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Migraine severity
Hi all, My migraines started when i was 8, but went away like a year later. How? i have no idea, i have no...More
Posted by brascon01
Headache for a month
On Aug. 12 I felt a pop on the top of my head on the left side, I ended up with major headache & still...More
Posted by Bev79083
Migraine with a Bowel Movement
I have had (3) of these very painful Migraines this past week. They all happened during a Bowel Movement. I...More
Posted by TerriAir
Migraine story apparent disappearance completely o...
My girl friend who is 20 years old now had intense migraines "not headaches" but Migraines She would...More
Posted by An_253379
Headaches from Sepsis
I was hospitalized for four days with sepsis after a biopsy. I had headaches while in the hospital and for...More
Posted by Skippy102
Head pain that is at the top of my head and goes t...
I am a retired military of 26 years and my adventure started when I got out of an elevator and my eyes...More
Posted by bigandy1223
Migraines going away after Dementia set in
My grandmother has had migraines every month for two days on the 8th or 9th for at almost 50 years. Two...More
Posted by RTRbamamom
Looking for Answers
It started in 2006. I had my first TIA. They also found lesions on my brain. 2 months later, again another...More
Posted by LoraLeeMB
frontal pressure headaches
Dear pressure headache sufferers. I've only got a minute before work but after 16 years of frontal pressure...More
Posted by tami1961

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  • eye sight is blurry with some doubling of vision
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11 year old with migraines.....need suggestions
I'm desperately looking for some advice on how to give my daughter some relief with her migraines! She is...More
Posted by sssfletcher
invulintary head movement during injackulation
when I ejackulate, my head goes up and back all by it's self. this only happens while i'm cumming durring...More
Posted by david7410d
Derealization as a Migraine Symptom?
Recently I experienced a weird new migraine symptom, which if I'm not mistaken is called derealization....More
Posted by ladyhawk1600
Acute Headache after taking head bath(head shower)
Please help me and discuss to find a solution and cure for the headache which I get after taking headbath...More
Posted by GirishKannan
Coughing up small amounts of Blood and Migranes
Hey there all, I need advice asap! For about 7 days now maybe even longer I've been off and on Body pains,...More
Posted by hickcox_mama

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I have had them since i was 13 yrs old i got MS at age 43 just last year they found out that Botox shots in...More
Posted by An_253203
Unusual 3 + week migraine - advice/help please
Hello- I have had a migraine now for over three weeks. Though this isn't my usual migraine, sometimes...More
Posted by Tracie0418
Seeking females with migraine who have male partne...
Hello, My name is Karen Bacher and I am a PhD student (and chronic migraine patient of more than 25...More
Posted by lobograd
I can't figure out whats wrong with me! 24/7 pain!
Ok so here are all my symptoms 17 years old male 10 kg below advised weight a bit poor eyesight i wear...More
Posted by An_253085
White spots on CT Scan
I know, of course, that no one can give me a medical diagnosis based on the following information- but,...More
Posted by An_253073
Migraine symptoms or something else?
About two weeks ago I went to sleep with a migraine headache (not unusual as I have had headaches and...More
Posted by anbm2012
Needing help with Migraines
I was hospitalized last week...was told that I was having a stroke. After my MRI and CAT scans came...More
Posted by makenzismom2008
Migraine w/aura and speech difficulty while pregna...
I have had a few migraines in my life, pretty few and far apart, maybe 1 or 2 a year for the last several...More
Posted by An_252979
Ice pick headaches every few seconds all day
I am getting ice pick headaches in my ear area that last only a few seconds but return a few seconds later....More
Posted by An_252933
Seeking to understand migraine impact on spouse/pa...
My name is Karen Bacher and I am a PhD student (and chronic migraine patient of more than 25 years) working...More
Posted by kbacher
Atypical hemiplegic basilar migraines
Oh I got a long story, this started 5 years ago, strange things happening to my body but I will tell you...More
Posted by Penelopepickle
Stopping Oxy - advice please
Hi All, [br>I've been taking OXI IR for 1.5 year now due to awful Mirgins... I've seen my doctor once a...More
Posted by An_252769
neck deteriorating with migraines
A few short months ago I had CT of my neck bones; C2-C7 are damaged, blackened and cause me severe pain...More
Posted by CountryLady46
temporal region pain
have pain in left temporal region for 2 days , if swallowing in saliva pain increase. More
Posted by harshan
Dog Pee Smell and Migraine
We have a new dog that urinates inside our house and the smell of urine is constant in the house. My wife has...More
Posted by Greg1111
Confusing Symptoms
My mother for years suffered from symptoms and I think I am starting to suffer from them. It starts with...More
Posted by WilliamGrnt

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Botox for Headaches FDA approvedExpert
Many of you have heard that Botox (botulinum toxin) has been approved by the FDA for chronic daily headaches or migraines. Chronic daily ... More
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