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Left Temporal lobe headache and headache behind ey...
Hi there. I have been having a headache around my left temporal lobe and behind my left eye for about 3 days...More
Posted by ashinatx
Extreme exercise then migraine starting with the a...
I would like some advice from anyone who has experienced severe migraine after exercise. It usually starts...More
Posted by An_254333
Petadolex and depression? sinking, heavy, tired...
After about a month of trying Petadolex for migraine prevention, I started to feel terribly depressed. I...More
Posted by melancholia9
food triggers
Hi. I was just wondering if others have food triggers for their migraines, and what they are. I know...More
Posted by jadeopaliris
feeling frustrated
Hi all, My migraines began when i was about 8 years old. At that time my doctor stated it was my stress. They...More
Posted by brascon01
headaches due to trama
Hello. Was wondering if anyone else is taking clonidine tablets for headaches caused by landing on forehead...More
Posted by An_254274
Strange chronic prolonged headache. What could it ...
Hello. I was having some problems with my anxiety about 4 weeks ago. I was worried and stressed daily. Stress is...More
Posted by matt88
Strange long lasting headaches. Anyone experienced...
Hello. I was having some problems with my anxiety about 4 weeks ago. I was worried and stressed daily. Stress is...More
Posted by matt88
Can tension headaches be short lasting?
I'm an otherwise healthy 24 year old male. I have never gotten headaches before until now (only on...More
Posted by onethreefivefive
Too many migraines ?
Hello to you all, I need to know if having 12-18 migraines per month is unusual ? Reason for question is my Dr...More
Posted by celtiad
Joint pain after taking Zomig
I have migraines and take Zomig nasal spray. Other medications do not seem to work on the headaches which...More
Posted by Calihealth
Top of my headache has hurt for three days
I have sinus headaches and I have migraines but I've never had my head hurt like this before. It's like a half...More
Posted by WhoMe
Different headache than I have ever had before
Please help, I have had this headache for 3 days now. It starts on the back right side of my head. It changes...More
Posted by trash369
Headaches related to bowels?
Hello, I am a 33 year old male that is in good health. About once a month I get what I would call primarily a...More
Posted by nefan26
Severe Migraines
Hello, I am new to all this so please bear with me. I have been having migraine pain for the past 6 weeks...More
Posted by timstriumph
HELP-Can’t remember the headache medication I us...
I started having really bad headaches after college. I went to several doctors that put me on many...More
Posted by CarolinaGirl1014
Migraines and exercise
I am a Physical Education teacher and would like to get advice on how I can help my teenage students who claim...More
Posted by mcg2112
Unexplainable Migranes - HELP
Any help or suggestions would be great!!! A friend of mine has been hospitalized for the last week with what she...More
Posted by scw75
migraine hesdaches
I also know how you guys feel. I have been dealing with migraine headaches for 30 years now. I would get...More
Posted by Agilbert42176
Hell on Earth after sub-occiptal nerve block....
Crap I had just typed a whole freaking page of stuff and lost it, okay anyways I am 24, been diagnosed with...More
Posted by An_253975

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Chronic Migraine (Chemical / Scent / Food / Weathe...
First time poster, and I apologize for the length of this. I've been reading various discussions on and off...More
Posted by smith_brad
Can a spinal CSF leak be dangerous?
Migraine/neck pain when in upright position, pain goes away when laying flat, tingling/numbness in face,...More
Posted by maryalice40
migraine and mouth sores
Hello all, I've been going through chronic migraines for about 1 1/2 years now and its getting better...More
Posted by brascon01
Help needed
I have had a migraine for 5 days now I have tried every remedy that i can think of and nothing is working any...More
Posted by maggie04
I have been reading some of the post about people feeling uncomfortable movement in the head. About a year...More
Posted by disappear
Headache that has lasted for 3+ years
For over the past 3 years (staring around July 2010) I have had a constant headache. It is not extremely...More
Posted by Promethazine
Facial numbness associated with Migrain
I have had a migraine for 8 days now, with one half day break in the middle. just a few minutes ago, the...More
Posted by momathon1
10 yr. old daughter diagnosed with Migraines
My daughter has been diagnosed at 6mths of Turner's Syndrome, it is a genetic disorder that only effects...More
Posted by chelleb1018
I have had chronic headaches for over 11 years now. They start when I lie down every night, often wake me up...More
Posted by An_253654
basilar migraines
i am write for my daughter . she has been having servere dizziness and tingling in arms and legs myoclonic...More
Posted by Memorie

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Soda for Sinuses
I know this sounds crazy but I swear by a can of Coca-Cola whenever my sinus headaches flare. Gives me a long for medicine to kick into ... More
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