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Topamax vs Zonisamide
I have been taking Topamax now for over 3 1/2 yrs with great results for my migraines. But since last...More
Posted by prayersngrace
Is this really migraines?
I started getting headaches when I was about 16. My first headache lasted 8 months. My dad took my to a...More
Posted by ravisante
Migraine Diary
Does anyone keep a diary on when they get migraines? What kind of information do you track and has it helped?
Posted by An_261743
chronic migraines
I was involved in a major car accident 2011 which resulted in the back of head hitting the centre pillar( I...More
Posted by An_261719
No relief. HELP.
I'm a teenager and have had the same disabling migraine for 13 days. I've seen my primary doctor twice and...More
Posted by brienwest
headache hell
I have been getting horrible migraines for a long time. I have tried so many different headache medicines...More
Posted by taychibears
Pain control is way out of whack - what would you ...
So, I have tried everything, and I mean everything, conventional migraine meds like Imitrex, treximet,...More
Posted by purityspring
Spinal Cord Tumor (C7 - T1) and Headaches
I have been diagnosed with Intramedullary Spinal Cord tumor in Nov 2014. Neurosurgeon have advised wait and...More
Posted by An_261398
Excedrin Migraine
Does Excedrin Migraine provide relief to most sufferes?
Posted by An_259180
what should i do about daily headaches?
ive had headaches since i was young almost daily what can i do? bp is normal. i drink plenty of fluids and...More
Posted by An_259591
I am a long time chronic migraine sufferer. I have been through the gammit of treatments from...More
Posted by purityspring
My daughter was hit by a car on February 22, 1995 it is going to be 20 years this month.She had major...More
Posted by triplespallet
I get horrible headaches/migraines that feel like I am being choked out or not getting blood to my brain. I...More
Posted by kellicali
Headaches From Somebody Locking Eyes With Someone
I am trying to figure out why this is happening to me, but I haven't found any name for this. I have only...More
Posted by akaboy123
One sided migraines change
I have had migraines since I was 17 and am now 58. They have always bbeen on the right side. Just a few weeks...More
Posted by cindyt58
new here
Hello all. Grateful to have found this board. I am a lifelong migraine sufferer but my condition has...More
Posted by headacheoverload
Don't know what's causing these headaches
Hi everyone. At the end of 2013 I lost my dad to a brain aneurysm. I started getting headaches after that so...More
Posted by racergirl5
Posted by carrotpatch
migraine with bowl movement
have searched this subject but most recent post about it was 3 years ago. History, never had a migraine before...More
Posted by wb2015
To Japanmom regarding Thunderclap Headache!
Your husband is not alone! My mother suffers from those on occasion and not even Maxalt touches it. ...More
Posted by HarleyGirl2010
Head vibrations
I have been getting these vibrating like sensations in the back of my head for months and I notice it mostly at...More
Posted by guesra
Chronic noisy headache
My name is Roderick Carton, I am 51 years old and have suffered migraines (aura, nausea, pounding pain for 36-48...More
Posted by carton
Trying to find Ocular Migraine community
and information on whether others have ocular migraine auras alternate eyes. thanks, ms
Posted by fedupgud
Generic Topamax
I was on topiramate for migraine prevention, starting out on half a tablet for the first week. One day...More
Posted by debburrington
Generic Topamax
I was on topiramate for migraine prevention, starting out on half a tablet for the first week. One day...More
Posted by debburrington
Persistent Migraine W/Flu Symptoms
My wife presented with flu-like symptoms about 2 days ago. Body aches, sore throat with cough, slight fever...More
Posted by vegas007
Dizziness continues after worse headache ever
I do not have much of a history with headaches. I am 51 and two weeks ago I experienced an excruciating...More
Posted by An_253659
Migraine/neck injury
I have always suffered from migraines. After receiving a somewhat severe concussion and a neck injury a few...More
Posted by An_260519

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Migraine Prevention MedicationsExpert
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