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Pressure in the center of my head
I have always had a center on the top of my head where whenever I been forward or backward it will hurt and...More
Posted by brookkkiiie
Really scared!
I have had a dull headache that travels along the front of my head for 4 days no other symptoms. CT scan was...More
Posted by janocera
24/7 Tight head or pressure
Im 23 female and Im facing Tight head pressure and pressure behind my eyes, weird unreal like vision. from 5...More
Posted by litajay
Botox Injections for chronic migraine/cortisone sh...
I'm 23 and have been suffering from chronic migraines for 9 years. Currently I'm taking topamax every night,...More
Posted by briska21
Hoping for some relief???
I happened to stumble on this tonight... trying to find other options for my sounds like...More
Posted by blondiegirl068
Pressure headache for 9 months
Hi, I'm a 15 year old boy, who used to be very physically active. About 9 months ago, I got hit in the back...More
Posted by ollieengee
Pounding in the neck and head and a racing heartbe...
My first encounter with this happened a couple of years ago. This only happens while I am sleeping. The first...More
Posted by tonyahouk
Hi, I just joined this community. I am a 54-year-old male who has had several types of headaches,...More
Posted by dellfalconer
Post-surgical dura headaches
I hope that was a catchy subject, I'm not sure what to title this. I am 3.5 weeks out of spinal surgery,...More
Posted by An_257547
10 week migraine... i'm desperate
I am new to this group and thought I would give it a try. I've had a migraine for the past...More
Migraines. By dawnsunrise
I have suffered with chronic migraine since age 15. I am now just turning 50. Fifty being the new 35! ...More
Posted by dawnsunrise
Sporadic hemiplegic migraine
Can anyone give me any information concerning sporadic hemiplegic migraines? My previously healthy 28 year old...More
Posted by nick4421
Tight Upper Trapeze and daily headaches
My daughter is 14 years old. On July 2012 she was diagnosed with 2 stress fractures on her lower lumbar area....More
Posted by An_257477
They are back...again...
I suffered from a cluster/migraine variant from the age of 13 until I was 36 and then they just stopped one...More
Posted by jdl2112
my heavy headache
Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Yamone and i am 23 yrs old. i am the office stuff at uniteam marine. my Job...More
Posted by An_257460

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about my headache
Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Yamone and i am 23 yrs old. i am the office stuff at uniteam marine. my Job...More
Posted by An_257460

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Migraine lasted few days at a time
I've been having this headache (on the right side mostly) and it would last few days at a time. Usually it...More
Posted by donarit
Headache from getting hot
My 8 year old gets headaches when she gets hot. Weather it's in the winter or summer if she starts to get hot...More
Posted by justcomfy
Migraine and dizzyness help please
Hi, I am a 33 yr old very fit male. For the last 10 years I remember getting a dizzy feeling when I put my...More
Posted by yendor28
Shingles and Migraines
Dear Dr., About 2+ years ago, I got shingles in my right eye and a small rash on my forehead. My scalp was also...More
Posted by bonni65
Pressure in my Head or Scalp
I regularly get a type of pressure in my head or on my scalp, I periodically get strong migraines but this is...More
Posted by An_257243
migraine and bipolar
Ive been having seveer migraine pain almost every day for about a month hav been to the er four times...More
Posted by sdougan320
Headache near temple and frontal, with eye twitch.
Recently, I have headaches near my temples and also in my frontal area, it doesn't feel like a sharp pain, it...More
Posted by mitsukeru
Migrains and enhanced triggers of the senses
I am not sure if this can be classified as a Migraine or not. What happens is that I go into an...More
Posted by knyghtwolf53
Sharp right side headache of one or two seconds
Hi. Yes, lately I've been getting very sudden [one or two second> sharp pains mostly on my right side...More
Posted by dogwithbrains2

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Botox for Headaches FDA approvedExpert
Many of you have heard that Botox (botulinum toxin) has been approved by the FDA for chronic daily headaches or migraines. Chronic daily ... More
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