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Botox treatments for Chronic Migrainnes
Any had Botox treatments for Chronic Migraines? I've had two. The first no reactions except my head felt too...More
Posted by An_262973

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Anyone had experience with Botox treatments for Chronic Migraines?
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Terrible headache on the front around the eyes up ...
Hello, I have a terrible headache today, right now, that occurs on the front area around the eyes up to the top...More
Posted by x86_64
Constant Headache for 6 years!
I am 41 and I have had a constant headache for every moment of the last 6 years! The only time I have not had...More
Posted by csuitor
Anyone tried Essential Oils?
I have been off my migraine medication for about 2 months now. In its place I have been using Peppermint...More
Posted by clairenicole
Severe headache after auto accident
My daughter was involved in an auto accident, due to low blood sugars. Registered 19 at scene. She was...More
Posted by An_262789
Severe headache after auto accident
My daughter was involved in an auto accident, due to low blood sugars. Registered 19 at scene. She was...More
Posted by An_262789
I have had a headache for a few days that makes it uncomfortable to turn my head or bend down. The pain is...More
Posted by An_262785
Could someone please help me. I am wondering if one muscle relaxer or sumatriptan (migraine med} could...More
Posted by chasitykaye12
Has anyone had any teeth extracted ? I have pain that radiates from my upper gums through my nose and forehead....More
Posted by gem435
Hello from FL
Hi everyone.My name is Dianne and I have been a migraine sufferer since the age of 21,I am 52.My headaches...More
Posted by issysmema
migraines and horseback riding
started riding lessons last week after a 3 year hiatus (due to me being ill and then 2 dogs that i had...More
Posted by pammygamherst
migraines and Cefaly
Has anyone tried the cefaly device and had luck? I have heard that is works, but of course that is just...More
Posted by QueenAmy8448
Same thing
I am reading all of these posts and I have the same problem with the pain when I sneeze, cough, laugh and bend...More
Posted by gem435
Chiropractor's And Migraines?
Can a Chiropractor cure Migraines? My 92 year old great grandmother had migraines for 7 years and said that's...More
Posted by An_261879
Chronic Migraines
Been suffering from migraines for years now. Any new medications out there?
Posted by An_262504
Chronic Migraines for over 20 years & also mentall...
Hello, I am a 40 year female diagnosed with chronic migraines for over 20 years, and then my mental health...More
Posted by sweetmalis
Ice Pick Headaches?
Hi, I've had severe complex migraines in the past, but they have been under control for the most part for...More
Posted by baylorcrew
Rebound Headache and Neck Pain
My question is twofold: First, I read that one shouldn't take pain medicine for more than 10 days in a row or...More
Posted by bethev
Migranes after eating food high in nitrates
Are there certain foods to avoid as I get migranes after eating foods high in nitrates?
Posted by kenya_khan
everyday nonstop headaches
I am 30 now, asian. Married with 2 beautiful kids. I started having these headaches few years ago. It was...More
Posted by ceekay27
Please help me. Bizarre headaches!
I am an 18 year old healthy male. A few months ago, I started getting very slight random headaches...More
Posted by anonymous35976
Headache meds
I like Ibuprofin
Posted by An_262134
Please help me understand this weird symptom list ...
Hi, I have been having different combinations of these symptoms for a few weeks now. The symptoms have been...More
Posted by An_262131
What is the best over the counter for headaches?
Posted by An_258352
11 year old son with chronic migraines / headachea...
My son used to have migraines and we seem to have gotten then under control with ciproheptadine. ...More
bad pain in left side of my head
So I'm 18 years old I've suffered with migraines since I got pregnant with my son. My son is now 3 and I'm...More
Posted by An_262100
Headches every day
I'm a 36 year old male and for the past 4 years or so I get headches almost on a daily basis. They always...More
Posted by darkstarsol
Migraine head ache from braces ?
I am a 30 year old female. I had braces when I was 15 and never had this pain in my head. I got these on in...More
Posted by An_262084
Viral Cephalgia? (Severe Headaches) - Urgent Help ...
My husband has been having severe headaches for 6 days. He never gets headaches and is rarely ever ill....More
Posted by girliegirl1503
Brain pressure followed my massive nose bleeds
I run a large animal Rescue and passed out one day getting stalls ready for incoming storms, I was out for 2...More
Posted by bellas57

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Botox for Headaches FDA approvedExpert
Many of you have heard that Botox (botulinum toxin) has been approved by the FDA for chronic daily headaches or migraines. Chronic daily ... More
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