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Reply: Viral Cephalgia? (Severe Headaches) - Urgent Help ...
If his pain is so unsettling, then yes you should take him to a doctor, always. Get an...More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: Glucose levels and fruit
This isn't very helpful on a migraine board. Cheese and nuts are triggers for many of us,...More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: Excedrin Migraine
Not for me, it's mostly ineffective.
Posted by rosielou
Reply: migraines
Go to another doctor, there is no reason you should be treated like that. Migraine meds...More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: Don't know what's causing these headaches
Hi racergirl, Have you been seeing a doctor since 2013? Are you on any medication, the...More
Posted by rosielou
Yes, all those are pain symptoms of migraines. Please turn off your caps lock when...More
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Reply: Terrible headache for almost 7 weeks! Advice.
Relax and other triptans work best if you take them when the migraines are starting. Maybe...More
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Reply: Dizziness continues after worse headache ever
Please go see a doctor, there's not much we can do here to help you. Sudden excruciating...More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: migraine and Cephaly
Hi, I don't have any experience with it but am also curious, have read good things about...More
Posted by rosielou
Reply: Quick sharp pains on right side of head
Hi, The only thing that comes to mind are the ice pick types of migraines. Why don't you...More
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