tgis isnt a...More
Posted by shantle66
Study Rates Migraine Medications
"The best medications to use if you suffer migraine headaches are listed in a new study. Researchers...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: The never-ending migraine
I can relate & wish I had an answer for you and for me. Have been on every migraine "preventative"...More
Posted by elfowl
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Reply: Post Concussion Headaches
Hello, I had a similar problem. And I tried all the treatments that your husband tried. The thing that...More
Posted by patricia777
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Reply: Head pain/pressure from sneezing, coughing or laug...
5 years ago you posted this headache response......and it seems i am aquiring these same symptoms.......what...More
Posted by singslo
One sided migraines change
I have had migraines since I was 17 and am now 58. They have always bbeen on the right side. Just a few weeks...More
Posted by cindyt58
Reply: Don't know what's causing these headaches
Hi racergirl, Have you been seeing a doctor since 2013? Are you on any medication, the tingling in your...More
Posted by rosielou
new here
Hello all. Grateful to have found this board. I am a lifelong migraine sufferer but my condition has...More
Posted by headacheoverload
Yes, all those are pain symptoms of migraines. Please turn off your caps lock when writing in this forum....More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: alleve
Posted by Anon_10033
Reply: severe head and neck pain everyday
Also my Neuro hasn't gave me any medsbto help I go to bed with headache I wake up with one about...More
Posted by mommyoffive14117
Reply: Head vibrations
I feel like I have those too. Are yours more like pulsating or like hearing your heartbeat in your head?
Posted by racergirl5
Reply: Chronic noisy headache
And what exactly might that proper medication be? I don't mean to be abrupt or rude, Compoundia, but I've been...More
Posted by carton
Reply: Dizziness continues after worse headache ever
Thank you for your response. I did see my primary care physician three weeks ago. My optic nerve was fine and a...More
Posted by tmw148
migraine with bowl movement
have searched this subject but most recent post about it was 3 years ago. History, never had a migraine before...More
Posted by wb2015

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